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Mutual Fund starting with Letter v


Voya Capital Allocation CVoya Small Company AVoya Small Company IVoya Mid Cap Value Advantage A
Voya Mid Cap Value Advantage IVoya Mid Cap Value Advantage RVoya Mid Cap Value Advantage WVoya Capital Allocation I
Voya Capital Allocation BVoya Mid Cap Value Advantage BVoya Mid Cap Value Advantage CVoya Small Company C
Voya Small Company BVoya Capital Allocation AVoya Real Estate AVan Eck CM Commodity Index A
Van Eck CM Commodity Index YVan Eck CM Commodity Index IVoya Real Estate IVoya Real Estate B
Voya Real Estate CVoya Real Estate RVirtus CA Tax-Exempt Bond AVirtus CA Tax-Exempt Bond I
Van Eck Unconstrained Emerg Mkts Bond AVan Eck Unconstrained Emerg Mkts Bond CVan Eck Unconstrained Emerg Mkts Bond IVan Eck Unconstrained Emerg Mkts Bond Y
Virtus Dynamic Trend AVirtus Dynamic Trend BVirtus Dynamic Trend CVan Eck Emerging Markets C
Van Eck Emerging Markets IVan Eck Emerging Markets YVirtus Contrarian Value CVirtus Contrarian Value A
Van Eck Emerging Markets AVictory Sycamore Established Value RVictory Fund for Income RVan Eck Global Hard Assets A
Van Eck Global Hard Assets CVan Eck Global Hard Assets IVan Eck Global Hard Assets YVictory Sycamore Small Company Opp R
Victory Diversified Stock RValspresso Green Zone Select Tactical AValspresso Green Zone Select Tactical IVirtus Emerging Markets Opportunities A
Virtus Low Duration Income IVirtus Emerging Markets Opportunities IVirtus Low Duration Income AVirtus Disciplined Small-Cap Opp I
Virtus Tax-Exempt Bond IVirtus Tax-Exempt Bond AVY American Century Small-Mid Cap Val IVoya Corporate Leaders 100 A
Voya Diversified Emerging Markets Debt AVoya FTSE 100 Index Port AVoya Capital Allocation WVoya Solution Moderately Agrsv Port A
Voya Global Equity Dividend AVoya Solution Moderately Agrsv Port IVoya Solution Moderately Agrsv Port SVoya Solution Moderately Agrsv Port S2
Voya Australia Index Port IVoya MidCap Opportunities Port AVoya Global Perspectives AVY American Century Small-Mid Cap Val A
Voya Short Term Bond AVoya Small Company Port AVoya Solution 2055 Port AVY American Century Small-Mid Cap Val S
Voya Solution Aggressive Port AVoya Growth and Income Port AVoya Solution Aggressive Port IVoya Solution Aggressive Port S
Voya Solution Aggressive Port S2VY T. Rowe Price Divers Mid Cap Gr AVY T. Rowe Price Divers Mid Cap Gr IVY T. Rowe Price Divers Mid Cap Gr S
VY T. Rowe Price Divers Mid Cap Gr S2VY Baron Growth S2Voya Corporate Leaders 100 BVoya Large Cap Value B
Voya Global Equity Dividend BVY Baron Growth IVoya Balanced Port IVoya Balanced Port S
VY BlackRock Inflation Protected Bond AVY BlackRock Inflation Protected Bond IVY BlackRock Inflation Protected Bond SVY Baron Growth A
VY Baron Growth SVoya Corporate Leaders 100 CVoya Diversified Emerging Markets Debt CVoya Solution Conservative Port A
Voya Global Equity Dividend CVY Templeton Global Growth S2Voya Solution Conservative Port IVoya Solution Conservative Port S
Voya Solution Conservative Port S2VY Columbia Small Cap Value II IVoya Global Perspectives CVY Clarion Global Real Estate A
VY Clarion Real Estate AVY Columbia Small Cap Value II AVoya Short Term Bond CVY Columbia Small Cap Value II S
VY Columbia Small Cap Value II S2Voya Intermediate Bond OVoya Diversified International WVoya Global Equity Dividend O
Voya Global Real Estate OVoya Euro STOXX 50 Index Port AVoya Euro STOXX 50 Index Port IVoya Mid Cap Value Advantage O
Voya Real Estate OVoya Capital Allocation OVoya Index Solution 2020 Port AVoya Index Solution 2020 Port I
Voya Index Solution 2020 Port SVoya Index Solution 2020 Port S2Voya Index Solution 2020 Port TVoya Index Solution 2030 Port A
Voya Index Solution 2030 Port IVoya Index Solution 2030 Port SVoya Index Solution 2030 Port S2Voya Index Solution 2030 Port T
Voya Index Solution 2040 Port AVoya Index Solution 2040 Port IVoya Index Solution 2040 Port SVoya Index Solution 2040 Port S2
Voya Index Solution 2040 Port TVoya Index Solution 2050 Port AVoya Index Solution 2050 Port IVoya Index Solution 2050 Port S
Voya Index Solution 2050 Port S2Voya Index Solution 2050 Port TVoya Large Cap Value AVoya Large Cap Value C
Voya Large Cap Value IVoya Large Cap Value RVoya Large Cap Value R6Voya Multi-Manager Emerging Markets Eq B
Voya Multi-Manager Emerging Markets Eq IVoya Multi-Manager Emerging Markets Eq AVoya Multi-Manager Emerging Markets Eq CVoya Multi-Manager Emerging Markets Eq R
Voya Multi-Manager Emerging Markets Eq WVoya Large Cap Growth Port IVoya Large Cap Growth Port AVoya Large Cap Growth Port S
Voya Large Cap Growth Port S2Voya Emerging Markets Index Port IVoya Emerging Markets Index Port SVoya Emerging Markets Equity Dividend A
Voya Emerging Markets Equity Dividend BVoya Emerging Markets Equity Dividend CVoya Emerging Markets Equity Dividend IVoya Emerging Markets Equity Dividend O
Voya Emerging Markets Equity Dividend WVY FMR Diversified Mid Cap IVY FMR Diversified Mid Cap AVY FMR Diversified Mid Cap S
