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Horizon Active Asset Allocation NHorizon Active Income NHatteras Alpha Hedged StrategiesHatteras Alpha Hedged Strategies Instl
Hatteras Alpha Hedged Strategies AHatteras Alpha Hedged Strategies CHorizon Active Risk Assist NHennessy Gas Utility Investor
HSBC World Selection Aggressive Strat AHarbor Target Retirement 2040 InvHartford Total Return Bond CHarbor Bond Institutional
Hartford Duration-Hedged Strat Inc AHartford Real Total Return R3Hartford Duration-Hedged Strat Inc CHartford Duration-Hedged Strat Inc I
Hartford Duration-Hedged Strat Inc YHartford Duration-Hedged Strat Inc R3Hartford Duration-Hedged Strat Inc R4Hartford Duration-Hedged Strat Inc R5
Hartford Real Total Return AHartford Real Total Return CHartford Real Total Return IHartford Real Total Return Y
Hartford Real Total Return R4Hartford Real Total Return R5Hartford Total Return Bond YHarbor Capital Appreciation Instl
Harbor Target Retirement 2045 InstlHSBC World Selection Cnsrv Strat AHarbor Commodity Real Return ST InstlHarbor Convertible Securities Instl
Hartford Balanced HLS IAHarbor Target Retirement 2045 AdminHarbor Target Retirement 2045 InvHarbor Emerging Markets Equity Instl
Hartford Multi-Asset Income AHartford Balanced CHarbor Target Retirement 2050 InstlHartford Multi-Asset Income I
Hartford Multi-Asset Income R3Hartford Multi-Asset Income R4Hartford Multi-Asset Income R5Hartford Multi-Asset Income Y
Harbor Target Retirement 2050 AdminHartford Growth Opportunities HLS IAHSBC World Selection Balanced Strat AHartford High Yield A
Hartford High Yield BHartford High Yield CHarbor Target Retirement 2050 InvHartford High Yield I
Hartford High Yield R3Hartford High Yield R4Hartford High Yield R5Hartford High Yield Y
Hartford Core Equity AHartford Balanced HLS IBHartford Multi-Asset Income CHarbor International Growth Instl
Harbor International InstitutionalHartford Core Equity R6HSBC Asia ex-Japan Smaller Coms Eq AHSBC Asia ex-Japan Smaller Coms Eq I
HSBC Asia ex-Japan Smaller Coms Eq SHartford Alternative Strategies YHartford MidCap BHancock Horizon MS Tax-Free Income C
Harbor Mid Cap Growth InstlHarbor Mid Cap Value InstlHartford International Opportunities YHartford Global Alpha A
Hartford Global Alpha CHartford Global Alpha IHartford Global Alpha R3Hartford Global Alpha R4
Hartford Global Alpha R5Hartford Global Alpha YHarbor Target Retirement Income InstlHarbor Target Retirement Income Admin
Harbor Target Retirement Income InvHarbor Target Retirement 2015 InstlHarbor Target Retirement 2015 AdminHarbor Target Retirement 2015 Inv
Harbor Target Retirement 2020 InstlHarbor Target Retirement 2020 AdminHarbor Target Retirement 2020 InvHarbor Target Retirement 2025 Instl
Harbor Target Retirement 2025 AdminHarbor Target Retirement 2025 InvHarbor Target Retirement 2030 InstlHarbor Target Retirement 2030 Admin
Harbor Real Return InstlHarbor Target Retirement 2030 InvHarbor Target Retirement 2035 InstlHarbor Target Retirement 2035 Admin
Harbor Target Retirement 2035 InvHarbor Target Retirement 2040 InstlHarbor Target Retirement 2040 AdminHarbor Small Cap Value Instl
Harbor Small Cap Growth InstlHarbor Small Cap Growth Opps InstlHarbor Target Retirement 2055 AdminHarbor Target Retirement 2055 Instl
Harbor Target Retirement 2055 InvestorHarbor Unconstrained Bond InstlHartford US Government Secs HLS IAHaverford Quality Growth Stock
Harbor Large Cap Value InstlHartford Moderate Allocation AHartford Moderate Allocation BHartford Moderate Allocation C
Huntington Balanced Allocation AHSBC World Selection Aggressive Strat BHartford Moderate Allocation IHartford Moderate Allocation R3
Hartford Moderate Allocation R4Hartford Moderate Allocation R5HSBC World Selection Cnsrv Strat BHennessy Balanced Investor
Hartford Healthcare HLS IBHartford Disciplined Equity HLS IBHartford Global Growth HLS IBHartford Growth Opportunities HLS IB
