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FundMojo provides investors and financial professionals with deep financial intelligence on market trends and mutual fund portfolio information through systematic data collection, correlation and analysis, as well as community to share, recommend and help each other with best long term investments and resources.

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Personalized Mutual Fund Monitoring and Recommendations

Mutual Fund Monitoring and Recommendations based on your own portfolio

  • Are you interested to see other top mutual funds related to your portfolio?
  • Do you want to see your latest portfolio balance?
  • Are you worried that you are overexposed to the same stock across your mutual fund portfolio?
  • Are you interested to get a personal RSS news feed for all the funds you own?


We provide our registered users with dynamic tools that are customized for their own portfolio

  • Mutual Fund Recommendation based on existing portfolio
  • Portfolio Performance Monitoring
  • Stock Overlap Analyzer
  • Portfolio Composition
  • Much more...