VY FMR Diversified Mid Cap S2Voya Diversified International AVoya Diversified International BVoya Diversified International C
Voya Diversified International IVoya Diversified International OVoya Diversified International RVY DFA World Equity Portfolio S
VY Franklin Mutual Shares Portfolio AVY Franklin Mutual Shares Portfolio IVY Franklin Mutual Shares Portfolio SVY DFA World Equity Portfolio A
VY DFA World Equity Portfolio IVoya Floating Rate AVoya Floating Rate CVoya Floating Rate I
Voya Floating Rate PVoya Floating Rate RVoya Floating Rate WVY Templeton Foreign Equity A
VY Templeton Foreign Equity IVY Templeton Foreign Equity SVoya Global Real Estate RVoya Global Real Estate B
Voya Global Bond BVoya Global Bond CVoya Global Bond IVoya Global Bond O
Voya Global Bond RVoya Global Bond WVoya Global Bond R6Voya Global Real Estate C
VY T. Rowe Price Growth Equity AVoya Global Equity Dividend IVoya Global Equity Dividend WVY Morgan Stanley Global Franchise A
VY Morgan Stanley Global Franchise S2VY Templeton Global Growth AVoya Global Value Advantage Port AVoya Global Value Advantage Port S
Voya Growth and Income Port S2Voya Global Real Estate AVoya Global Real Estate IVY Oppenheimer Global A
VY Oppenheimer Global IVY Oppenheimer Global SVoya GNMA Income WVoya Growth Opportunities W
Voya Global Target Payment AVoya Global Target Payment CVoya Global Target Payment IVoya Global Target Payment R
Voya Global Target Payment WVoya Global Value Advantage WVoya Short Term Bond R6Voya Emerging Markets Hard Ccy Dbt P
Voya Hang Seng Index Port IVoya Hang Seng Index Port SVoya Hang Seng Index Port AVoya High Yield Bond A
Voya High Yield Bond IVoya High Yield Bond PVoya High Yield Bond WVoya Intermediate Bond A
Voya Intermediate Bond BVoya Intermediate Bond RVoya Intermediate Bond Port AVoya Intermediate Bond Port S2
Voya Intermediate Bond WVoya Intermediate Bond R6Voya Intermediate Bond CVoya International Core I
Voya Intermediate Bond IVoya Corporate Leaders 100 IVoya International Core WVoya Diversified Emerging Markets Debt I
VY Franklin Income AVY Franklin Income IVoya FTSE 100 Index Port IVY Franklin Income S
VY Franklin Income S2Van Eck Intl Investors Gold CVY Templeton Global Growth IVoya Multi-Manager International Eq I
Voya Investment Grade Credit PVoya Global Value Advantage Port IVoya International Index Port AVoya International Index Port I
Voya Index Solution Income Port S2Voya Strategic Allocation Mod Port IVoya MidCap Opportunities Port IVoya Global Perspectives I
Voya International Real Estate AVoya International Real Estate BVoya International Real Estate CVoya Russia I
Voya Retirement Growth Port IVoya International Real Estate IVoya Russell Large Cap Index Port IVoya Russell Mid Cap Index Port I
Voya Russell Small Cap Index Port IVoya International Real Estate WVoya Index Solution 2055 Port AVoya Short Term Bond I
Voya Strategic Income Opportunities IVoya Index Solution 2055 Port IVoya Solution 2055 Port IVoya Index Solution 2055 Port S
Voya Index Solution 2055 Port S2Voya Growth and Income Port IVY JPMorgan Emerging Markets Equity AVY JPMorgan Emerging Markets Equity I
Voya Japan TOPIX Index Port AVoya Japan TOPIX Index Port IVoya Solution Income Port S2VY JPMorgan Mid Cap Value A
VY JPMorgan Mid Cap Value IVY JPMorgan Mid Cap Value SVY JPMorgan Emerging Markets Equity SVY JPMorgan Mid Cap Value S2
VY JPMorgan Emerging Markets Equity S2VY JPMorgan Small Cap Core Equity AVY JPMorgan Small Cap Core Equity IVY JPMorgan Small Cap Core Equity S
VY JPMorgan Small Cap Core Equity S2Voya US Bond Index Port SVoya US Bond Index Port IVoya Limited Maturity Bond Port I
Voya Large Cap Growth AVoya Large Cap Growth CVoya Emerging Markets Local Ccy Dbt PVoya Large Cap Growth I
Voya Large Cap Growth RVoya Large Cap Growth WVoya Large Cap Growth R6Voya Limited Maturity Bond Port S
Voya US Bond Index Port AVoya Large Cap Value OVY T. Rowe Price International Stock IVoya Limited Maturity Bond Port A
Voya Emerging Markets Corporate Debt PVoya Multi-Manager Mid Cap Value IVY T. Rowe Price International Stock AVY T. Rowe Price International Stock S
Voya MidCap Opportunities Port S2Voya MidCap Opportunities RVoya MidCap Opportunities WVoya MidCap Opportunities R6
Voya High Yield Bond CVoya Global Bond AVoya US Stock Index Port IVan Eck Intl Investors Gold I
Van Eck Intl Investors Gold AVan Eck Intl Investors Gold YVoya International Index Port SVoya High Yield Bond B
Voya Corporate Leaders 100 OVY Oppenheimer Global S2Voya Global Bond Port AVoya Global Bond Port I
Voya Global Bond Port SVoya Global Perspectives Port AVoya Large Cap Value Port AVoya Large Cap Value Port I
Voya Large Cap Value Port SVoya Large Cap Value Port S2Voya Multi-Manager Large Cap Core Port AVictory Fund for Income A
VY Pioneer High Yield IVY Pioneer High Yield SVoya High Yield Port SVoya Intermediate Bond Port I
Voya High Yield Port IVoya Global Perspectives Port IVoya Intermediate Bond Port SVoya Index Plus LargeCap Port I
