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Thrivent Large Cap Growth AThrivent Balanced Income Plus AThrivent Diversified Income Plus AThrivent Opportunity Income Plus A
Thrivent Large Cap Stock AThrivent Partner Small Cap Value AThrivent Municipal Bond AThrivent Mid Cap Stock A
Thrivent Small Cap Stock AThrivent Large Cap Value ATransamerica Emerging Markets Equity ATransamerica Small Cap Growth A
Transamerica Global Bond ATransamerica Dynamic Allocation AThe BeeHive FundThe Texas Fund Class I
Transamerica Emerging Markets Equity CTouchstone Sands Capital Select Growth YTouchstone Sands Capital Inst GrThe Cook & Bynum Fund
Transamerica Small Cap Growth CTransamerica Global Bond CTransamerica Dynamic Allocation CTransamerica Partners Instl Balanced
Transamerica Partners Instl Core BondTransamerica Partners Instl Lg GrTransamerica Partners Instl Large CoreTransamerica Partners Instl High Qual Bd
Transamerica Instl Asst Allc ShtInt HrznTransamerica Partners Instl Hi Yld BdTransamerica Partners Instl Intl EqTransamerica Partners Instl InflProt Sec
Transamerica Instl Asst Allc Interm HrznTransamerica Instl Asst Allc Itm/Lg HrznTransamerica Instl Asset Allc Lng HrznTransamerica Partners Instl Mid Gr
Transamerica Partners Instl Mid ValueTransamerica Partners Instl Small CoreTransamerica Partners Instl Stock IndexTransamerica Partners Instl Small Gr
Transamerica Instl Asset Allc Shrt HrznTransamerica Partners Instl Lg ValTransamerica Partners Instl Small ValueThe MP 63
Transamerica Partners Stock IndexTransamerica Asset Allc Interm/Long HrznTransamerica Asset Allc Short HorizonTransamerica Partners Large Growth
Transamerica Partners Large ValueTransamerica Partners Core BondTransamerica Partners Large CoreTransamerica Partners High Quality Bond
Transamerica Partners High Yield BondTransamerica Partners BalancedTransamerica Partners Intl EquityTransamerica Partners IPS
Transamerica Asset Allc Long HorizonTransamerica Partners Mid GrowthTransamerica Asset Allc Interm HorizonTransamerica Partners Mid Value
Transamerica Partners Small CoreTransamerica Partners Small GrowthTransamerica Asset Allc Shrt/Interm HrznTransamerica Partners Small Value
Transamerica Emerging Markets Debt ATransamerica Emerging Markets Debt CTransamerica Emerging Markets Debt ITempleton Global Bond R6
Templeton Global Smaller Comp R6Templeton Foreign Smaller Companies CTempleton Global Balanced CTempleton International Bond C
Templeton China World R6Templeton Developing Markets R6Templeton Emerging Markets Bond ATempleton Frontier Markets R6
Templeton Frontier Markets CTempleton Frontier Markets AdvTouchstone Flexible Income ATempleton Global Bond R
Templeton Global Opportunities AdvTempleton International Bond AdvTouchstone International Value YTempleton Foreign Smaller Companies A
Touchstone International Value InstlTributary Balanced InstlTributary Balanced Instl PlusTributary Growth Opps Instl Plus
Tributary Growth Opps InstTributary Income InstlTributary Income Instl PlusTributary Small Company Instl Plus
Tributary Small Company InstlTributary Shrt Interm Bond InstlTributary Shrt/Interm Bond Instl PlusTouchstone Flexible Income C
Touchstone International Value ATempleton Constrained Bond ATouchstone International Value CTempleton Foreign Smaller Companies Adv
Templeton Foreign R6Templeton Growth R6Templeton Global Total Return R6Templeton World R6
T. Rowe Price GA Tax-Free BondTactical Asset Allocation ATactical Asset Allocation ITransamerica Asset Allc Growth A
Transamerica Asset Allc Growth BTransamerica Asset Allc Growth CTransamerica Capital Growth BTransamerica Capital Growth A
Transamerica Multi-Mgd Balanced BTransamerica Multi-Mgd Balanced AThrivent Balanced Income Plus ITransamerica Multi-Mgd Balanced C
Templeton Hard Currency AdvisorTransamerica Asset Allc Cnsrv ATransamerica Asset Allc Cnsrv BTransamerica Asset Allc Cnsrv C
Templeton Hard Currency ATransamerica Asset Allc Cnsrv RTransamerica Flexible Income AT. Rowe Price Instl Emerging Mkts Eq
Transamerica Emerging Markets Equity ITransamerica Flexible Income BTransamerica Flexible Income CTransamerica Dynamic Income A
Transamerica Dynamic Income CTransamerica Dynamic Income ITransamerica Asset Allc Growth RTransamerica High Yield Bond A
Thrivent Opportunity Income Plus IThrivent Large Cap Stock InstlTransamerica Small/Mid Cap Value ATransamerica Small/Mid Cap Value B
Transamerica Small/Mid Cap Value CTransamerica Capital Growth CTransamerica Mid Cap Growth ITransamerica Asset Allc Moderate R
Transamerica Asset Allc Mod Gr RTransamerica Asset Allc Mod Gr ATransamerica Asset Allc Mod Gr BTransamerica Asset Allc Mod Gr C
Transamerica Global Equity ATransamerica Global Equity BTransamerica Global Equity CTransamerica Asset Allc Moderate A
Transamerica Asset Allc Moderate BTransamerica Asset Allc Moderate CTransamerica Multi-Manager Alt Strat ATransamerica Multi-Manager Alt Strat C
Transamerica High Yield Bond BTransamerica High Yield Bond CTransamerica Small Cap Growth ITransamerica Small Cap Core I
Transamerica Short-Term Bond ATransamerica Short-Term Bond CTransamerica Growth Opportunities BTransamerica Global Bond I
