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mutual fund portfolioKiplinger25_2009's Portfolio

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NameCategory1 Year (%)3 Year (%)5 year (%)
Akre Focus RetailMid-Cap Growth1.5310.8514.71
Baron Small Cap RetailSmall Growth-7.445.456.88
CGM FocusLarge Blend-13.760.432.20
Dodge & Cox StockLarge Value-3.939.2710.50
FairholmeLarge Value-10.64-0.463.38
Fidelity ContrafundLarge Growth1.3211.4611.43
Fidelity Low-Priced StockMid-Cap Value-3.828.159.55
FPA CrescentAllocation--50% to 70% Equity-1.715.256.81
Longleaf PartnersLarge Blend-11.692.634.54
PIMCO Commodity Real Ret Strat DCommodities Broad Basket-16.79-15.12-12.74
PRIMECAP Odyssey GrowthLarge Growth-1.2410.4811.13
Selected American Shares SLarge Blend0.838.858.69
T. Rowe Price Equity IncomeLarge Value-1.696.238.61
T. Rowe Price Mid-Cap GrowthMid-Cap Growth0.9613.4511.64
T. Rowe Price Small-Cap ValueSmall Blend1.836.018.06
Vanguard Selected Value InvMid-Cap Value-4.198.699.90
Aberdeen Select International Eq II AForeign Large Blend-15.89-4.23-3.73
Dodge & Cox International StockForeign Large Blend-18.170.521.35
Marsico GlobalWorld Stock-4.117.997.88
T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets StockDiversified Emerging Mkts-12.33-2.52-2.99
Dodge & Cox IncomeIntermediate-Term Bond1.812.853.59
Fidelity Intermediate Municipal IncomeMuni National Interm4.453.033.80
Harbor Bond InstitutionalIntermediate-Term Bond1.532.203.10
Loomis Sayles Bond RetailMultisector Bond-2.661.093.45
Vanguard Inflation-Protected Secs InvInflation-Protected Bond1.280.162.22
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Portfolio Performance as of May 31, 2016
One year performance:-4.6%
Three year performance:4.1%
Five year performance:5.4%
Portfolio Allocation

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