Voya Index Plus LargeCap Port SVoya Index Plus MidCap Port IVoya Index Plus MidCap Port SVoya Multi-Manager Large Cap Core Port I
Voya Multi-Manager Large Cap Core Port SVoya Aggregate Bond AVoya Index Plus SmallCap Port IVoya Global Perspectives Port S
Voya Index Plus SmallCap Port SVoya Aggregate Bond IVoya Aggregate Bond S2Voya Aggregate Bond S
Voya High Yield Port AVoya High Yield Port S2Voya Retirement Conservative Port AVoya Russell Small Cap Index Port S2
Voya Corporate Leaders 100 RVoya Retirement Conservative Port IVoya Real Estate WVY Clarion Global Real Estate I
Voya Russell Mid Cap Growth Idx Port IVoya Retirement Moderate Growth Port IVoya Retirement Growth Port AVY Clarion Global Real Estate S2
VY Clarion Global Real Estate SVoya Russell Mid Cap Growth Idx Port SVoya Russell Mid Cap Growth Idx Port S2Voya Global Real Estate W
Voya Russell Large Cap Growth Idx Port AVoya Russell Large Cap Index Port SVoya Russell Large Cap Index Port AVoya Russell Large Cap Growth Idx Port I
Voya Russell Large Cap Growth Idx Port SVoya Russell Large Cap Index Port S2Voya Russell Mid Cap Index Port AVoya Russell Mid Cap Index Port S
Voya Retirement Moderate Growth Port AVoya Retirement Moderate Port IVoya Retirement Moderate Port AVoya Russell Mid Cap Index Port S2
VY T. Rowe Price Equity Income SVoya Global Perspectives RVoya Russell Small Cap Index Port AVoya Retirement Solution 2020 I
Voya Retirement Solution 2025 IVoya Retirement Solution 2030 IVoya Retirement Solution 2035 IVoya Retirement Solution 2040 I
Voya Retirement Solution 2045 IVoya Retirement Solution 2050 IVoya Russell Small Cap Index Port SVoya High Yield Bond R
Voya Retirement Solution 2055 IVoya Russell Large Cap Value Idx Port AVoya Russell Large Cap Value Idx Port IVoya Russell Large Cap Value Idx Port S
Voya Index Solution 2015 Port AVoya Strategic Allocation Growth Port IVoya Strategic Allocation Cnsrv Port IVoya Index Solution 2015 Port S
Voya Index Solution 2015 Port TVY Columbia Contrarian Core AVoya Investment Grade Credit SMAVoya Small Company O
VY Columbia Contrarian Core SVoya SmallCap Opportunities Port S2Voya Strategic Allocation Cnsrv Port SVoya Multi-Manager International Sm Cp W
Voya Index Solution 2025 Port AVoya Index Solution 2025 Port IVoya Index Solution 2025 Port SVoya Index Solution 2025 Port T
Voya Index Solution 2035 Port AVoya Index Solution 2035 Port IVoya Index Solution 2035 Port SVoya Index Solution 2035 Port T
VY Columbia Contrarian Core IVoya Solution Balanced Port AVY Templeton Global Growth SVoya Solution Balanced Port I
Voya Solution Balanced Port SVoya Strategic Allocation Growth Port SVoya Solution Balanced Port S2Voya Strategic Income Opportunities C
Voya International Index Port S2Voya US Stock Index Port S2Voya Strategic Income Opportunities RVoya US Stock Index Port A
Voya Strategic Income Opportunities WVoya Index Solution 2045 Port AVoya US Stock Index Port SVoya Index Solution 2045 Port I
Voya Index Solution 2045 Port SVoya Index Solution 2045 Port TVoya Index Solution Income Port AVoya Index Solution Income Port I
Voya Index Solution Income Port SVoya Index Solution Income Port TVoya Strategic Allocation Mod Port SVoya MidCap Opportunities Port S
VY American Century Small-Mid Cap Val S2Voya Small Company WVoya Small Company R6Voya Solution 2020 Port A
Voya Solution 2020 Port IVoya Solution 2020 Port SVoya Solution 2020 Port S2Voya Solution 2020 Port T
Voya Solution 2030 Port AVoya Solution 2030 Port IVoya Solution 2030 Port SVoya Solution 2030 Port S2
Voya Solution 2030 Port TVoya Solution 2040 Port AVoya Solution 2040 Port IVoya Solution 2040 Port S
Voya Solution 2040 Port S2Voya Solution 2040 Port TVoya Solution 2050 Port AVoya Solution 2050 Port I
Voya Solution 2050 Port SVoya Solution 2050 Port S2Voya Solution 2050 Port TVoya Solution 2015 Port A
Voya Solution 2015 Port IVoya Retirement Solution Income IVoya SmallCap Opportunities Port AVoya SmallCap Opportunities R
Voya Solution 2015 Port SVoya Solution 2015 Port TVoya SmallCap Opportunities WVoya SmallCap Opportunities R6
Voya Solution 2015 Port S2Voya Solution 2025 Port S2Voya Solution 2035 Port S2Voya Solution 2045 Port S2
Voya Solution Moderately Cnsrv Port AVoya Solution Moderately Cnsrv Port IVoya Solution Moderately Cnsrv Port SVoya Solution Moderately Cnsrv Port S2
Voya Solution 2035 Port AVoya Solution 2035 Port IVoya Solution 2035 Port SVoya Solution 2035 Port T
Voya Solution 2045 Port AVoya Solution 2045 Port IVoya Solution 2045 Port SVoya Solution 2045 Port T
Voya Index Solution 2015 Port IVoya Solution 2055 Port SVoya Solution 2055 Port TVoya Growth and Income Port S
Voya Index Solution 2045 Port S2Voya Solution Income Port AVoya Solution Income Port IVoya Solution Income Port S
Voya Solution Income Port TVoya Index Solution 2015 Port S2Voya Solution 2025 Port AVoya Solution 2025 Port I
Voya Solution 2025 Port SVoya Solution 2025 Port TVY T. Rowe Price Capital Appreciation SVY T. Rowe Price Capital Appreciation S2