Transamerica Inflation Opps ITransamerica Growth Opportunities ATransamerica Growth Opportunities CTransamerica Dynamic Allocation I
Thrivent High Yield IThrivent High Yield AThrivent Income IThrivent Limited Maturity Bond A
Thrivent Mid Cap Growth AThrivent Mid Cap Growth InstTealeaf Long/Short Deep Value CTealeaf Long/Short Deep Value A
Tealeaf Long/Short Deep Value IThornburg CA Limited-Term Muni AThornburg CA Limited-Term Muni CThornburg CA Limited-Term Muni Instl
Thornburg Limited Term US Government R5Thornburg Limited-Term Muni CThornburg Limited-Term Muni AThornburg Limited-Term Muni Inst
Thornburg Limited Term US Government BThornburg Limited Term US Government CThornburg Limited Term US Government R4Thornburg Limited Term US Government I
Thornburg Limited Term US Government R3Thornburg Limited Term US Government AThrivent Income ATransamerica Mid Cap Growth A
T. Rowe Price MD Tax-Free BondTransamerica Mid Cap Growth CTransamerica Mid Cap Value Opps ITouchstone Small Cap Growth Y
Touchstone Small Cap Growth ATouchstone Small Cap Growth InstlTouchstone Small Cap Growth CTouchstone Flexible Income Y
T. Rowe Price NJ Tax-Free BondT. Rowe Price Small-Cap StockT. Rowe Price Asia Opportunities AdvisorT. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Adv
T. Rowe Price Emerging Mkts Corp Bd AdvT. Rowe Price Capital Appreciation AdvT. Rowe Price Capital Opportunity AdvT. Rowe Price Emerg Mkts Lcl Ccy Bd Adv
T. Rowe Price Target Retire 2010 AdvisorT. Rowe Price Equity Income AdvT. Rowe Price Target Retire 2045 AdvisorT. Rowe Price Global Allocation Advisor
T. Rowe Price Floating Rate AdvT. Rowe Price Target Retire 2055 AdvisorT. Rowe Price Global Real Estate AdvT. Rowe Price Global Growth Stock Adv
T. Rowe Price Global Stock AdvT. Rowe Price Target Retire 2040 AdvisorT. Rowe Price High Yield AdvT. Rowe Price Target Retire 2015 Advisor
T. Rowe Price International Bond AdvT. Rowe Price Global Unconstrain Bd AdvT. Rowe Price Summit Municipal Intm AdvT. Rowe Price Intl Gr & Inc Adv
T. Rowe Price Global High Income Bd AdvT. Rowe Price Summit Municipal Inc AdvT. Rowe Price Target Retire 2020 AdvisorT. Rowe Price International Stock Adv
T. Rowe Price Target Retire 2025 AdvisorT. Rowe Price Target Retire 2030 AdvisorT. Rowe Price Mid-Cap Growth AdvT. Rowe Price New Income Adv
T. Rowe Price Target Retire 2005 AdvisorT. Rowe Price Target Retire 2050 AdvisorT. Rowe Price Credit Opportunities AdvT. Rowe Price Retirement 2010 Adv
T. Rowe Price Retirement 2020 AdvT. Rowe Price Retirement 2030 AdvT. Rowe Price Retirement 2040 AdvT. Rowe Price Real Estate Adv
T. Rowe Price Retirement 2050 AdvT. Rowe Price Retirement 2005 AdvT. Rowe Price Retirement 2015 AdvT. Rowe Price Retirement Balanced Adv
T. Rowe Price Retirement 2025 AdvT. Rowe Price Retirement 2035 AdvT. Rowe Price Retirement 2045 AdvT. Rowe Price Retirement 2055 Adv
T. Rowe Price Short Term Bond AdvT. Rowe Price Small-Cap Stock AdvT. Rowe Price Science & Tech AdvT. Rowe Price Small-Cap Value Adv
T. Rowe Price Tax-Free Income AdvT. Rowe Price Tax-Free High Yield AdvT. Rowe Price Tax-Free Shrt-Interm AdvT. Rowe Price Target Retire 2035 Advisor
T. Rowe Price US Large-Cap Core AdvT. Rowe Price Value AdvT. Rowe Price New America Growth AdvT. Rowe Price U.S. Bond Enhanced Index
T. Rowe Price Extended Equity Market IdxT. Rowe Price Instl Core Plus FT. Rowe Price Instl Floating Rate FT. Rowe Price International Eq Index
T. Rowe Price Instl Mid-Cap Equity GrT. Rowe Price Total Equity Market IdxT. Rowe Price Real AssetsT. Rowe Price Interm Tx-Fr Hi Yld Adv
T. Rowe Price New AsiaT. Rowe Price New IncomeT. Rowe Price Intl Concntr EqT. Rowe Price Capital Opportunity
T. Rowe Price Credit OpportunitiesT. Rowe Price Dividend GrowthT. Rowe Price Diversified Mid Cap GrowthT. Rowe Price Diversified Sm Cap Growth
T. Rowe Price Tax-Efficient EquityT. Rowe Price Equity Index 500T. Rowe Price Emerg Mkts Lcl Ccy BdT. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Bond
T. Rowe Price European StockT. Rowe Price Equity IncomeT. Rowe Price Instl Intl Growth EquityT. Rowe Price Instl Frontier Mkts Eq
T. Rowe Price Tax-Free High YieldT. Rowe Price Floating RateT. Rowe Price Tax-Free Shrt-IntermT. Rowe Price Growth Stock
T. Rowe Price Growth & IncomeT. Rowe Price GNMAT. Rowe Price Global StockT. Rowe Price Global Technology
T. Rowe Price Health SciencesT. Rowe Price High YieldT. Rowe Price International DiscoveryT. Rowe Price Instl Glbl Val Eq
T. Rowe Price Interm Tx-Fr Hi YldT. Rowe Price Summit Municipal IncT. Rowe Price Inflation Protected BdT. Rowe Price Financial Services
T. Rowe Price International Stock FdT. Rowe Price JapanT. Rowe Price Latin AmericaT. Rowe Price MD Short-Term Tax-Free
T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets StockT. Rowe Price Media & TelecommunicationsT. Rowe Price Intl Concntr Eq AdvT. Rowe Price New Era
T. Rowe Price New HorizonsT. Rowe Price NY Tax-Free BondT. Rowe Price Corporate IncomeT. Rowe Price Global Multi-Sector Bd Adv
T. Rowe Price Science & TechT. Rowe Price Spectrum GrowthT. Rowe Price Personal Strat IncomeT. Rowe Price Summit Municipal Intm
