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Mutual Fund starting with Letter j


JPMorgan Corporate Bond SelectJPMorgan Corporate Bond R6JPMorgan Corporate Bond AJPMorgan Corporate Bond C
JPMorgan Commodities Strategy CJPMorgan Sec Cptl US Cor Rl Estt Secs AJPMorgan Sec Cptl US Cor Rl Estt Secs CJPMorgan Sec Cptl US Cor Rl Estt Secs R5
JPMorgan Sec Cptl US Cor Rl Estt Secs R6JPMorgan Sec Cptl US Cor Rl Estt SecsSelJPMorgan Commodities Strategy AJPMorgan Commodities Strategy Select
JPMorgan Commodities Strategy R6JPMorgan Dynamic Growth AJPMorgan Dynamic Growth R5JPMorgan Dynamic Growth C
JHancock Financial Industries AJHancock Financial Industries BJHancock Financial Industries CJPMorgan Mid Cap Value Instl
JHancock Regional Bank AJHancock Regional Bank CJHancock Regional Bank BJPMorgan Global Allocation A
JPMorgan Global Allocation CJPMorgan Global Allocation R2JPMorgan Global Allocation SelJPMorgan Global Bond Opportunities A
JPMorgan Global Bond Opportunities CJPMorgan Global Bond Opportunities R6JPMorgan Global Bond Opportunities SelJHancock International Core A
James Balanced: Golden Rainbow RJames Balanced: Golden Rainbow InstlJHancock International Core BJHancock International Core C
JHancock International Core IJHancock International Core R1JHancock International Growth IJHancock International Growth A
JHancock International Growth 1JHancock International Growth BJHancock International Growth CJames Alpha Global Enh Real Ret A
James Alpha Global Enhanced Real Ret CJames Alpha Global Enh Real Ret IJPMorgan Equity Index SelectJPMorgan Government Bond Select
JPMorgan Mid Cap Growth SelJPMorgan Limited Duration Bd SelJPMorgan Equity Income SelectJPMorgan Core Plus Bond Select
JPMorgan Short Duration Bond SelectJPMorgan OH Municipal Bond SelectJPMorgan Large Cap Value SelectJPMorgan Municipal Income Select
JPMorgan International Uncons Eq AJPMorgan International Uncons Eq CJPMorgan International Uncons Eq R5JPMorgan International Uncons Eq R6
JPMorgan International Uncons Eq R2JPMorgan International Uncons Eq SelectJHancock Alternative Asset Allc AJHancock Alternative Asset Allc C
Janus Aspen Enterprise InstlJHancock Alternative Asset Allc IJames Alpha Mlt Strat Alt Inc AJHancock Alternative Asset Allc R2
JHancock Alternative Asset Allc R6JHancock Alternative Asset Allc R4Janus Balanced TJanus Balanced C
Janus Aspen Balanced InstlJanus Balanced NJanus Balanced SJanus Aspen Forty Instl
Janus Forty CJames Alpha Mlt Strat Alt Inc CJanus Contrarian DJPMorgan Asia Pacific C
James Alpha Global Real Estate Invsmts CJanus Forty TJanus Flexible Bond SJanus Growth & Income S
Janus Enterprise TJanus Flexible Bond TJanus Aspen Flexible Bond InstlJanus Adaptive Global Allocation A
Janus Global Technology CJanus Adaptive Global Allocation DJanus Growth & Income TJanus Global Life Sciences T
Janus Adaptive Global Allocation NJanus Aspen Janus InstlJanus Adaptive Global Allocation SJanus Global Technology T
Janus High-Yield TJanus International Equity AJanus Aspen Overseas InstlJames Alpha Mlt Strat Alt Inc I
Janus International Equity TJHancock Lifestyle Aggressive AJHancock Lifestyle Balanced AJHancock Lifestyle Growth A
JHancock Lifestyle Moderate AJPMorgan Systematic Alpha R6JHancock Lifestyle Conservative AJamestown Balanced
JPMorgan Mid Cap Value AJames Mid CapJamestown EquityJacob Internet Inv
James Alpha Yorkville MLP AJanus Research TJanus Aspen Perkins Mid Cap Value InstlJanus Balanced D
Janus DJanus Enterprise DJanus Flexible Bond DJanus Triton D
Janus Global Select DJanus TJanus Venture DJanus Worldwide D
Janus Overseas TJPMorgan Asia Pacific AJanus Aspen Preservation - Growth InstlJanus Asia Equity A
Janus Asia Equity CJanus Asia Equity DJanus Asia Equity IJanus Asia Equity S
Janus Asia Equity TJames Alpha Global Real Estate Invsmts AJames Alpha Global Real Estate Invsmts IJHancock Absolute Return Currency R4
Janus Forty SJanus Short-Term Bond TJames Small CapJHancock New Opportunities A
JPMorgan Asia Pacific SelectJanus Global Technology AJanus Global Technology IJanus Global Technology S
Janus Triton TJames Aggressive AllocationJanus Adaptive Global Allocation CJanus Twenty T
Janus Venture TJanus Aspen Global Research InstlJanus Global Research TJames Long-Short
JHancock Balanced R4JHancock Balanced R3Janus Balanced IJHancock Balanced R1
JHancock Balanced R2JHancock Balanced R5JHancock Balanced R6JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2025 R5
JHancock Bond R4JHancock Blue Chip Growth AJHancock Blue Chip Growth CJHancock Lifestyle Aggressive B
JHancock Lifestyle Balanced BJHancock Lifestyle Conservative BJHancock Lifestyle Growth BJHancock Lifestyle Moderate B
JHancock New Opportunities CJPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2020 R5JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2025 SelJacobs Broel Value
JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2025 R6Janus Global Allocation Cnsrv AJanus Global Allocation Cnsrv CJanus Global Allocation Cnsrv I
Janus Forty IJanus Global Allocation Cnsrv SJPMorgan CA Tax Free Bond AJPMorgan CA Tax Free Bond C
JPMorgan Core Plus Bond InstlJPMorgan Core Bond R5JPMorgan Core Bond R6JPMorgan Core Bond R2
JHancock Small Cap Core AJHancock Small Cap Core IJPMorgan Emerging Markets Corp Dbt R6JPMorgan China Region A
JPMorgan China Region CJPMorgan China Region R5JPMorgan China Region SelectJHancock Core High Yield R2
JPMorgan International Currency Inc AJPMorgan Intrepid Growth CJanus International Equity CJPMorgan International Currency Inc Sel
JHancock Lifestyle Aggressive CJHancock Lifestyle Balanced CJHancock Lifestyle Conservative CJHancock Lifestyle Growth C