VY T. Rowe Price Equity Income AVY T. Rowe Price Equity Income IVY T. Rowe Price Equity Income S2VY Franklin Templeton Fdng Strat Port A
VY Templeton Foreign Equity S2VY Franklin Templeton Fdng Strat Port IVY Franklin Templeton Fdng Strat Port SVY T. Rowe Price Growth Equity I
VY T. Rowe Price Growth Equity SVoya Index Solution 2055 Port TVY T. Rowe Price Capital Appreciation AVY T. Rowe Price Growth Equity S2
VY T. Rowe Price Capital Appreciation IVoya Solution 2055 Port S2VY Invesco Equity and Income AVY Invesco Equity and Income I
VY Invesco Equity and Income SVoya US Bond Index Port S2Voya Small Company Port IVY Invesco Growth and Income A
VY Invesco Growth and Income IVY Invesco Growth and Income SVY Morgan Stanley Global Franchise SVY Invesco Equity and Income S2
VY Invesco Growth and Income S2VY Invesco Comstock AVY Invesco Comstock IVY Invesco Comstock S
Voya SmallCap Opportunities Port SVoya Small Company Port SVY Clarion Real Estate IVY Clarion Real Estate S
VY Clarion Real Estate S2Voya SmallCap Opportunities Port IVoya Corporate Leaders 100 WVoya Diversified Emerging Markets Debt W
Voya Large Cap Value WVoya Global Perspectives WVoya Russia WVoya Short Term Bond W
Voya Global Value Advantage Port S2Voya Index Solution 2035 Port S2Voya Index Solution 2025 Port S2Virtus Foreign Opportunities A
Virtus Foreign Opportunities CVirtus Foreign Opportunities IVoya GNMA Income CVoya GNMA Income I
Voya Russia AVoya GNMA Income BVoya Corporate Leaders Trust BVoya GNMA Income A
Van Eck Long/Short Equity Index AVan Eck Long/Short Equity Index IVan Eck Long/Short Equity Index YVictory Trivalent Intl Fd-Core Eq A
Victory Integrity Mid-Cap Value AVictory Trivalent Intl Fd-Core Eq R6Victory Integrity Small/Mid-Cap Value AVictory Munder Small Cap Growth A
Victory Trivalent International Sm-Cp CVictory Integrity Small-Cap Value CVictory Munder Mid-Cap Core Growth AVictory Munder Mid-Cap Core Growth R6
Victory Munder Mid-Cap Core Growth CVictory Munder Mid-Cap Core Growth YVarsity/Monetta Intermediate BondVictory Trivalent Intl Fd-Core Eq C
Victory Trivalent Intl Fd-Core Eq IVictory Trivalent Intl Fd-Core Eq YVictory Munder Small Cap Growth IVictory Integrity Small/Mid-Cap Value R6
Victory Trivalent International Sm-Cp AVictory Trivalent International Sm-Cp IVictory Integrity Micro-Cap Equity AVictory Integrity Micro-Cap Equity C
Victory Integrity Micro-Cap Equity RVictory Integrity Micro-Cap Equity YVictory Munder Mid-Cap Core Growth RVictory Munder Growth Opportunities A
Victory Munder Growth Opportunities CVictory Munder Growth Opportunities RVictory Munder Growth Opportunities YVictory Integrity Small-Cap Value R
Victory Trivalent International Sm-Cp R6Victory Munder Total Return Bond AVictory Munder Total Return Bond CVictory Munder Total Return Bond R6
Victory Munder Total Return Bond YVictory Munder Index 500 AVictory Munder Index 500 RVictory Munder Index 500 Y
Victory Integrity Small-Cap Value R6Victory Trivalent Emerging Mkts Sm-Cp YVictory Integrity Mid-Cap Value YVictory Integrity Small/Mid-Cap Value Y
Victory Munder Small Cap Growth YVictory Trivalent International Sm-Cp YVanguard Small Cap Index InvVirtus Tactical Allocation A
Virtus Multi-Sector Intermediate Bond AVoya Multi-Manager International Sm Cp BVoya Multi-Manager International Sm Cp IVoya Multi-Manager International Sm Cp O
Virtus Multi-Sector S/T Bd AVoya Multi-Manager International Sm Cp CVoya Global Value Advantage BVoya Global Value Advantage C
Voya Global Value Advantage AVoya Global Value Advantage IVirtus Tactical Allocation BVirtus Multi-Sector Intermediate Bond B
Virtus Multi-Sector Intermediate Bond CVoya Growth Opportunities AVoya Growth Opportunities BVoya Growth Opportunities C
Voya MidCap Opportunities AVoya MidCap Opportunities BVoya MidCap Opportunities CVoya MidCap Opportunities I
Voya MidCap Opportunities OVoya SmallCap Opportunities AVoya SmallCap Opportunities BVoya SmallCap Opportunities C
Voya SmallCap Opportunities IVoya Multi-Manager International Sm Cp AVirtus Global Opportunities AVivaldi Orinda Hedged Equity A
Vivaldi Orinda Hedged Equity IVivaldi Orinda Macro Opportunities AVivaldi Orinda Macro Opportunities IVirtus Multi-Sector S/T Bd B
Virtus Balanced BVirtus Strategic Growth BVirtus Low Duration Income CVirtus Growth & Income A
Virtus Alternatives Diversifier AVirtus Alternatives Diversifier CVirtus Senior Floating Rate CVirtus High Yield C
Virtus Growth & Income CVirtus Global Infrastructure IVirtus Global Infrastructure AVirtus Global Infrastructure C
Virtus Balanced AVirtus High Yield BVirtus High Yield AVirtus High Yield I
Virtus Real Estate Securities AVirtus Real Estate Securities BVirtus Real Estate Securities CVirtus Real Estate Securities I
Virtus Mid-Cap Growth AVirtus Emerging Markets Opportunities CVirtus Mid-Cap Growth IVirtus Multi-Sector S/T Bd I
Virtus Contrarian Value IVirtus Quality Large-Cap Value IVirtus Small-Cap Core AVirtus Small-Cap Core C
Virtus Small-Cap Core IVoya Growth Opportunities IVirtus Strategic Growth IVirtus Multi-Sector S/T Bd T
