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NameCategory1 Year (%)3 Year (%)5 year (%)
Fidelity Capital & IncomeHigh Yield Bond-
Fidelity Equity Dividend IncomeLarge Value1.138.799.00
Boston Partners Long/Short Equity InvLong-Short Equity11.825.117.32
Fidelity New Markets IncomeEmerging Markets Bond3.182.625.51
Invesco Greater China CChina Region-13.832.42-1.67
Fidelity Focused StockLarge Growth-1.919.079.57
Matthews China InvestorChina Region-29.26-2.75-4.58
Amana Growth InvestorLarge Growth1.0610.388.47
Fidelity Series Broad Market OppsLarge Growth-3.809.509.34
First Investors Select Growth ALarge Growth-4.1710.919.64
First Investors Global AWorld Stock-5.896.645.76
First Investors Equity Income ALarge Value-0.097.758.49
First Investors Growth & Income ALarge Blend-7.357.039.29
First Investors Global BWorld Stock-6.655.794.93
First Investors Select Growth BLarge Growth-4.9910.068.78
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Portfolio Performance as of May 31, 2016
One year performance:-4.3%
Three year performance:6.5%
Five year performance:6.3%
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