JHancock Lifestyle Moderate CJPMorgan Mid Cap Equity AJPMorgan Mid Cap Value CJanus Contrarian A
Janus Contrarian CJanus Contrarian SJanus Contrarian RJPMorgan NY Tax Free Bond C
JHancock Greater China Opportunities AJHancock Greater China Opportunities BJHancock Greater China Opportunities CJHancock Greater China Opportunities I
Janus Contrarian IJPMorgan US Large Cap Core Plus R5JPMorgan Core Plus Bond R6JPMorgan Core Plus Bond R2
JHancock Small Company AJHancock Small Company ADVJHancock Small Company R4JHancock Small Company R3
JHancock Small Company IJHancock Small Company R1JHancock Small Company R2JHancock Small Company R5
JHancock Small Company R6JHancock High-Yield Municipal Bond CJHancock Absolute Return Currency AJHancock Absolute Return Currency C
JHancock Absolute Return Currency IJHancock Absolute Return Currency R6JHancock Classic Value BJHancock Classic Value C
JHancock Classic Value R4JHancock Classic Value R3JHancock Classic Value IJHancock Classic Value R1
JHancock Classic Value R2JHancock Classic Value R5JHancock Classic Value R6Janus Diversified Alternatives D
James Alpha Managed Risk Domestic Eq AJanus Diversified Alternatives IJanus Diversified Alternatives NJanus Diversified Alternatives S
Janus Diversified Alternatives TJanus Balanced AJanus Balanced RJanus Forty A
James Alpha Managed Risk Domestic Eq CJanus Forty RJanus Diversified Alternatives AJanus Diversified Alternatives C
JPMorgan Disciplined Equity AJPMorgan Disciplined Equity SelJPMorgan Disciplined Equity R6Janus Flexible Bond A
Janus Flexible Bond NJanus Flexible Bond RJanus AJanus N
Janus RJPMorgan Dynamic Growth SelectJanus High-Yield CJanus High-Yield S
Janus Overseas AJHancock Disciplined Value Intl AJHancock Disciplined Value Intl CJames Alpha Managed Risk Domestic Eq I
Janus Overseas NJanus Overseas RJHancock Disciplined Value Intl R2JHancock Disciplined Value Intl R4
JHancock Disciplined Value Intl R6JHancock Disciplined Value Intl NAVJanus Enterprise AJanus Enterprise N
Janus Enterprise RJanus Growth & Income AJanus Growth & Income RJPMorgan Dynamic Small Cap Growth Sel
JHancock Diversified Strategies IJHancock Diversified Strategies AJPMorgan Diversified AJPMorgan Diversified C
JHancock Disciplined Value R4JHancock Disciplined Value R3JHancock Disciplined Value Intl IJHancock Disciplined Value NAV
JHancock Disciplined Value R1JHancock Disciplined Value R2JPMorgan Diversified SelJHancock Disciplined Value R5
JHancock Disciplined Value R6Janus Worldwide AJanus Global Research RJames Alpha Mgd Risk Emerg Mkts Eq A
JPMorgan Emerging Mkts Lcl Ccy Dbt AJPMorgan Emerging Mkts Lcl Ccy Dbt CJames Alpha Mgd Risk Emerg Mkts Eq CJPMorgan Emerging Mkts Lcl Ccy Dbt R5
JPMorgan Emerging Mkts Lcl Ccy Dbt SelJPMorgan Emerging Mkts Lcl Ccy Dbt R6JPMorgan Emerging Mkts Lcl Ccy Dbt R2JPMorgan Emerging Markets Debt A
JPMorgan Emerging Markets Debt CJPMorgan Emerging Markets Corp Dbt SlctJPMorgan Emerging Economies AJHancock Enduring Equity A
JPMorgan Emerging Economies CJHancock Enduring Equity R6JHancock Enduring Equity CJHancock Enduring Equity I
JPMorgan Emerging Economies R5JPMorgan Emerging Economies SelectJPMorgan Emerging Markets Corp Dbt CJPMorgan International Equity Income A
JPMorgan International Equity Income CJames Alpha Mgd Risk Emerg Mkts Eq IJPMorgan International Equity Income R5JPMorgan International Equity Income Sel
JPMorgan Global Research Enh Idx SelectJPMorgan International Rsrch Enh Eq R2JPMorgan Emerging Markets Corp Dbt AJPMorgan Emerging Mkts Eq C
JPMorgan Emerging Markets Debt SelJPMorgan Emerging Markets Equity Inc AJPMorgan Emerging Markets Equity Inc CJHancock Emerging Markets Equity R6
JHancock Emerging Markets Debt R6JHancock Emerging Markets Equity R2JPMorgan Emerging Markets Equity Inc R6JHancock Emerging Markets Equity I
JHancock Emerging Markets Equity R4JPMorgan Emerging Markets Equity Inc R5JHancock Emerging Markets Equity AJPMorgan Emerging Markets Debt R5
JPMorgan Emerging Mkts Eq SelJPMorgan Emerging Markets Debt R6JPMorgan Emerging Mkts Eq R6JPMorgan Emerging Markets Equity Inc Sel
JHancock Emerging Markets Equity CJohnson Enhanced ReturnJensen Quality Growth IJensen Quality Growth R
Jensen Quality Growth JJPMorgan US Research Equity Plus AJPMorgan US Research Equity Plus CJHT Pacific Rim Trust Ser I
JPMorgan US Research Equity Plus R5JPMorgan US Research Equity Plus SelectJPMorgan US Research Equity Plus R2Johnson Equity Income
Janus Global Real Estate AJanus Global Real Estate CJanus Global Real Estate IJanus Global Real Estate S
Janus Global Real Estate TJHancock Emerging Markets AJHancock Emerging Markets CJHancock Emerging Markets I
JHancock Emerging Markets NAVJHancock Emerging Markets R6JHancock Fundamental All Cap Core R2JHancock Fundamental All Cap Core R6
JPMorgan Emerging Mkts Eq AJHancock Fundamental All Cap Core R4JHancock Fundamental All Cap Core AJHancock Fundamental All Cap Core C
JHancock Fundamental All Cap Core IJPMorgan International Val AJPMorgan Global Unconstrained Eq CJPMorgan Intrepid European Inst
JPMorgan Intrepid European SelJPMorgan Global Unconstrained Eq R5JPMorgan Global Unconstrained Eq R6Janus International Forty A
Janus International Forty CJanus International Forty IJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2055 R2Janus International Forty S
JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2055 R6JHancock Fundamental Global Fran AJHancock Fundamental Global Fran IJHancock Floating Rate Income A
JHancock Floating Rate Income BJanus Flexible Bond CJHancock Floating Rate Income CJHancock Floating Rate Income 1
JHancock Floating Rate Income IJohnson Fixed-IncomeJHancock Floating Rate Income R6JHT Floating Rate Income NAV