Virtus Tactical Allocation CVirtus Quality Large-Cap Value AVirtus Quality Large-Cap Value CVirtus Quality Small-Cap A
Virtus Quality Small-Cap CVirtus Balanced CVirtus Senior Floating Rate IVirtus Senior Floating Rate A
Virtus Small-Cap Sustainable Growth AVirtus Small-Cap Sustainable Growth CVirtus Mid-Cap Growth BVirtus Mid-Cap Growth C
Virtus Strategic Growth AVirtus Multi-Sector S/T Bd CVirtus Sector Trend AVirtus Sector Trend C
Virtus Tax-Exempt Bond CVirtus Growth & Income IVirtus Quality Small-Cap IVirtus Intl Real Estate Securities A
Virtus Intl Real Estate Securities CVirtus Intl Real Estate Securities IVirtus Small-Cap Sustainable Growth IVirtus Bond A
Virtus Bond BVirtus Bond CVirtus Bond IVictory Balanced A
Victory Investment Grade Convertible AVictory OH Municipal Bond AVictory Diversified Stock AVictory Sycamore Small Company Opp A
Virtus Strategic Growth CVictory Special Value AVirtus Multi-Asset Trend AVirtus Multi-Asset Trend C
VALIC Company II Large Cap ValueVirtus Alternatives Diversifier IVictory Expedition Emerg Mkts Sm Cap AVirtus Emerging Markets Small-Cap A
Valley ForgeValue Line Core Bond FundVALIC Company II Agrsv Growth LifestyleVirtus Alternative Income Solution A
Virtus Alternative Income Solution CVirtus Alternative Income Solution IVanguard Inflation-Protected Secs AdmVirtus Multi-Asset Trend I
Value Line Income & GrowthValue Line Larger Companies FocusedValue Line Premier GrowthVALIC Company II Mid Cap Growth
Virtus Equity Trend AVirtus Equity Trend CVirtus Equity Trend IVirtus Sector Trend I
Virtus Strategic Income AVanguard LifeStrategy Growth InvVanguard LifeStrategy Income InvVALIC Company II Small Cap Growth
Vanguard Selected Value InvVirtus Alternative Total Solution AVirtus Alternative Total Solution CVirtus Alternative Total Solution I
Virtus Alternative Total Solution R6VALIC Company I ValueVanguard Balanced Index IVALIC Company I Broad Cap Value Income
Victory Balanced CVictory Balanced RVictory Balanced IVanguard Balanced Index Adm
Vanguard Interm-Term Bond Index InvVanguard Interm-Term Bond Index AdmVanguard Interm-Term Bond Index IVanguard Balanced Index Inv
Vanguard Short-Term Bond Idx InstlPlsVanguard Short-Term Bond Index AdmVanguard Short-Term Bond Index InvVanguard Short-Term Bond Idx I
Vanguard Interm-Term Bond Idx InstlPlsVanguard Long-Term Bond Idx InstlPlsVanguard Long-Term Bond Index IVanguard Long-Term Bond Index Inv
Vanguard Total Bond Market Index InvVanguard Total Bond Market Idx InstlPlsVanguard Total Bond Market Index IVanguard Total Bond Market Index Adm
VALIC Company I Asset AllocationVanguard CA Interm-Term Tax-Exempt AdmVanguard CA Interm-Term Tax-Exempt InvVALIC Company I Blue Chip Growth
VALIC Company II Capital AppreciationVALIC Company II Core BondVALIC Company I Capital ConservationVALIC Company I Core Equity
Vanguard Consumer Discretionary Idx AdmVictory Expedition Emerg Mkts Sm Cap CVirtus Emerging Markets Small-Cap CVALIC Company I Foreign Value
VALIC Company I Growth & IncomeVALIC Company I Emerg EconomiesVALIC Company II Cnsrv Gr LifestyleVALIC Company I Government Securities
VALIC Company I Health SciencesVALIC Company II High Yield BondVALIC Company I International Eqs IdxVALIC Company I International Govt Bond
VALIC Company I Dividend ValueVALIC Company I International GrowthVirtus International Small-Cap CVanguard CA Long-Term Tax-Exempt Inv
Vanguard CA Long-Term Tax-Exempt AdmVoya Corporate Leaders 100 R6Virtus Multi-Strategy Target Return CVALIC Company I NASDAQ-100 Index
Virtus Credit Opportunities AVirtus Credit Opportunities CVirtus Credit Opportunities IVanguard Consumer Staples Index Adm
VALIC Company II Strategic BondVALIC Company I Small Cap IndexVALIC Company I Small CapVALIC Company I Global Social Awareness
VALIC Company II Socially ResponsibleVALIC Company I Science & TechnologyVALIC Company II Small Cap ValueVALIC Company I Inflation Protected
VALIC Company I GrowthVanguard Capital Value InvVanguard Convertible Securities InvVanguard Dividend Apprec Idx Admiral
VALIC Company I Dynamic AllocationVanguard Dividend Appreciation Idx InvVirtus Dynamic Trend R6Virtus Disciplined Select Bond A
Virtus Disciplined Select Bond CVirtus Disciplined Select Bond IVirtus Disciplined Select Country AVirtus Disciplined Select Country C
Virtus Disciplined Select Country IVirtus Disciplined Equity Style AVirtus Disciplined Equity Style CVirtus Disciplined Equity Style I
Vanguard Diversified Equity InvVanguard Dividend Growth InvVanguard Developed Markets Idx InstlPlsVictory Diversified Stock C
Victory Diversified Stock IVictory Diversified Stock R6Victory Diversified Stock YVanguard Developed Markets Idx Investor
Virtus Emerging Markets Debt AVirtus Emerging Markets Debt CVanguard Extended Dur Trs Idx InstlPlusVanguard Extended Dur Treas Idx I
Virtus Emerging Markets Equity Income AVirtus Emerging Markets Equity Income CVanguard Emerging Mkts Stock Idx InvVirtus Emerging Markets Equity Income I