T. Rowe Price Global Multi-Sector BdT. Rowe Price Small-Cap ValueT. Rowe Price Tax-Free Income InvT. Rowe Price US Treasury Interm
T. Rowe Price US Treasury Long-TermT. Rowe Price VA Tax-Free BondT. Rowe Price New America GrowthT. Rowe Price Short-Term Bond
T. Rowe Price Capital AppreciationT. Rowe Price CA Tax-Free BondT. Rowe Price Spectrum InternationalTouchstone Sands Capital Select Growth Z
T. Rowe Price BalancedT. Rowe Price Global AllocationT. Rowe Price Global Growth StockT. Rowe Price Global Industrials
T. Rowe Price Instl Glbl Mult-Sect Bd FdT. Rowe Price Target Retire 2035T. Rowe Price International BondT. Rowe Price Inst Intl Concntr Eq
T. Rowe Price Global Unconstrain BdT. Rowe Price Instl Floating RateT. Rowe Price Instl Glbl Gr EqT. Rowe Price Global High Income Bd
T. Rowe Price Instl Intl BondT. Rowe Price Instl Lng Dur CrdtT. Rowe Price Mid-Cap GrowthT. Rowe Price Spectrum Income
T. Rowe Price Target Retire 2045T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Gr RT. Rowe Price Capital Opportunity RT. Rowe Price Equity Income R
T. Rowe Price Growth Stock RT. Rowe Price Intl Gr & Inc RT. Rowe Price International Stock RT. Rowe Price Mid-Cap Growth R
T. Rowe Price Mid-Cap Value RT. Rowe Price New Income RT. Rowe Price Retirement 2010 RT. Rowe Price Retirement 2020 R
T. Rowe Price Retirement 2030 RT. Rowe Price Retirement 2040 RT. Rowe Price Retirement 2050 RT. Rowe Price Retirement Balanced R
T. Rowe Price Retirement 2005 RT. Rowe Price Retirement 2015 RT. Rowe Price Retirement 2025 RT. Rowe Price Retirement 2035 R
T. Rowe Price Retirement 2045 RT. Rowe Price Retirement 2055 RThrivent Aggressive Allocation ATimothy Plan Aggressive Growth A
Thrivent Aggressive Allocation InstTempleton BRIC ATransamerica Bond R6Transamerica Asset Allc Cnsrv I
Touchstone Large Cap ATempleton China World AdvTransamerica US Growth ATransamerica US Growth B
Transamerica US Growth CTransamerica Dividend Focused R6T. Rowe Price Dividend Growth AdvTransamerica Emerging Markets Debt R6
Templeton Emerging Markets Bal ATransamerica Flexible Income R6Templeton Global Balanced ATransamerica Global Equity R6
Transamerica Asset Allc Growth ITransamerica Growth R6Transamerica High Yield Bond R6Target International Equity T
Transamerica Income & Growth ATransamerica International Equity R6Transamerica Large Cap Value R6Tocqueville Alternative Strategies
Transamerica Multi-Manager Alt Strat R6Transamerica Multi-Managed Balanced R6Transamerica Enhanced Muni AT. Rowe Price Mid-Cap Value Adv
Touchstone Arbitrage InstitutionalThird Avenue Real Estate Value InstlTarkio FundThird Avenue Small Cap Value Instl
Transamerica Strategic High Income ATransamerica Multi-Manager Alt Strat ITransamerica Small/Mid Cap Value R6Transamerica Short-Term Bond R6
Third Avenue Value InstlThird Avenue International Value InstlTouchstone Balanced Allocation ATouchstone Balanced Allocation C
Touchstone Balanced Allocation InstlTouchstone Balanced Allocation YTweedy, Browne Global Value II Ccy UnhdgTouchstone Mid Cap Growth B
Thrivent Government Bond AThrivent Government Bond InstitutionalTweedy, Browne Global ValueTweedy, Browne Worldwide Hi Div Yld Val
TIAA-CREF Bond Index InstitutionalTIAA-CREF Bond Index RetailTIAA-CREF Bond Index PremierTIAA-CREF Bond Index Retirement
Transamerica Multi-Mgd Balanced ITempleton International Bond ATIAA-CREF Bond Plus PremierThrivent Moderately Cnsrv Allocation A
Timothy Plan Aggressive Growth CThrivent Moderately Cnsrv Allocation ITIAA-CREF Bond Plus RetailTIAA-CREF Bond Plus R
Transamerica Concentrated Growth CTempleton Emerging Markets Small Cap CTIAA-CREF Equity Index PremierTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2015 Premier
Timothy Plan Conservative Growth AThornburg Core Growth CThornburg Core Growth R4TIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2030 Premier
TIAA-CREF International Eq Idx InstlTransamerica Income & Growth CTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2035 InstlTIAA-CREF Inflation Link Bd Retail
Templeton Global Balanced C1TIAA-CREF Large-Cap Value RetailTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2010 RetireTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2025 Retirement
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2015 RetireTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2030 RetirementTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2040 RetireTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2050 Premier
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2035 RetireThomas Crown Global Long/Short Eq InstlTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2020 RetireTIAA-CREF Mid-Cap Growth Retail
TCM Small-Mid Cap GrowthTCM Small Cap GrowthTransamerica Enhanced Muni CTIAA-CREF Mid-Cap Value Retail
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2015 InstlTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2040 InstlTouchstone Total Return Bond ATouchstone Total Return Bond C
Touchstone Total Return Bond InstlTouchstone Total Return Bond YTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2025 PremierTIAA-CREF Real Estate Sec Retail