JHancock Fundamental Large Cap Core AJHancock Fundamental Large Cap Value R2Janus Flexible Bond IJHancock Fundamental Large Cap Core I
JHancock Fundamental Large Cap Value R4JHancock Fundamental Large Cap Value R6Janus Global Life Sciences AJanus Global Life Sciences C
Janus Global Life Sciences IJanus Global Life Sciences SJanus Forty NJPMorgan Intrepid International A
JPMorgan Intrepid International InstlJPMorgan Global Unconstrained Eq AJHancock Fundamental Large Cap Value AJHancock Fundamental Large Cap Value C
JHancock Fundamental Large Cap Value IJPMorgan Growth Advantage CJPMorgan Growth Advantage SelJanus Global Bond A
Janus Global Bond CJanus Global Bond DJanus Global Bond IJanus Global Bond S
JPMorgan Government Bond R2Janus Global Allocation Growth AJanus Global Allocation Growth CJPMorgan Income C
Janus Global Allocation Growth IJanus Global Allocation Growth SJHancock Global Equity CJHancock Global Equity I
JHancock Global Equity R6JHancock Global Equity R2JHancock Global Equity R4JPMorgan International Equity Income R2
Janus Preservation Series - Global CJanus Preservation Series - Global DJPMorgan Income AJanus Growth & Income C
Janus Growth & Income IJPMorgan Intrepid Growth R5Janus Global Bond NJanus Aspen Global Technology Instl
Janus Triton AJanus Triton CJanus Triton SJanus Triton N
Janus Triton RJPMorgan Global Natural Resources AJPMorgan Global Natural Resources CJPMorgan Global Natural Resources R5
JPMorgan Global Natural Resources SelectJPMorgan Global Natural Resources R2Janus CJanus S
JHancock Global Opportunities AJHancock Global Opportunities BJHancock Global Opportunities CJHancock Global Opportunities I
JHancock Global Opportunities R6JHancock Global Opportunities R2Janus Enterprise CJPMorgan Global Natural Resources R6
Janus IJHancock Global Shareholder Yield R6Janus Enterprise SJohnson Growth
Janus Preservation Series - Global AJanus Preservation Series - Global IJPMorgan Small Cap Growth R6JHancock Global Shareholder Yield Fd R2
Janus Preservation Series - Global SJanus Preservation Series - Global TJPMorgan Growth Advantage R5JPMorgan Growth Advantage R6
JHancock Global Shareholder Yield AJHancock Global Shareholder Yield BJHancock Global Shareholder Yield CJHancock Global Shareholder Yield I
JHancock Global Absolute Ret Strats AJHancock Global Absolute Ret Strats CJHancock Global Absolute Ret Strats IJHancock Global Absolute Ret Strats R2
JHancock Global Absolute Ret Strats R6JHancock Bond BJHancock Bond IJHancock Bond R6
Janus Global Bond TJHancock Bond CJHancock Absolute Return Currency R2JHancock Core High Yield R6
JHFunds2 Capital App NAVJHancock Short Duration Credit Opps R4JHancock Short Duration Credit Opps R2JHancock Emerging Markets Debt R2
JPMorgan Hedged Equity SelectJHancock Equity-Income CJHancock Income AJHancock Global Equity A
JHancock Government Income AJHancock Focused High Yield AJHancock International Growth R2JHancock Lifestyle Balanced 5
JHancock Lifestyle Growth 5JHancock Lifestyle Moderate 5JHancock Large Cap Equity CJHancock Emerging Markets Debt R4
JHancock Bond AJPMorgan Hedged Equity AJPMorgan Hedged Equity CJPMorgan Hedged Equity R5
JPMorgan Hedged Equity R6JHancock Global Cnsrv Abs Ret AJHancock Bond R2JHancock Retire Living through 2040 I
JHancock Retire Living through 2015 IJHancock Retire Living through 2030 IJHancock Global Cnsrv Abs Ret IJHancock Retire Living through 2010 I
JHancock Retire Living through 2035 IJHancock Retire Living through 2025 IJHancock Retire Living through 2045 IJHancock Retire Living through 2050 I
JHancock Retire Living through 2055 IJHancock Retire Living through 2020 IJHancock Strategic Growth R4JHancock Spectrum Income A
JHancock High-Yield Municipal Bond AJHFunds2 Total Return NAVJHancock US Equity AJHancock US Equity C
JHancock US Equity IJHancock US Equity 1JHFunds2 International Value NAVJanus High-Yield A
JHancock Focused High Yield CJanus High-Yield IJanus High-Yield NJanus High-Yield R
JPMorgan High Yield R6JPMorgan High Yield R2JPMorgan Intrepid America AJPMorgan Intrepid America C
JHFunds2 Active Bond 1JHancock Income Allocation AJHancock Income Allocation CJHancock Income Allocation I
JPMorgan Intrepid America R5JHancock Income Allocation R6JPMorgan Intrepid America R2JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend Inc R5
JHancock Blue Chip Growth 1Johnson Institutional Short Duration BdJohnson Institutional Intermediate BondJohnson Institutional Core Bond
JHancock Lifestyle II Balanced 1JHancock Lifestyle II Balanced R6JPMorgan Intrepid Advantage AJPMorgan Intrepid Advantage C
JHFunds2 Core Bond 1JHancock International Core R6JHancock International Core R4JHFunds2 All Cap Growth 1
JHancock International Core R3JHFunds2 Capital App 1JHancock International Core R5JHancock International Value Equity A
JPMorgan International Eq CJHancock International Value Equity IJPMorgan International Equity Income R6JHancock Equity-Income 1
JPMorgan International Equity R5JPMorgan International Val SelJHancock International Value Equity CJPMorgan International Eq R2
JPMorgan Intrepid International R6JPMorgan Intrepid Growth AJHancock Investment Grade Bond R2Janus Overseas C
JHFunds2 Global Bond 1JHancock Investment Grade Bond R6Janus Overseas IJHancock International Growth NAV
JHancock International Growth R4JHancock Investment Grade Bond R4Janus Overseas SJHancock International Growth R6
JPMorgan Intrepid Growth R2JHFunds2 High Yield 1JHFunds2 US High Yield Bd 1JPMorgan Intrepid International C
Janus International Equity IJHFunds2 Intl Small Cap 1JHancock Lifestyle II Aggressive R6JPMorgan Intrepid Advantage Sel