Vanguard Equity-Income InvVanguard Equity-Income AdmVanguard Emerging Mkts Stock Idx AdmVanguard Emerging Mkts Stock Idx I
Vanguard Extended Market Idx InstlPlusVanguard Emerging Mkts Stk Idx InstlPlusVanguard Energy Index AdmVirtus Essential Resources A
Virtus Essential Resources CVirtus Essential Resources IVanguard European Stock Index IVictory Sycamore Established Value A
Vanguard European Stock Index Instl PlusVanguard European Stock Index InvVanguard European Stock Index AdmVanguard Explorer Value Inv
Victory Sycamore Established Value IVictory Sycamore Established Value R6Victory Sycamore Established Value YVanguard Extended Market Idx Adm
Vanguard Extended Market Idx InvVanguard Explorer InvVanguard Explorer AdmVanguard Financials Index Adm
Victory Fund for Income CVictory Fund for Income IVictory Fund for Income R6Vanguard Target Retirement 2055 Inv
Victory Fund for Income YVictory NewBridge Large Cap Growth AVictory NewBridge Large Cap Growth CVictory NewBridge Large Cap Growth I
Victory NewBridge Large Cap Growth RVictory NewBridge Large Cap Growth YVanguard 500 Index AdmiralVanguard Interm-Term Invmt-Grade Inv
Vanguard Interm-Term Investment-Grde AdmVanguard Target Retirement 2050 InvVanguard GNMA InvVanguard GNMA Adm
Vanguard 500 Index InvVanguard Short-Term Treasury AdmVanguard Short-Term Treasury InvVanguard Interm-Term Treasury Inv
Vanguard Interm-Term Treasury AdmVirtus Foreign Opportunities R6Vanguard Target Retirement 2040 InvVictory Select A
Vanguard Short-Term Investment-Grade IVanguard FTSE All-Wld ex-US SmCp Idx IVanguard Short-Term Investment-Grade InvVanguard Short-Term Investment-Grade Adm
Vanguard FTSE All-Wld ex-US SmCp Idx InvVanguard FTSE Social Index IVanguard FTSE Social Index InvVanguard FTSE All-Wld ex-US Idx Admiral
Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US Index InvVanguard FTSE All-Wld x-US Idx InstlPlusVanguard FTSE All-Wld x-US Idx InstlVanguard Emerg Mkts Govt Bd Idx Admiral
Virtus Greater European Opportunities AVirtus Greater European Opportunities CVirtus Greater European Opportunities IVanguard Energy Adm
Vanguard Energy InvVictory NewBridge Global Equity RVanguard Health Care AdmVanguard Health Care Inv
Vanguard Growth & Income AdmVirtus Global Real Estate Securities IVanguard Emerg Mkts Govt Bd Idx InstlVALIC Company I Global Strategy
Voya Growth Opportunities RVoya Growth Opportunities R6Vanguard Emerg Mkts Govt Bd Idx InvestorVirtus Global Equity Trend A
Virtus Global Equity Trend CVirtus Global Equity Trend IVanguard Precious Metals and Mining InvVALIC Company I Global Real Estate
Vanguard Glbl ex-US Rel Est Idx AdmiralVanguard Global ex-US Rel Est Idx IVoya Global Real Estate R6Virtus Global Real Estate Securities A
VY Goldman Sachs BondVirtus Global Real Estate Securities CVanguard REIT Index InvVanguard REIT Index Adm
Vanguard REIT Index IVanguard STAR InvVanguard Total Intl Stock Index InvVoya Global Value Advantage Port T
Vanguard Global ex-US Rel Est Idx InvVanguard Capital Opportunity AdmVanguard Health Care Index AdmVanguard Capital Opportunity Inv
Vanguard High Dividend Yield Index InvVirtus Herzfeld AVirtus Herzfeld CVirtus Herzfeld I
Vanguard Global Equity InvVirtus Alternative Inflation Solution IVanguard Interm-Tm Corp Bd Idx IVictory Investment Grade Convertible I
Vanguard Interm-Tm Corp Bd Idx AdmiralVisium Event Driven InstitutionalVictory Inst Diversified StockVisium Event Driven Investor
Virtus International Equity AVirtus International Equity CVirtus Emerging Markets Debt IVanguard Extended Market Idx I
Victory Expedition Emerg Mkts Sm Cap IVirtus Emerging Markets Small-Cap IVanguard Growth Index AdmVanguard Growth Index I
Vanguard Growth Index InvVirtus International Equity IVanguard Interm-Tm Govt Bd Idx IVanguard Institutional Index Instl Pl
Virtus International Small-Cap IVillere Balanced InvVanguard Instl Trgt Retire 2060 InstlVanguard Mid Cap Index Adm
Virtus Mid-Cap Core IVirtus Dynamic Trend IVanguard Mid Cap Index InvVanguard Industrials Index Adm
Vanguard International Explorer InvVanguard Institutional Index IVanguard Inflation-Protected Secs IVanguard Inflation-Protected Secs Inv
Van Kampen In Retirement Strategy AVan Kampen In Retirement Strategy CVan Kampen In Retirement Strategy RVanguard Instl Trgt Retire 2040 Instl
Vanguard Instl Trgt Retire 2010 InstlVirtus International Small-Cap AVirtus Strategic Income IVALIC Company II International Opps
Vanguard Small Cap Growth Index InvVoya Index Solution 2060 Port IVanguard Small Cap Value Index InvVanguard Information Technology Idx Adm
Vanguard Instl Trgt Retire 2035 InstlVanguard Instl Trgt Retire 2045 InstlVanguard Instl Ttl Stk Mkt Idx IVanguard Instl Ttl Stk Mkt Idx InstlPls
Vanguard Instl Trgt Retire Inc InstlVanguard Total Stock Market Idx IVanguard Instl Trgt Retire 2015 InstlVanguard Instl Trgt Retire 2020 Instl
Vanguard Value Index InvVanguard Value Index IVanguard Instl Trgt Retire 2055 InstlVirtus International Wealth Masters A
Virtus International Wealth Masters CValue Line Asset AllocationVanguard Large Cap Index InvVanguard Large Cap Index Adm