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2030 InstlTIAA-CREF Small-Cap Equity RetailTransamerica Strategic High Income CTIAA-CREF Lifestyle Conservative Instl
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2010 InstlTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2010 PremierTIAA-CREF Short-Term Bond RetailTrust For Credit Unions Short Dur Inst
Trust For Credit Unions Short Dur InvTrust For Credit Unions U-S Dur Gov InstTrust For Credit Unions U-S Dur Gov InvTouchstone Mid Cap Value A
Timothy Plan Conservative Growth CTouchstone Mid Cap Value InstTouchstone Mid Cap Value YTempleton China World A
Templeton China World CTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2020 InstlTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2020 PremierTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2025 Instl
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2035 PremierTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2040 PremierTempleton Developing Markets AdvTDAM Core Bond Institutonal
TDAM Core Bond AdvisorTouchstone Dynamic Equity ATouchstone Dynamic Equity CTransamerica US Growth I
Touchstone Dynamic Equity InstlTouchstone Dynamic Equity YTransamerica Dividend Focused ATransamerica Dividend Focused C
Transamerica Dividend Focused ITDAM 1- to 5-Year Corporate BondTDAM 5- to 10-Year Corporate BondTDAM Global Low Volatility Equity Adv
TDAM High Yield Bond InstitutionalTransamerica High Yield Bond ITDAM High Yield Bond AdvisorTDAM Global Low Volatility Equity Instl
Transamerica Developing Markets Eq I2Templeton Developing Markets RTempleton Developing Markets CTDAM Short-Term Bond
TDAM Short-Term Bond AdvisorTDAM Target Return InstitutionalTDAM Target Return AdvisorTowle Deep Value
Thornburg Developing World R6TebergTIAA-CREF Emerging Markets Debt RetailTempleton Developing Markets A
TIAA-CREF Emerging Markets Debt InstlTIAA-CREF Emerging Markets Debt PremierTIAA-CREF Emerging Markets Debt RetireTempleton Instl Emerging Markets Ser Adv
Touchstone Emerging Markets Equity CTempleton Foreign RTempleton Foreign CTouchstone Mid Cap Growth A
Templeton Global Bond CTouchstone Mid Cap Growth InstTempleton Global Opportunities ATempleton Global Opportunities C
Templeton Growth RTempleton Growth CTouchstone Mid Cap Growth YThrivent Growth and Income Plus A
Thrivent Growth and Income Plus ITouchstone Emerging Markets Equity ATempleton Foreign ATempleton Global Smaller Comp A
TIAA-CREF Emerging Markets Eq InstlTempleton Emerging Markets Small Cap ATIAA-CREF Emerging Markets Eq PremTIAA-CREF Emerging Markets Eq Retail
TIAA-CREF Emerging Markets Eq RetiremtTempleton World ATouchstone Emerging Markets Equity YTempleton Emerging Markets Small Cap Adv
Templeton Growth ATouchstone Sustainability & Imp Eq ATouchstone Sustainability & Imp Eq BTouchstone Sustainability & Imp Eq C
TIAA-CREF Emerging Markets Eq Idx RetailTIAA-CREF Emerging Markets Eq Idx InstlTIAA-CREF Emerging Markets Eq Idx PremTarget International Equity R
TIAA-CREF Emerging Markets Eq Idx RetireTempleton Global Smaller Comp CTIAA-CREF Enh Lg Cp Val Idx InstTempleton World C
The Texas Fund Class CTouchstone Large Cap CThird Avenue Focused Credit InstlThird Avenue Focused Credit Investor
Templeton Instl Foreign Eq Ser PrimaryTempleton Instl Foreign Eq Ser SvcTempleton Foreign AdvTouchstone Focused C
Touchstone Focused InstlTouchstone Focused YTCW/Gargoyle Hedged Value ITCW/Gargoyle Hedged Value N
Timothy Plan Fixed Income ATimothy Plan Fixed Income CTIAA-CREF Enh Intl Eq Idx InstTransamerica Floating Rate A
Transamerica Floating Rate CTransamerica Floating Rate ITempleton Frontier Markets ATouchstone Focused A
Transamerica Capital Growth ITempleton Ins Foreign Smaller Co Ser AdvTFS Hedged FuturesTouchstone Flexible Income Instl
TFS Market NeutralTFS Small CapTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2050 InstlTransamerica Flexible Income I
Touchstone Global Real Estate ATCW Enhanced Commodity Strategy NTouchstone Global Real Estate CTempleton Growth Adv
Templeton Global Bond AdvTCW Select Equities ITCW Core Fixed-Income ITimothy Plan Growth & Income C
TCW Select Equities NTCW High Dividend Equities NTCW Relative Value Dividend Apprec ITCW Relative Value Large Cap I
TCW Developing Markets Equity ITCW Growth Equities NTCW Developing Markets Equity NTCW Relative Value Large Cap N
TCW Emerging Markets Income ITempleton Inst Global Equity Series AdvTCW Concentrated Value ITCW Core Fixed-Income N
Tanaka GrowthTCW Concentrated Value NTCW Global Bond ITCW Growth Equities I
TCW Global Bond NTCW Enhanced Commodity Strategy ITCW High Dividend Equities ITCW High-Yield Bond N
TCW High-Yield Bond ITimothy Plan Growth & Income ATCW International Growth ITCW International Small Cap I
TCW International Growth NTCW Relative Value Dividend Apprec NTCW Emerging Markets Income NThornburg International Value R6
Tocqueville GoldTCW Total Return Bond ITCW Emerg Mkts Multi-Asst Opps ITCW SMID Cap Growth N
TCW Emerg Mkts Multi-Asst Opps NTCW Total Return Bond NTCW International Small Cap NTCW Conservative Allocation I
Transamerica Growth Opportunities ITCW Conservative Allocation NTouchstone Growth Allocation ATouchstone Growth Allocation C