JPMorgan Intrepid International R2JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend Inc SelJHancock Lifestyle Aggressive 1JHancock Lifestyle Balanced 1
JHancock Lifestyle Conservative 1JHancock Lifestyle Growth 1JHancock Lifestyle Moderate 1JPMorgan US Dynamic Plus Sel
JPMorgan Inflation Managed Bond AJPMorgan Inflation Managed Bond CJPMorgan Shrt-Intrmdt Muncpl Bd InstlJPMorgan Inflation Managed Bond R6
JPMorgan Inflation Managed Bond R5JHFunds2 Mid Cap Stock 1JPMorgan Inflation Managed Bond R2JPMorgan Unconstrained Debt C
JHancock Natural Resources 1Johnson InternationalJPMorgan International Opps AJPMorgan International Opps C
JPMorgan International Opps R6JPMorgan International Opps SelJHancock Strategic Income Opps AJHancock Strategic Income Opps C
JHancock Strategic Income Opps IJHancock Strategic Income Opps R2JHancock Strategic Income Opps R6JHFunds2 Invest Quality Bond 1
JHFunds2 Real Estate Secs 1JHFunds2 Real Return Bond 1JHancock International Small Company AJHancock International Small Company C
JPMorgan Small Cap Growth InstJPMorgan Intrepid International SelectJHancock New Opportunities 1JHFunds2 Small Company Value 1
JPMorgan Unconstrained Debt R2JPMorgan Intermediate Tax Free Bond AJPMorgan Intermediate Tax Free Bond CJPMorgan Intermediate Tax Free Bd Instl
JHFunds2 Total Return 1JPMorgan International Val CJPMorgan Intrepid Value AJPMorgan Intrepid Value C
JHFunds2 International Value 1JPMorgan Intrepid Value R6JPMorgan Intrepid Value R5JHFunds2 Val & Restructuring 1
JHFunds2 Heritage 1JHancock International Value Equity R6JPMorgan Intrepid Value R2JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend Inc R6
JHancock Retire Living through 2010 AJHancock Retire Living through 2010 R1JHancock Retire Living through 2010 R2JHancock Retire Living through 2010 R3
JHancock Retire Living through 2010 R4JHancock Retire Living through 2010 R5JHancock Retire Living through 2010 R6JHancock Retire Living through 2010 1
JHancock Retire Living through 2015 AJHancock Retire Living through 2015 R1JHancock Retire Living through 2015 R3JHancock Retire Living through 2015 R4
JHancock Retire Living through 2015 R5JHancock Retire Living through 2015 R6JHancock Retire Living through 2015 R2JHancock Retire Living through 2015 1
JPMorgan US Large Cap Core Plus AJHancock Large Cap Equity R4JHancock Lifestyle II Conservative 1JHancock Large Cap Equity R3
JHancock Large Cap Equity R1JHancock Lifestyle II Conservative R6JHancock Large Cap Equity R5JHancock Large Cap Equity R6
JHancock Large Cap Equity R2JHancock Retire Living through 2020 AJHancock Retire Living through 2020 R1JHancock Retire Living through 2020 R2
JHancock Retire Living through 2020 R3JHancock Retire Living through 2020 R4JHancock Retire Living through 2020 R5JHancock Retire Living through 2020 R6
JHancock Retire Living through 2020 1JHancock Retire Living through 2025 AJHancock Retire Living through 2025 R1JHancock Retire Living through 2025 R2
JHancock Retire Living through 2025 R3JHancock Retire Living through 2025 R4JHancock Retire Living through 2025 R5JHancock Retire Living through 2025 R6
JHancock Retire Living through 2025 1JHancock Retire Living through 2030 AJHancock Retire Living through 2030 R1JHancock Retire Living through 2030 R2
JHancock Retire Living through 2030 R3JHancock Retire Living through 2030 R4JHancock Retire Living through 2030 R5JHancock Retire Living through 2030 R6
JHancock Retire Living through 2030 1JAG Large Cap Growth AJAG Large Cap Growth CJAG Large Cap Growth I
JPMorgan Large Cap Growth R6JHancock Lifestyle II Growth 1JPMorgan Large Cap Growth R5JHancock Lifestyle II Growth R6
JPMorgan Large Cap Growth R2JHancock Retire Living through 2035 AJHancock Retire Living through 2035 R1JHancock Retire Living through 2035 R2
JHancock Retire Living through 2035 R3JHancock Retire Living through 2035 R4JHancock Retire Living through 2035 R5JHancock Retire Living through 2035 R6
JHancock Retire Living through 2035 1JHancock Retire Living through 2040 AJHancock Retire Living through 2040 R1JHancock Retire Living through 2040 R2
JHancock Retire Living through 2040 R3JHancock Retire Living through 2040 R4JHancock Retire Living through 2040 R5JHancock Retire Living through 2040 R6
JHancock Retire Living through 2040 1JHancock Retire Living through 2045 AJHancock Retire Living through 2045 R1JHancock Retire Living through 2045 R2
JHancock Retire Living through 2045 R3JHancock Retire Living through 2045 R4JHancock Retire Living through 2045 R5JHancock Retire Living through 2045 R6
JHancock Retire Living through 2045 1JHancock Retire Living through 2050 AJHancock Retire Living through 2050 R1JHancock Retire Living through 2050 R2
JHancock Retire Living through 2050 R3JHancock Retire Living through 2050 R4JHancock Retire Living through 2050 R5JHancock Retire Living through 2055 A
JHancock Retire Living through 2055 R1JHancock Retire Living through 2055 R2JHancock Retire Living through 2050 1JHancock Retire Living through 2055 R3
JHancock Retire Living through 2055 R4JHancock Retire Living through 2050 R6JHancock Retire Living through 2055 R5JHancock Retire Living through 2055 R6
JHancock Retire Living through 2055 1JHancock Retire Living thru II 2055 R2JHancock Retire Living thru II 2055 R4JHancock Retire Living thru II 2055 R6
JHancock Retire Living thru II 2055 1JHancock Lifestyle II Moderate 1JHancock Lifestyle II Moderate R6JPMorgan US Large Cap Core Plus C
JPMorgan US Large Cap Core Plus SelectJPMorgan US Large Cap Core Plus R2JPMorgan Research Equity Long/Short AJPMorgan Research Equity Long/Short C