VALIC Company I Large Cap CoreVALIC Company I Large Capital GrowthVanguard Long-Term Corp Bond Idx IValue Line Small Cap Opportunities
Villere EquityVanguard Long-Term Govt Bond Idx IVanguard Long-Term Govt Bd Idx AdmiralValue Line Tax-Exempt
Value Line Mid Cap FocusedVanguard Large Cap Index IVanguard Long-Term Corp Bond Idx AdmiralVirtus Low Volatility Equity A
Virtus Low Volatility Equity CVirtus Low Volatility Equity IVirtus Mid-Cap Core AVanguard MA Tax-Exempt Inv
Vanguard Mortgage-Backed Sec Idx IVanguard Mortgage-Backed Sec Idx AdmiralVirtus Mid-Cap Core CVanguard Mid Cap Index I
Vanguard Mid Cap Index InstlPlusVanguard Mega Cap Index InstitutionalVALIC Company II Mid Cap ValueVanguard S&P Mid-Cap 400 Growth Idx I
Virtus Multi-Sector Intermediate Bond IVirtus Multi-Sector Intermediate Bond R6Vanguard S&P Mid-Cap 400 Value Idx IVanguard Mega Cap Growth Index I
Vanguard Mid-Cap Growth Index InvVALIC Company II Moderate Gr LifestyleVanguard Mid-Cap Growth Index AdmiralVanguard Mid Cap Growth Inv
Vanguard Materials Index AdmVALIC Company I Mid Cap IndexVanguard Ltd-Term Tx-ExVanguard Ltd-Term Tx-Ex Adm
Vanguard Emerg Mkts Sel Stk InvVanguard Market Neutral InvVanguard Market Neutral IVanguard Global Minimum Volatility Admr
Vanguard Morgan Growth AdmiralVanguard Morgan Growth InvVirtus Multi-Strategy Target Return AVALIC Company I Mid Cap Strategic Gr
Virtus Multi-Strategy Target Return IViking Tax-Free for MontanaVanguard Mid-Cap Value Index AdmiralVanguard Global Minimum Volatility Inv
Vanguard Mid-Cap Value Index InvVanguard Mega Cap Value Index IVirtus Contrarian Value R6Viking Tax-Free for North Dakota
Vanguard NJ Long-Term Tax-Exempt InvVanguard NJ Long-Term Tax-Exempt AdmVictory National Municipal Bond AVictory National Municipal Bond Y
Vanguard NY Long-Term Tax-Exempt InvVanguard NY Long-Term Tax-Exempt AdmVanguard OH Long-Term Tax-ExemptVolumetric
Vanguard Pacific Stock Index InvVanguard Pacific Stock Index AdmVantagepoint Model Port All-Eq Gr Inv MVanguard PA Long-Term Tax-Exempt Inv
Vanguard PA Long-Term Tax-Exempt AdmVantagepoint Aggressive Opp InvVantagepoint Broad Market Index IIVanguard PRIMECAP Core Inv
Vantagepoint Core Bond Index IIVantagepoint Model Port Cnsrv Gr Inv MVantagepoint Core Bond Index IVantagepoint Diversifying Strategies T
Vantagepoint Discovery InvestorVantagepoint Equity Income InvestorVantagepoint 500 Stock Index IVictory NewBridge Global Equity C
Vanguard Managed Payout InvestorVictory NewBridge Global Equity AVantagepoint Growth & Income InvestorVantagepoint Growth Investor
Victory NewBridge Global Equity IVantagepoint International InvestorVantagepoint Low Duration Bond InvestorVoya Index Solution 2060 Port S
Vanguard Pacific Stock Index IVantagepoint Model Port Long-Tm Gr Inv MVanguard PRIMECAP AdmVanguard PRIMECAP Inv
Vantagepoint Broad Market Index IVantagepoint Mid/Small Company Index IIVantagepoint Overseas Equity Index IIVantagepoint Overseas Equity Index I
Vantagepoint Milestone 2050 Inv MVantagepoint Milestone 2045 Inv MVantagepoint Milestone 2040 Inv MVantagepoint Milestone 2035 Inv M
Vantagepoint Milestone 2030 Inv MVantagepoint Milestone 2025 Inv MVantagepoint Milestone 2020 Inv MVantagepoint Milestone 2015 Inv M
Vantagepoint Milestone 2010 Inv MVantagepoint Milestone Retire Inc Inv MVoya Index Solution 2060 Port AdvVantagepoint Mid/Small Company Index I
Vantagepoint 500 Stock Index IIVoya Index Solution 2060 Port S2Vantagepoint Select Value InvestorVantagepoint Model Port Tradtnl Gr Inv M
Vantagepoint Inflation Focused InvVantagepoint Model Port All-Eq Gr TMVantagepoint Aggressive Opp TVantagepoint Model Port Cnsrv Gr TM
Vantagepoint Core Bond Index TVantagepoint Discovery TVantagepoint Equity Income TVantagepoint 500 Stock Index T
Vantagepoint Growth & Income TVantagepoint Growth TVantagepoint High Yield TVantagepoint International T
Vantagepoint Low Duration Bond TVantagepoint Model Port Long-Tm Gr TMVantagepoint Broad Market Index TVanguard Growth & Income Inv
Vantagepoint Overseas Equity Index TVantagepoint Milestone 2050 TMVantagepoint Milestone 2045 TMVantagepoint Milestone 2040 TM
Vantagepoint Milestone 2035 TMVantagepoint Milestone 2030 TMVantagepoint Milestone 2025 TMVantagepoint Milestone 2020 TM
Vantagepoint Milestone 2015 TMVantagepoint Milestone 2010 TMVantagepoint Milestone Retire Inc TMVantagepoint Mid/Small Company Index T
Vantagepoint Select Value TVantagepoint Model Port Tradtnl Gr TMVantagepoint Inflation Focused TVan Kampen 2020 Retirement Strategy A
Van Kampen 2020 Retirement Strategy CVirtus Credit Opportunities R6Van Kampen 2020 Retirement Strategy RVan Kampen 2030 Retirement Strategy A
Van Kampen 2030 Retirement Strategy CVirtus Emerging Markets Opportunities R6Voya Real Estate R6Van Kampen 2030 Retirement Strategy R
Van Kampen 2035 Retirement Strategy IVan Kampen 2040 Retirement Strategy AVan Kampen 2040 Retirement Strategy CVan Kampen 2040 Retirement Strategy I