Touchstone Growth Allocation InstlTouchstone Growth Allocation YTCW Global Real Estate ITCW Global Real Estate N
Templeton Global Smaller Comp AdvTCW Small Cap Growth ITCW SMID Cap Growth ITCW Short Term Bond I
TCW Small Cap Growth NTempleton Global Total Return AThornburg International Value ATouchstone Growth Opportunities C
Touchstone Growth Opportunities AThornburg International Value ITCW Relative Value Mid Cap NTCW Relative Value Mid Cap I
Thornburg International Value R3Touchstone Growth Opportunities InstlTouchstone Growth Opportunities YTCW Emerging Markets Local Ccy Inc I
TCW Emerging Markets Local Ccy Inc NTransamerica High Yield Muni AThomson Horstmann & Bryant Microcap InsThomson Horstmann&Bryant Sm Cp Val Instl
Thomson Horstmann&Bryant Sm Cp Val InvThomson Horstmann & Bryant Microcap InvThornburg Core Growth AThornburg Core Growth R3
Transamerica High Yield Muni CThornburg Developing World AThornburg Developing World CThornburg Developing World I
Thornburg Developing World R5Toews Hedged Core FrontierThornburg International Value BThornburg International Value C
Thornburg International Growth R6Thornburg Core Growth R5Toews Hedged Growth AllocationToews Hedged High Yield Bond
Thornburg Limited Term Income CToews Hedged Core WThornburg Limited Term Income AThornburg Core Growth I
Thornburg Limited Term Income InstlThornburg Intermediate Municipal AThornburg Limited Term Income R3Touchstone High Yield Institutional
Thrivent Large Cap Growth IToews Hedged Core LThrivent Limited Maturity Bond IThrivent Moderate Allocation A
Thornburg Intermediate Municipal CThornburg Intermediate Municipal InstThornburg NM Intermediate Municipal DThornburg NM Intermediate Municipal I
Thornburg NM Intermediate Municipal AThornburg NY Intermediate Municipal AThornburg Global Opportunities AThornburg Global Opportunities C
Thornburg Global Opportunities R5Thornburg Global Opportunities IThompson BondThornburg Global Opportunities R3
Thornburg Global Opportunities R4Thompson LargeCapThompson MidCapThornburg Limited Term Income R4
Thornburg Limited Term Income R5Toews Hedged Core SThornburg International Value R4Touchstone High Yield A
Touchstone High Yield CThrivent Diversified Income Plus ITransamerica High Yield Muni ITouchstone High Yield Y
Timothy Plan Aggressive Growth IThornburg Investment Income Builder AThornburg Investment Income Builder CTIAA-CREF Bond Instl
TIAA-CREF Bond Plus InstThornburg Investment Income Builder R4Thornburg Investment Income Builder IThornburg Investment Income Builder R5
Thornburg Investment Income Builder R3Timothy Plan Israel Common Values IT. Rowe Price Instl Core PlusTIAA-CREF Social Choice Eq Retail
TIAA-CREF Bond PremierTIAA-CREF Bond RTIAA-CREF Equity Index InstlTimothy Plan Emerging Markets I
Target International Equity QTIAA-CREF International Eq RetailTouchstone International Fixed Income ATouchstone International Fixed Income C
Touchstone International Fixed Inc InstTouchstone International Fixed Income YThornburg International Growth AThornburg International Growth C
Timothy Plan Growth & Income ITIAA-CREF Growth & Income InstlThornburg International Growth R3The Investment House Growth
TIAA-CREF High-Yield PremierTIAA-CREF High-Yield RTIAA-CREF High-Yield InstTIAA-CREF International Eq Instl
Transamerica Income & Growth ITIAA-CREF Inflation Link Bd InstlTIAA-CREF Growth & Income RetailTIAA-CREF Inflation Link Bd Premier
TIAA-CREF Inflation Link Bd RT. Rowe Price Instl Large Cap ValueTIAA-CREF Large-Cap Growth InstTIAA-CREF Large-Cap Gr Idx Instl
TIAA-CREF Large-Cap Growth PremierTIAA-CREF Large-Cap Growth RTIAA-CREF Large-Cap Value Idx InstTIAA-CREF Managed Allc Inst
TIAA-CREF Managed Allc RetailTransamerica Enhanced Muni ITIAA-CREF Mid-Cap Value InstlTempleton Global Balanced A1
Thornburg International Growth R5Thornburg International Growth ITIAA-CREF Equity Index RetailThornburg International Growth R4
Transamerica Inflation Opps ATransamerica Inflation Opps CTIAA-CREF International Opps InstlTIAA-CREF International Opps Prem
TIAA-CREF Bond RetailTIAA-CREF International Opps RetlTIAA-CREF International Opps RetireTouchstone Sustainability & Imp Eq Y
TIAA-CREF Equity Index RTIAA-CREF Real Estate Sec InstlTIAA-CREF Large-Cap Growth RetailTIAA-CREF Small-Cap Blend Idx Inst
TIAA-CREF Social Choice Eq InstlTIAA-CREF Small-Cap Equity InstlTIAA-CREF Short-Term Bond InstTIAA-CREF S&P 500 Index Instl
TIAA-CREF Short-Term Bond RTransamerica International Sm Cp Val ITIAA-CREF Tax-Exempt Bond InstTIAA-CREF Managed Allc R
Tocqueville International ValueThornburg International Value R5TIAA-CREF Tax-Exempt Bond RetailTIAA-CREF High-Yield Retail
Transamerica Growth I2Touchstone Large Cap InstitutionalTouchstone Large Cap YThornburg Low Duration Income A
Thornburg Low Duration Income ITIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2015 InstTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2015 PremierTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2050 Retire