JPMorgan Research Equity Long/Short R5JPMorgan Research Equity Long/Short SelJPMorgan Latin America AJPMorgan Latin America C
JPMorgan Latin America SelectJHancock Large Cap Equity IJPMorgan Large Cap Value R6JPMorgan Large Cap Value R5
JPMorgan Large Cap Value R2Janus Aspen Global Allocation Mod InstlJHancock Short Duration Credit Opps AJHancock Short Duration Credit Opps C
JHancock Short Duration Credit Opps IJPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2045 R5JPMorgan Mortgage-Backed Securities R6JPMorgan Mid Cap Equity C
JPMorgan Mid Cap Equity R2Jacob Micro Cap Growth InvestorJPMorgan Multi-Manager Alternatives CJames Micro Cap
JPMorgan Mid Cap Equity R5JPMorgan Global Unconstrained Eq SelectJPMorgan Market Expansion Enh Idx R2Janus Emerging Markets A
Janus Emerging Markets CJanus Emerging Markets DJanus Emerging Markets IJanus Emerging Markets S
Janus Emerging Markets TJPMorgan Mid Cap Growth R5JPMorgan Managed Income InstitutionalJPMorgan Mid Cap Growth R6
Janus Enterprise IJPMorgan Managed Income SelectJPMorgan Mid Cap Growth R2JPMorgan Emerging Mkts Eq Instl
Jacob Micro Cap Growth InstitutionalJHancock Emerging Markets Debt AJHancock Emerging Markets Debt CJHancock Emerging Markets Debt I
James Alpha Yorkville MLP IJPMorgan Multi-Manager Alternatives AJPMorgan Multi-Manager Alternatives R5JPMorgan Multi-Manager Alternatives Sel
JPMorgan Multi-Manager Alternatives R6JPMorgan Research Market Neutral AJPMorgan Research Market Neutral CJPMorgan Research Market Neutral Select
Janus Global Allocation Moderate AJanus Global Allocation Moderate CJanus Global Allocation Moderate IJanus Global Allocation Moderate S
Janus Global Allocation Cnsrv DJPMorgan Income R6JPMorgan Income SelectJPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2045 Sel
JPMorgan Total Return AJPMorgan Total Return CJPMorgan Total Return R6Janus Multi-Sector Income N
JPMorgan Total Return R5JPMorgan Total Return SelectJPMorgan Total Return R2Janus Multi-Sector Income A
Janus Multi-Sector Income CJanus Multi-Sector Income DJPMorgan US Equity InstlJanus Multi-Sector Income I
Johnson Municipal IncomeJanus Multi-Sector Income SJanus Multi-Sector Income TJPMorgan Mid Cap Value Sel
JPMorgan Mid Cap Value R2JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2045 R6JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2050 R5JPMorgan Income Builder A
JPMorgan Income Builder CJPMorgan Income Builder SelectJPMorgan International Currency Inc CJPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2050 Sel
JPMorgan International Equity R6Janus Growth & Income DJanus Global Life Sciences DJanus Global Real Estate D
Janus Global Technology DJanus High-Yield DJanus International Equity NJanus International Equity D
Janus Overseas DJHancock Natural Resources AJanus Research DJHancock Natural Resources I
JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2025 AJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2025 CJanus Global Allocation Growth DJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2025 Instl
Janus Global Allocation Moderate DJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2025 SelectJanus Short-Term Bond DJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2025 R6
JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2025 R2Janus Twenty DJPMorgan International Val InstlJensen Quality Value I
JPMorgan International Val R6Jensen Quality Value JJPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2050 R6JPMorgan NY Tax Free Bd Instl
JOHCM Asia Ex-Japan Equity IIJOHCM Asia Ex-Japan Equity IJOHCM Asia Ex-Japan Equity InstitutionalJPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2040 R5
JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2040 SelJPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2040 R6JOHCM US Small Mid Cap Equity IJOHCM US Small Mid Cap Equity Instl
JOHCM Emerging Markets Opps IIJPMorgan Opportunistic Equity L/S CJOHCM Emerging Markets Opps IJPMorgan Opportunistic Equity L/S A
JOHCM Emerging Markets Opps InstlJPMorgan Opportunistic Equity L/S R5JPMorgan Opportunistic Equity L/S SelectJPMorgan Opportunistic Equity L/S R6
JPMorgan Opportunistic Equity L/S R2JOHCM Global Equity IJOHCM Global Equity InstlJOHCM International Select II
JOHCM International Select IJOHCM International Small Cap Eq IJPMorgan OH Municipal Bond CJOHCM Emerging Mkts Sm Mid Cp Eq I
JOHCM Emerging Mkts Sm Mid Cp Eq InstlJohnson OpportunityJanus Global Select AJanus Global Select C
Janus Global Select IJanus Global Select SJanus Global Select TJanus Global Select R
JOHCM International Small Cap Eq IIJOHCM International Small Cap Eq InstlJPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2035 R5JPMorgan CA Tax Free Bond Sel
JPMorgan Tax Aware Equity InstlJPMorgan Diversified InstlJPMorgan Tax Aware Equity AJPMorgan Tax Aware Equity C
JPMorgan Tax Aware Equity SelectJPMorgan Equity Focus AJPMorgan Equity Focus CJPMorgan Equity Focus Select
Janus Preservation Series - Growth AJanus Preservation Series - Growth DJanus Preservation Series - Growth IJPMorgan Intrepid Growth Sel
Janus Preservation Series - Growth TJPMorgan Floating Rate Income AJPMorgan Floating Rate Income CJPMorgan Floating Rate Income R6
JPMorgan Floating Rate Income SelectJPMorgan Intrepid America SelJPMorgan CA Tax Free Bond InstlJPMorgan Disciplined Equity Instl
JPMorgan International Opps InstlJPMorgan Intrepid Value SelectJHancock Lifestyle Aggressive R1JHancock Lifestyle Balanced R1
JHancock Lifestyle Conservative R1JHancock Lifestyle Growth R1JHancock Lifestyle Moderate R1JPMorgan Research Market Neutral Instl
JPMorgan Mid Cap Equity R6JPMorgan US Dynamic Plus AJPMorgan US Dynamic Plus CJPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2035 Sel
JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2055 SelJanus Preservation Series - Growth CJanus Preservation Series - Growth SJPMorgan International Val R2
JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2035 R6JHancock Lifestyle Aggressive R2JHancock Lifestyle Balanced R2JHancock Lifestyle Conservative R2
JHancock Lifestyle Growth R2JHancock Lifestyle Moderate R2Janus Research AJanus Research C
Janus Research IJanus Research NJanus Research SJPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2030 R5
JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2030 SelJPMorgan Inflation Managed Bond SelectJPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2030 R6JHancock Retirement Choices at 2025 1
JHancock Retirement Choices at 2025 R4JHancock Retirement Choices at 2025 R1JHancock Retirement Choices at 2025 R2JHancock Retirement Choices at 2025 R6
JHancock Retirement Choices at 2015 R2JHancock Retirement Choices at 2015 1JHancock Retirement Choices at 2015 R4JHancock Retirement Choices at 2015 R1
JPMorgan Diversified Real Return R2JHancock Retirement Choices at 2015 R6JHancock Select Growth TJHancock Retirement Choices at 2030 1
JHancock Retirement Choices at 2030 R4JHancock Retirement Choices at 2030 R1JHancock Retirement Choices at 2030 R2JHancock Retirement Choices at 2030 R6
Janus International Equity RJHancock Retirement Choices at 2050 R2JHancock Retirement Choices at 2050 1JHancock Retirement Choices at 2050 R4
JHancock Retirement Choices at 2050 R1JPMorgan Realty Income R5JHancock Retirement Choices at 2050 R6JHancock Retirement Choices at 2055 R1
JHancock Retirement Choices at 2055 R2JHancock Retirement Choices at 2055 R4JHancock Retirement Choices at 2055 R6JHancock Retirement Choices at 2055 1
JHancock Lifestyle Aggressive R3JHancock Lifestyle Balanced R3JHancock Lifestyle Conservative R3JHancock Retire Living thru II 2010 1
JHancock Retire Living thru II 2010 R2JHancock Retire Living thru II 2010 R4JHancock Lifestyle Growth R3JHancock Retire Living thru II 2010 R6
JHancock Retire Living thru II 2015 1JHancock Retire Living thru II 2015 R2JHancock Retire Living thru II 2015 R4JHancock Retire Living thru II 2015 R6
JHancock Lifestyle Moderate R3JHancock Retire Living thru II 2020 R2JHancock Retire Living thru II 2020 1JHancock Retire Living thru II 2020 R4
JHancock Retire Living thru II 2045 1JPMorgan Diversified Real Return R5Johnson RealtyJHancock Retire Living thru II 2045 R4
JHancock Retire Living thru II 2045 R6JHancock Retire Living thru II 2050 1JHancock Retire Living thru II 2050 R2JHancock Retire Living thru II 2050 R6
JPMorgan Diversified Real Return AJPMorgan Diversified Real Return CJPMorgan Diversified Real Return SelJHancock Retirement Choices at 2040 1
JHancock Retirement Choices at 2040 R4JHancock Retirement Choices at 2040 R1JHancock Retirement Choices at 2040 R2JHancock Retirement Choices at 2040 R6
JHancock New Opportunities R1JHancock Retire Living thru II 2020 R6JHancock Retire Living thru II 2025 1JHancock Retire Living thru II 2025 R2
JHancock Retire Living thru II 2025 R4JHancock Retire Living thru II 2025 R6JHancock Retire Living thru II 2030 1JHancock Retire Living thru II 2030 R2
JHancock Retire Living thru II 2030 R4JHancock Retire Living thru II 2030 R6JHancock Retire Living thru II 2035 1JHancock Retire Living thru II 2035 R2
JHancock Retire Living thru II 2035 R4JHancock Retire Living thru II 2035 R6JHancock Retirement Choices at 2010 1JHancock Retirement Choices at 2010 R4
JHancock Retirement Choices at 2010 R1JHancock Retirement Choices at 2010 R2JHancock Retirement Choices at 2010 R6JHancock Retire Living thru II 2040 1
JHancock Retire Living thru II 2040 R2JHancock Retire Living thru II 2040 R4JHancock Retire Living thru II 2040 R6JHancock Retire Living thru II 2050 R4
JHancock Retirement Choices at 2045 1JHancock Retirement Choices at 2045 R4JHancock Retirement Choices at 2045 R1JHancock Retirement Choices at 2045 R2
JHancock Retirement Choices at 2045 R6JHancock Retirement Choices at 2020 1JHancock Retirement Choices at 2020 R4JHancock Retirement Choices at 2020 R1
JHancock Retirement Choices at 2020 R2JHancock Retirement Choices at 2020 R6JHancock Retirement Choices at 2035 1JHancock Retirement Choices at 2035 R4
JHancock Retirement Choices at 2035 R1JHancock Retirement Choices at 2035 R2JHancock Retirement Choices at 2035 R6JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2045 A
JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2045 CJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2045 InstlJPMorgan Systematic Alpha AJPMorgan SmartAllocation Equity R6
JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2045 SelectJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2045 R6JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2045 R2JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2015 Sel
JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2015 R5JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2015 R6JHancock Small Cap Value IJHancock Small Cap Value R6
Jacob Small Cap Growth InvestorJPMorgan US Small Company SelJPMorgan US Small Company R2JPMorgan Short Duration High Yield C
JHancock Short Duration Credit Opps R6JPMorgan Short Duration High Yield AJPMorgan Short Duration High Yield R6JPMorgan Short Duration High Yield Sel
JPMorgan Short Duration Bond R6JPMorgan International Eq AJPMorgan Small Cap Equity CJPMorgan Small Cap Equity R5
JPMorgan Small Cap Equity R2JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2015 AJHancock Seaport AJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2015 C