Van Kampen 2040 Retirement Strategy RVanguard Russell 1000 Growth Index IVan Kampen 2050 Retirement Strategy AVan Kampen 2050 Retirement Strategy C
Van Kampen 2050 Retirement Strategy IVan Kampen 2050 Retirement Strategy RVirtus International Small-Cap R6Vanguard Instl Trgt Retire 2025 Instl
Vanguard Russell 1000 Index IVirtus Equity Trend R6Virtus Real Estate Securities R6Vanguard Russell 2000 Growth Index I
Vanguard Russell 2000 Index IVanguard Russell 3000 Index IVanguard Russell 2000 Value Index IVanguard Russell 1000 Value Index I
VALIC Company I Small Cap Agrsv GrVirtus Alternative Inflation Solution AVirtus Strategic Income CVanguard Short-Term Govt Bd Idx I
Vanguard Structured Broad Mkt IVanguard Structured Broad Mkt InstlPlusVanguard Short-Term Govt Bd Idx AdmiralVoya Securitized Credit P
Vanguard LifeStrategy Cnsrv Gr InvVanguard Small Cap Index IVanguard Small Cap Index InstlPlusVirtus Small-Cap Core R6
Vanguard Short-Term Corp Bd Idx AdmiralVictory Integrity Small-Cap Value AVanguard Strategic Equity InvVanguard Small Cap Growth Index Admiral
Vanguard Short-Term Federal InvVanguard Short-Term Federal AdmVanguard Small Cap Growth Index IVanguard Small Cap Value Index Admiral
Virtus Alternative Inflation Solution CVictory Select IVanguard Interm-Tm Govt Bd Idx AdmiralVanguard Small Cap Value Index I
Voya Solution 2060 Port IVanguard Structured Large-Cap Eq IVanguard Struct Large-Cap Eq InstlPlusVanguard Small Cap Index Adm
Vanguard LifeStrategy Moderate Gr InvVanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx Instl PlsVanguard S&P Small-Cap 600 Index IVanguard S&P Small-Cap 600 Val Idx Instl
Victory Sycamore Small Company Opp IVictory Sycamore Small Company Opp YVoya Solution 2060 Port AdvVictory Special Value I
Vanguard S&P Mid-Cap 400 Index IVoya Solution 2060 Port SVoya Solution 2060 Port TVanguard S&P 500 Value Index Instl
VALIC Company I Small-Mid GrowthVoya Solution 2060 Port S2VALIC Company I Small Cap Special ValVanguard Short-Term Corp Bd Idx I
Vanguard Strategic Small-Cap Equity InvVALIC Company I Stock IndexVoya Short Term Bond RVictory Special Value C
Victory Special Value RVictory Integrity Small-Cap Value YVictory Special Value YVoya Index Solution 2020 Port Z
Voya Index Solution 2025 Port ZVoya Index Solution 2030 Port ZVoya Index Solution 2035 Port ZVoya Index Solution 2040 Port Z
Voya Index Solution 2045 Port ZVoya Index Solution 2050 Port ZVoya Index Solution 2055 Port ZVoya Index Solution 2060 Port Z
Voya Index Solution Income Port ZVanguard Total Intl Bd Idx AdmiralVanguard Shrt-Term Infl-Prot Sec Idx AdmVanguard Telecom Services Index Adm
Vanguard Tax-Managed Capital App IVanguard Tax-Managed Capital App AdmVontobel Global Equity Institutional IVanguard Target Retirement 2010 Inv
Vanguard Target Retirement 2030 InvVanguard Total Intl Stock Index AdmiralVanguard Total Intl Bd Idx InvestorVanguard Total Intl Bd Idx Institutional
Vontobel International Equity Instl IVanguard Target Retirement Income InvVanguard Shrt-Term Infl-Prot Sec Idx InvVanguard Target Retirement 2045 Inv
Vanguard Tax-Managed Balanced AdmVanguard Developed Markets Idx AdmiralVanguard Developed Markets Idx InstlVanguard Tax-Managed Small Cap Adm
Vanguard Total Intl Stock Idx InstlPlsVanguard International Value InvVanguard Instl Trgt Retire 2050 InstlVanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx Adm
Vanguard Tax-Managed Small Cap IVanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx InvVanguard Total Intl Stock Index IVanguard Shrt-Term Infl-Prot Sec Idx Ins
Vanguard Target Retirement 2035 InvVanguard Target Retirement 2060 InvVanguard Target Retirement 2025 InvVanguard Instl Trgt Retire 2030 Instl
Vanguard Total World Stock Index IVanguard Target Retirement 2020 InvVanguard Total World Stock Index InvVanguard Target Retirement 2015 Inv
Vanguard Ultra-Short-Term Bond InvestorVanguard Utilities Index AdmVanguard Ultra-Short-Term Bond AdmiralVanguard Long-Term Treasury Inv
Vanguard Long-Term Treasury AdmiralVanguard US Value InvVanguard Value Index AdmVulcan Value Partners
Vulcan Value Partners Small CapVanguard High-Yield Tax-ExemptVanguard High-Yield Tax-Exempt AdmVanguard High-Yield Corporate Adm
Vanguard High-Yield Corporate InvVanguard Wellington InvVanguard Wellington AdmiralVanguard Long-Term Investment-Grade Inv
Vanguard Long-Term Investment-Grade AdmVanguard Wellesley Income AdmiralVanguard International Growth InvVirtus International Wealth Masters I
Vanguard International Growth AdmVanguard Wellesley Income InvVanguard Interm-Term Tx-Ex InvVanguard Interm-Term Tx-Ex Adm
Vanguard Long-Term Tax-ExemptVanguard Long-Term Tax-Exempt AdmVirtus Wealth Masters AVirtus Wealth Masters C
Virtus Wealth Masters IVanguard Windsor II AdmiralVanguard Windsor InvVanguard Windsor Admiral
Vanguard Windsor II InvVanguard Short-Term Tx-ExVanguard Short-Term Tx-Ex AdmVanguard US Growth Admiral
Vanguard US Growth InvVericimetry U.S. Small Cap ValueVirtus Global Opportunities BVirtus Global Opportunities C
Virtus Global Opportunities I