Timothy Plan Large/Mid Cap Growth ATimothy Plan Large/Mid Cap Growth CTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2015 RetireTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2030 Inst
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2030 PremierTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2030 RetireTIAA-CREF Enh Lg Cp Gr Idx InstTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index Ret Inc Prem
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Retire Inc RetireTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2050 InstTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2050 PremierTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2050 Retire
Thornburg Low Duration Municipal AThornburg Low Duration Municipal ITIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2045 PremierTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2045 Retire
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2040 PremierTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2025 InstTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2025 RetireTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Retire Inc Instl
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Retire Inc RetailTIAA-CREF Lifestyle Conservative PremierTIAA-CREF Lifestyle Income RetirementTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2010 Inst
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2010 PremierTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2010 RetireTimothy Plan Large/Mid Cap Value ATimothy Plan Large/Mid Cap Value C
Thrivent Large Cap Value ITIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2025 PremierTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2020 InstTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2020 Premier
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2020 RetireTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2045 InstTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2060 InstitutionalTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2060 Premier
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2060 RetirementTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2035 InstTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2035 PremierTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2035 Retire
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2040 InstTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2040 RetireThrivent Moderately Agrsv Allocation ATouchstone Arbitrage C
Thrivent Moderately Agrsv Allocation IThrivent Moderate Allocation ITouchstone Mid Cap ATouchstone Arbitrage A
Touchstone Arbitrage YThrivent Municipal Bond ITurner Emerging Growth InvestorTouchstone Mid Cap C
Transamerica MLP & Energy Income CTurner Emerging Growth InstlTouchstone Mid Cap YTouchstone Mid Cap Z
Touchstone Emerging Markets Equity InstTouchstone Mid Cap Value CTouchstone Merger Arbitrage ATouchstone Merger Arbitrage C
Turner Midcap Growth InstTurner Midcap Growth InvestorTransamerica Asset Allc Mod Gr ITouchstone Merger Arbitrage Instl
Touchstone Merger Arbitrage YTurner Midcap Growth RetirementTransamerica MLP & Energy Income ATransamerica MLP & Energy Income I
Transamerica Asset Allc Moderate ITouchstone Mid Cap InstitutionalToreador International CToreador International Investor
Toreador International InstitutionalToreador Explorer InvestorToreador Explorer InstitutionalTurner Medical Sciences Long/Short C
Turner Medical Sciences Long/Short InstlTurner Medical Sciences Long/Short InvThrivent Mid Cap Stock ITransamerica Global Equity I
Timothy Plan Large/Mid Cap Value ITortoise North American Engy Indep CTortoise North American Engy Indep InstlTortoise North American Engy Indep Inv
TIAA-CREF Global Natural Resources InstlTIAA-CREF Global Natural Resources RetTIAA-CREF Global Natural Resources PremTIAA-CREF Global Natural Resources Retir
Touchstone International Small Cap ATouchstone International Small Cap CTouchstone Intl Small Cap InstlTouchstone International Small Cap Y
TOROSO Newfound Tactical Allc ATOROSO Newfound Tactical Allc CTOROSO Newfound Tactical Allc InstlThornburg NY Intermediate Municipal I
Touchstone Active Bond ATouchstone Core Bond InstlTouchstone Active Bond YTocqueville
Touchstone Active Bond CTouchstone Mid Cap Growth CTouchstone Ohio Tax-Free Bond ATouchstone Ohio Tax-Free Bond C
Tortoise Select Opportunity CTortoise Select Opportunity InstlTocqueville OpportunityTortoise Select Opportunity Investor
Transamerica Concentrated Growth ATortoise MLP & Pipeline CTransamerica Concentrated Growth ITortoise MLP & Pipeline Instl
Toreador Core RetailTortoise MLP & Pipeline InvestorTorrayToreador Core Institutional
Timothy Plan Israel Common Values ATempleton BRIC CTimothy Plan Israel Common Values CTimothy Plan Defensive Strategies A
Timothy Plan Defensive Strategies CTimothy Plan Defensive Strategies IThrivent Partner Emerging Mkts Eq ATimothy Plan Emerging Markets C
Thrivent Partner Emerging Mkts Eq ITimothy Plan Emerging Markets ATimothy Plan Fixed Income IThrivent Partner Small Cap Growth I
Timothy Plan High Yield Bond ATimothy Plan High Yield Bond CTimothy Plan High Yield Bond ITimothy Plan International A