JHancock Seaport IJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2015 InstlJHancock Seaport R6JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2015 Select
JHancock Seaport CJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2015 R6JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2015 R2JHancock Strategic Growth A
JHancock Strategic Growth CJHancock Strategic Growth IJHancock Strategic Growth R2JPMorgan Small Cap Growth R2
Janus Short-Term Bond AJanus Short-Term Bond CJanus Short-Term Bond IJanus Short-Term Bond N
Janus Short-Term Bond SJPMorgan Unconstrained Debt AJanus International Equity SJacob Small Cap Growth Institutional
JPMorgan SmartRetirement Income InstlJPMorgan Unconstrained Debt R6JPMorgan Unconstrained Debt R5JPMorgan Unconstrained Debt Select
JPMorgan SmartRetirement Income R6JPMorgan SmartRetirement Income R2JHancock Lifestyle Aggressive R4JHancock Lifestyle Balanced R4
JHancock Lifestyle Conservative R4JHancock Lifestyle Growth R4JHancock Lifestyle Moderate R4JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2030 A
JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2030 CJanus Triton IJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2030 InstlJPMorgan SmartAllocation Equity R2
JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2030 SelectJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2030 R6JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2030 R2JHancock Income R4
JHancock Income R3JHancock Income R2JHancock Income R5JHancock Income R6
JPMorgan Strategic Income Opps AJPMorgan Strategic Income Opps CJPMorgan Strategic Income Opps R5JPMorgan Strategic Income Opps Sel
Janus Global Allocation Cnsrv TJanus Global Allocation Growth TJanus Global Allocation Moderate TJPMorgan SmartRetirement Income A
JPMorgan SmartRetirement Income CJPMorgan SmartAllocation Equity R5JPMorgan SmartRetirement Income SelectJHancock New Opportunities R2
JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2020 SelJHancock Income CJHancock Income IJHancock Income R1
Janus Contrarian TJPMorgan Small Cap Value R5JPMorgan Small Cap Value R6JPMorgan Small Cap Value R2
JPMorgan Systematic Alpha CJPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2020 R6JPMorgan Tax Aware Income Opp AJPMorgan Tax Aware Income Opp C
JHancock Lifestyle Aggressive IJPMorgan Tax Aware Real Return SMAJPMorgan Tax Aware Income Opp SelJPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2055 R5
JHancock Lifestyle Balanced IJHancock Technical Opportunities AJHancock Technical Opportunities CJHancock Technical Opportunities I
Jamestown Tax-Exempt VAJPMorgan Tax Free Bond CJHancock Lifestyle Growth IJPMorgan Tax Aware High Income A
JPMorgan Tax Aware High Income CJPMorgan Tax Aware High Income SelectJHancock Lifestyle Aggressive R5JHancock Lifestyle Growth R5
JHancock Lifestyle Moderate R5JHancock Lifestyle Conservative R5JHancock Lifestyle Moderate IJHancock Lifestyle Conservative I
JHancock Redwood AJHancock Redwood CJHancock Redwood IJHancock Redwood R6
JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2050 AJHancock Lifestyle Balanced R5JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2050 CJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2050 Instl
JHancock New Opportunities R3JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2050 SelectJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2050 R6JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2050 R2
JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2020 AJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2020 CJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2020 InstlJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2020 Select
JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2020 R6JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2020 R2JPMorgan US Small Company AJPMorgan US Small Company C
JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend 2055 R6Janus Global Unconstrained Bond AJanus Aspen Global Unconstnd Bd InstlJanus Global Unconstrained Bond C
Janus Global Unconstrained Bond DJanus Global Unconstrained Bond IJanus Global Unconstrained Bond NJanus Global Unconstrained Bond R
Janus Global Unconstrained Bond SJanus Global Unconstrained Bond TJPMorgan US Equity AJPMorgan US Equity C
JPMorgan US Equity R6JPMorgan US Equity SelJPMorgan US Equity R2JHancock Lifestyle Aggressive R6
JHancock Lifestyle Balanced R6JHancock Lifestyle Conservative R6JHancock Lifestyle Growth R6JHancock Lifestyle Moderate R6
Janus Real Return AJanus Real Return CJanus Real Return DJanus Real Return I
Janus Real Return SJanus Real Return TJPMorgan US Small Company R6JHancock New Opportunities R4
JPMorgan US Equity R5JPMorgan US Small Company InstlJPMorgan Limited Duration Bd R6JPMorgan Value Advantage A
JPMorgan Value Advantage CJPMorgan Value Advantage InstlJPMorgan Value Advantage SelectJHancock Value Equity A
JHancock Value Equity CJHancock Value Equity IJHancock Value Equity R6Janus Adaptive Global Allocation I
Janus Adaptive Global Allocation TJHancock Disciplined Value AJHancock Disciplined Value BJHancock Disciplined Value C
JHancock Disciplined Value IJHancock Disciplined Value I2JHancock Disciplined Value Mid Cap AJHancock Disciplined Value Mid Cap C
JHancock Disciplined Value Mid Cap IJHancock Disciplined Value Mid Cap R6JHancock Disciplined Value Mid Cap R2JHancock Disciplined Value Mid Cap R4
JHancock Disciplined Value Mid Cap AdvJHancock New Opportunities R5Janus Venture AJanus Venture C
Janus Venture IJanus Venture NJanus Venture SJanus Worldwide S
Jacob WisdomJHancock New Opportunities R6Janus Worldwide CJanus Worldwide I
JHancock Global Income AJHancock Global Income IJHancock Focused High Yield IJPMorgan High Yield R5
JHancock Core High Yield AJHancock Core High Yield CJHancock Core High Yield IJames Alpha Yorkville MLP C
JPMorgan Mortgage Backed Securities CJPMorgan Core Plus Bond CJPMorgan Core Bond CJPMorgan Investor Conservative Growth C
JPMorgan Intrepid Mid Cap CJPMorgan International Rsrch Enh Eq AJPMorgan Equity Index CJPMorgan Investor Balanced C
JPMorgan Equity Index AJPMorgan Government Bond AJPMorgan Investor Growth CJPMorgan Small Cap Growth Select
JPMorgan High Yield CJPMorgan Investor Balanced AJPMorgan Short Duration Bond AJPMorgan Multi-Cap Market Neutral A
JPMorgan Multi-Cap Market Neutral CJPMorgan Multi-Cap Market Neutral SelJPMorgan Treasury & Agency SelectJPMorgan Limited Duration Bd C
JPMorgan Government Bond CJPMorgan High Yield AJPMorgan High Yield SelectJPMorgan Investor Balanced Select
JPMorgan Investor Conservative Growth AJPMorgan International Rsrch Enh Eq SelJPMorgan Equity Income R2JPMorgan Equity Income A
JPMorgan Equity Income R6JPMorgan Equity Income R5JPMorgan International Rsrch Enh Eq CJPMorgan Equity Income C
JPMorgan Large Cap Growth AJPMorgan Large Cap Growth CJPMorgan Large Cap Value AJPMorgan Large Cap Value C
JPMorgan Mortgage-Backed Securities AJPMorgan Mortgage-Backed Securities SelJPMorgan Market Expansion Enh Idx AJPMorgan Market Expansion Enh Idx C
JPMorgan Mid Cap Growth CJPMorgan Municipal Income CJPMorgan Investor Conservative Growth SJPMorgan Investor Growth & Income C
JPMorgan Investor Growth AJPMorgan Investor Growth & Income SelJPMorgan Investor Growth & Income AJPMorgan Core Plus Bond A
JPMorgan Investor Growth SelectJPMorgan OH Municipal Bond AJPMorgan Limited Duration Bond AJPMorgan Small Cap Growth C
JPMorgan Mid Cap Growth AJPMorgan Shrt-Interm Muni Bond AJPMorgan Short Duration Bond CJPMorgan Small Cap Value C
JPMorgan Treasury & Agency AJPMorgan Municipal Income AJPMorgan Intrepid Mid Cap AJPMorgan Core Bond A
JPMorgan Market Expansion Enh Idx SelectJPMorgan Small Cap Growth AJPMorgan Shrt-Interm Muni Bond SelJPMorgan Tax Free Bond A
JPMorgan Tax Free Bond SelectJPMorgan Small Cap Value AJPMorgan Small Cap Value SelectJHancock Classic Value A
JHancock Select Growth BJHancock Select Growth CJHancock Select Growth ADVJHancock Select Growth R4
JHancock Select Growth R3JHancock Select Growth AJHancock Select Growth R2JHancock Select Growth R6
JHancock Select Growth R5JHancock Select Growth R1JHancock Select Growth IJPMorgan Real Return A
JPMorgan Real Return CJPMorgan Real Return InstlJPMorgan Real Return SelJPMorgan SmartAllocation Equity A
JPMorgan SmartAllocation Equity CJPMorgan SmartAllocation Income AJPMorgan SmartAllocation Income CJPMorgan SmartAllocation Income R2
JPMorgan Large Cap Growth SelectJPMorgan SmartAllocation Income R5JPMorgan SmartAllocation Income SelectJPMorgan SmartAllocation Income R6
JPMorgan SmartAllocation Equity SelectJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2040 AJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2040 CJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2040 Instl
JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2040 SelectJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2040 R6JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2040 R2JHancock Small Cap Equity A
JHancock Small Cap Equity BJHancock Small Cap Equity CJHancock Small Cap Equity IJHancock Small Cap Equity R6
JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2035 AJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2035 CJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2035 InstlJPMorgan SmartRetirement 2035 Select
JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2035 R6JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2035 R2JPMorgan Systematic Alpha SelectJHancock Income B
JPMorgan Shrt-Interm Muni Bond CJHancock Balanced AJHancock Balanced BJHancock Balanced C
JHancock Balanced IJHancock CA Tax-Free Income AJHancock Large Cap Equity AJHancock Tax-Free Bond A
JHancock Investment Grade Bond AJHancock Tax-Free Bond CJHancock CA Tax-Free Income CJHancock Government Income C
JHancock Investment Grade Bond CJHancock Investment Grade Bond IJPMorgan Total Emerging Markets AJPMorgan Total Emerging Markets C
JPMorgan Total Emerging Markets R5JPMorgan Total Emerging Markets SelectJPMorgan Total Emerging Markets R2JPMorgan Total Emerging Markets R6
JHancock CA Tax-Free Income BJHancock Government Income BJHancock Large Cap Equity BJHancock High-Yield Municipal Bond B
JHancock Focused High Yield BJHancock Tax-Free Bond BJHancock Investment Grade Bond BJPMorgan Tax Aware Real Return A
JPMorgan Tax Aware Real Return CJPMorgan Tax Aware Real Return InstlJPMorgan Tax Aware Real Return R6JPMorgan Tax Aware Real Return Sel
JHancock US Global Leaders Growth R6JPMorgan Realty Income AJPMorgan Realty Income CJPMorgan Realty Income Instl
JHancock US Global Leaders Growth AJHancock US Global Leaders Growth BJHancock US Global Leaders Growth CJHancock US Global Leaders Growth I
JHancock US Global Leaders Growth R2JPMorgan NY Tax Free Bond AJPMorgan Intrepid European AJPMorgan Intrepid European C
JPMorgan Growth & Income CJPMorgan Growth & Income SelJPMorgan Growth & Income AJPMorgan Growth Advantage A
JPMorgan NY Tax Free Bd SelJPMorgan Dynamic Small Cap Growth CJPMorgan Dynamic Small Cap Growth AJPMorgan Small Cap Equity A
JPMorgan Small Cap Equity SelJPMorgan International Eq SJPMorgan Intermediate Tax Free Bond SelJPMorgan Mid Cap Equity Select
JPMorgan Small Cap Core SelectJPMorgan Core Bond SelectJPMorgan Intrepid Mid Cap SelectJHancock Global Cnsrv Abs Ret C