Timothy Plan International CTimothy Plan International ITIAA-CREF Lifecycle Retire Inc PremierTempleton Global Bond A
T. Rowe Price Instl Large Cap Core GrTimothy Plan Large/Mid Cap Growth ITimothy Plan Small Cap Value AThrivent Partner Mid Cap Value A
Thrivent Partner Mid Cap Value IThrivent Partner Small Cap Growth AThrivent Partner Small Cap Value ITimothy Plan Small Cap Value I
Touchstone Premium Yield Equity ATouchstone Premium Yield Equity CTouchstone Premium Yield Equity YT. Rowe Price Africa & Middle East
T. Rowe Price Asia OpportunitiesT. Rowe Price Target Retire 2005T. Rowe Price Blue Chip GrowthTIAA-CREF Small-Cap Blend Idx Retire
T. Rowe Price Ultra Short-Term BondT. Rowe Price Instl Intl Cor EqTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index Ret Inc RetireTIAA-CREF Large-Cap Value Premier
TIAA-CREF Large-Cap Value Idx RetireTransamerica Dividend Focused I2T. Rowe Price Instl Emerging Mkts BondT. Rowe Price Emerging Mkts Corp Bd
Thrivent Natural Resources AThrivent Natural Resources IT. Rowe Price Emerging EuropeTIAA-CREF International Eq Premier
TIAA-CREF International Eq RetireT. Rowe Price Target Retire 2055Touchstone Global Real Estate InstT. Rowe Price Target Retire 2050
Touchstone Global Real Estate YTIAA-CREF Growth & Income RetireTIAA-CREF Mid-Cap Growth RetireTIAA-CREF Mid-Cap Growth Premier
T. Rowe Price Global Real EstateT. Rowe Price Instl Glbl Focused Gr EqT. Rowe Price Target Retire 2040T. Rowe Price Instl High Yield
T. Rowe Price Inst Africa & Middle EastTIAA-CREF International Eq Idx RetireT. Rowe Price Intl Gr & IncTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index Ret Inc Inst
TIAA-CREF International Eq Idx PremierTIAA-CREF Large-Cap Gr Idx RetireT. Rowe Price Instl US Structured RsrchTIAA-CREF Large-Cap Value Retire
T. Rowe Price Instl Large Cap GrowthTIAA-CREF Large-Cap Value InstlT. Rowe Price Mid-Cap ValueTouchstone Sustainability & Imp Eq Instl
T. Rowe Price Overseas StockT. Rowe Price Personal Strat BalancedTIAA-CREF Growth & Income PremierTIAA-CREF Social Choice Eq Premier
TIAA-CREF Mid-Cap Growth InstlT. Rowe Price Retirement 2010T. Rowe Price Retirement 2020T. Rowe Price Retirement 2030
T. Rowe Price Retirement 2040T. Rowe Price Real EstateT. Rowe Price Retirement 2005T. Rowe Price Retirement 2015
T. Rowe Price Retirement 2025T. Rowe Price Retirement BalancedT. Rowe Price Retirement 2035T. Rowe Price Retirement 2045
T. Rowe Price Retirement 2060T. Rowe Price Retirement 2050T. Rowe Price Retirement 2055T. Rowe Price Target Retire 2010
TIAA-CREF Real Estate Sec PremierTIAA-CREF Real Estate Sec RetireT. Rowe Price Target Retire 2015T. Rowe Price Target Retire 2020
T. Rowe Price Target Retire 2025T. Rowe Price Target Retire 2030T. Rowe Price Retirement 2060 AdvisorT. Rowe Price Retirement 2060 R
T. Rowe Price Growth Stock AdvTIAA-CREF Social Choice Eq RetireTorrayResolute Small/Mid Cap Growth InvTIAA-CREF Small-Cap Equity Retire
T. Rowe Price Personal Strat GrowthTransamerica Global Real Estate Secs I2TorrayResolute Small/Mid Cap Growth InstTIAA-CREF S&P 500 Index Retire
T. Rowe Price Instl Small-Cap StockT. Rowe Price Target Retire 2060T. Rowe Price Target Retire 2060 AdvT. Rowe Price US Large-Cap Core
T. Rowe Price ValueTIAA-CREF Mid-Cap Value PremierTIAA-CREF Mid-Cap Value RetireTransamerica International Equity A
Transamerica International Equity CTransamerica International Equity I2T. Rowe Price Institutional Crdt OppsTouchstone Conservative Allocation A
Touchstone Conservative Allocation CTIAA-CREF Lifestyle Aggressive Gr InstlTIAA-CREF Lifestyle Aggressive Gr RetailTIAA-CREF Lifestyle Aggressive Gr Prem
TIAA-CREF Lifestyle Aggressive Gr RetireTouchstone Conservative Allocation YTIAA-CREF Social Choice Bond RetirementTIAA-CREF Social Choice Bond Instl
TIAA-CREF Social Choice Bond PremierTIAA-CREF Social Choice Bond RetailTurner Titan II CTurner Small Cap Growth
TIAA-CREF Lifestyle Conservative RetailThrivent Small Cap Stock ITIAA-CREF Lifestyle Conservative RetireTouchstone Ultra Short Dur F/I A
Touchstone Ultra Short Dur F/I CTouchstone Ultra Short Dur F/I InstlTouchstone Ultra Short Dur F/I ZTouchstone Sands Cptl Emerg Mkts Gr Inst
Tocqueville SelectTouchstone Sands Cptl Emerg Mkts Gr YTouchstone Small Cap Core ATouchstone Small Cap Core C
Touchstone Small Cap Core InstTouchstone Small Cap Core YTimothy Plan Strategic Growth ATimothy Plan Strategic Growth C
TIAA-CREF Lifestyle Growth InstitutionalTIAA-CREF Lifestyle Growth RetailTIAA-CREF Lifestyle Growth PremierTIAA-CREF Lifestyle Growth Retirement
Transamerica Strategic High Income IThornburg Strategic Income AThornburg Strategic Income CThornburg Strategic Income I
TIAA-CREF Lifestyle Income RetailTIAA-CREF Lifestyle Moderate InstlTIAA-CREF Lifestyle Income PremierThornburg Strategic Income R3
TIAA-CREF Lifestyle Income InstitutionalTransamerica Small Cap Value ATransamerica Small Cap Value CTransamerica Small Cap Value I
Touchstone Moderate Growth Allc ATouchstone Moderate Growth Allc CTouchstone Moderate Gr Allc InstlTIAA-CREF Lifestyle Moderate Retail
TIAA-CREF Lifestyle Moderate PremierTIAA-CREF Lifestyle Moderate RetirementTransamerica Small/Mid Cap Value I2Touchstone Moderate Growth Allc Y
Touchstone Sands Capital Select Growth ATouchstone Sands Capital Select Growth CTouchstone Small Cap Value Opp ATouchstone Small Cap Value Opp C
Touchstone Small Cap Value Opp InstlTouchstone Small Cap Value Opp YTurner Titan II InvestorTurner Titan II Institutional
Thornburg Strategic Income R4TIAA-CREF Small-Cap Equity PremierThornburg Strategic Income R5Thornburg Strategic Municipal Income A
Thornburg Strategic Municipal Income CThornburg Strategic Municipal Income ITransamerica Short-Term Bond ITIAA-CREF Short-Term Bond Premier
Timothy Plan Small Cap Value CTransamerica Small/Mid Cap Value ITS&W Equity InstitutionalTransamerica International Equity I
Touchstone Ultra Short Dur F/I YTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2045 InstlTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2045 PremierTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2045 Retirement
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2055 InstlTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2055 PremierTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2055 RetireTeton Valley I
Templeton Global Total Return CTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2055 InstlTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2055 RetireTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2055 Premier
Templeton Global Total Return AdvToews Unconstrained IncomeTransamerica Unconstrained Bond ITransparent Value Large-Cap Aggressive A
Thornburg Value ATouchstone Conservative Allocation InstlTransparent Value Large-Cap Core ATransparent Value Large-Cap Core C
Thornburg Value BTransparent Value Large-Cap Core ITransparent Value Large-Cap Aggressive CThornburg Value C
Transparent Value Large-Cap Defensive ATransparent Value Large-Cap Defensive CTransparent Value Dividend ATransparent Value Dividend C
Transparent Value Dividend F1Transparent Value Dividend ITransparent Value Large-Cap Aggressive FTransparent Value Large-Cap Core F1
Transparent Value Large-Cap Defensive F1Transparent Value Large-Cap Market F1Transparent Value Directional Allc F1Third Avenue Value Investor
Transparent Value Large-Cap Growth ATransparent Value Large-Cap Growth CTransparent Value Large-Cap Growth F1Transparent Value Large-Cap Growth I
Transparent Value Large-Cap Aggressive ITransparent Value Large-Cap Defensive IThornburg Value ITIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2060 Instl
Transparent Value Large-Cap Market ITIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2060 PremierThornburg Value R4TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2060 Retire
Third Avenue International Value InvTouchstone Value ATouchstone Value CTouchstone Value Institutional
Touchstone Value YTransparent Value Large-Cap Market ATransparent Value Large-Cap Market CTouchstone Small Cap Value A
Touchstone Small Cap Value CTouchstone Small Cap Value InstitutionalTouchstone Small Cap Value YTransparent Value Directnl Allc VI I
Transparent Value Directnl Allc VI IITransparent Value Directnl Allc VI IIITransparent Value Directional Allc ATransparent Value Directional Allc C
Thornburg Value R3Transparent Value Directional Allc IThornburg Value R5Third Avenue Real Estate Value Investor
Transparent Value Small-Cap ATransparent Value Small-Cap CTransparent Value Small-Cap F-1Transparent Value Small-Cap I
Third Avenue Small Cap Value InvestorTransparent Value Large-Cap Value ATransparent Value Large-Cap Value CTransparent Value Large-Cap Value F1
Transparent Value Large-Cap Value IThrivent Partner Worldwide Allocation AThrivent Partner Worldwide Allocation IThomas White American Opportunities Inv
Templeton World AdvTweedy, Browne ValueThomas White Emerging Markets InvestorThomas White Emerging Markets A
Thomas White Emerging Markets CThomas White Emerging Markets ITransamerica US Growth TTwo Oaks Diversified Growth & Income A
Two Oaks Diversified Growth & Income CTransamerica Large Cap Value ATransamerica Large Cap Value CTransamerica Large Cap Value I
Transamerica Large Cap Value I2TransWestern Instl Shrt Dur Govt BdThomas White International AThomas White International C
Thomas White International InvestorThomas White International ITempleton BRIC AdvTempleton Emerging Markets Bal Adv
Templeton Global Balanced AdvThe Wall StreetTETON Westwood Balanced ITETON Westwood Balanced C
TETON Westwood Intermediate Bond ATETON Westwood Balanced AAATETON Westwood Balanced ATETON Westwood Intermediate Bond C
TETON Westwood Equity ATETON Westwood Equity ITETON Westwood Income ATETON Westwood Intermediate Bond AAA
TETON Westwood Income CTETON Westwood Intermediate Bond ITETON Westwood Mighty Mites ITETON Westwood Mighty Mites AAA
TETON Westwood Equity CTETON Westwood SmallCap Equity AAATETON Westwood Income ITETON Westwood Income AAA
TETON Westwood Equity AAATETON Westwood Mid-Cap Equity ATETON Westwood Mid-Cap Equity CTETON Westwood Mid-Cap Equity AAA
TETON Westwood Mid-Cap Equity ITETON Westwood Mighty Mites ATETON Westwood Mighty Mites CTETON Westwood SmallCap Equity A
TETON Westwood SmallCap Equity CTETON Westwood SmallCap Equity I