Hartford High Yield HLS IBHSBC Global High Income Bond RetailHSBC Global High Income Bond IHartford International Opp HLS IB
Hartford Balanced Income AHartford Balanced Income BHartford Balanced Income CHartford Balanced Income I
Hartford Balanced Income R3Hartford Balanced Income R4Hartford Balanced Income R5Hartford Balanced Income R6
Hartford Balanced Income YHSBC Emerging Markets Local Debt AHartford MidCap HLS IBHSBC Emerging Markets Local Debt I
Hartford MidCap Value HLS IBHartford Total Return Bond HLS IBHartford SmallCap Growth HLS IBHartford US Government Secs HLS IB
Hartford Value HLS IBHSBC Global High Yield Bond AHSBC Global High Yield Bond InstHartford Capital Appreciation C
HSBC World Selection Aggressive Strat CHarbor Capital Appreciation InvHartford Capital Appreciation YHennessy Core Bond Investor
Hennessy Core Bond InstitutionalHSBC World Selection Cnsrv Strat CHC ESG Growth HC StrategicHSBC Emerging Markets Debt A
HSBC Emerging Markets Debt IHartford Growth Opportunities HLS ICHSBC World Selection Balanced Strat CHartford Checks and Balances A
Hartford Checks and Balances BHartford Checks and Balances CHartford Checks and Balances IHartford Checks and Balances R3
Hartford Checks and Balances R4Hartford Checks and Balances R5Hillman Focused AdvantageHCM Tactical Growth C
HCM Tactical Growth AHCM Tactical Growth IHCM Dividend Sector Plus AHCM Dividend Sector Plus Investor
HCM Dividend Sector Plus IHarbor Commodity Real Return ST AdminHCM Tactical Growth RHCM Dividend Sector Plus A1
HCM Dividend Sector Plus RHighland Global Allocation AHighland Global Allocation CHighland Global Allocation R
Highland Global Allocation YHC Inflation Protected Secs HC StratHartford Capital Appreciation HLS ICHC ESG Growth HC Advisors
Hartford Global Capital Appreciation AHartford Global Capital Appreciation BHartford Global Capital Appreciation IHartford Global Capital Appreciation R3
Hartford Global Capital Appreciation R4Hartford Global Capital Appreciation R5Hartford Global Capital Appreciation YHartford Conservative Allocation A
Hartford Conservative Allocation BHartford Conservative Allocation CHartford Conservative Allocation IHartford Conservative Allocation R3
Hartford Conservative Allocation R4Hartford Conservative Allocation R5Hancock Horizon Dynamic Asset Allc AHancock Horizon Dynamic Asset Allc C
Hancock Horizon Dynamic Asset Allc InstlHenderson Dividend & Income Builder AHuntington Dividend Capture AHuntington Dividend Capture C
Huntington Dividend Capture InstlHenderson Dividend & Income Builder CHighland Dividend Equity AHighland Dividend Equity C
Highland Dividend Equity YHartford Dividend and Growth HLS IBHartford Dividend and Growth CHartford Dividend and Growth I
Hartford Dividend and Growth R3Hartford Dividend and Growth R4Hartford Dividend and Growth R5Hartford Dividend and Growth R6
Hartford Dividend and Growth YHenderson Dividend & Income Builder IHartford Small Company HLS IBHatteras Disciplined Opportunity A
Hennessy Total Return InvestorHatteras Disciplined Opportunity InstlHodges Blue Chip 25 RetailHodges Pure Contrarian Retail
Hodges Equity Income RetailHodges InstitutionalHodges RetailHodges Small Cap Retail
Hodges Small Cap InstitutionalHodges Small-Mid Cap RetailHodges Small Intrinsic Value RetailHartford International Capital Apprec A
Hartford International Capital Apprec BHartford International Capital Apprec CHartford International Capital Apprec IHartford International Capital Apprec R3
Hartford International Capital Apprec R4Hartford International Capital Apprec R5Hartford International Capital Apprec YHighland Energy MLP A
Highland Energy MLP CHighland Energy MLP RHighland Energy MLP YHennessy Equity and Income Investor
Hennessy Equity and Income InstitutionalHenderson Emerging Markets AHenderson Emerging Markets CHenderson Emerging Markets I
Highland Long/Short Equity AHighland Long/Short Equity CHighland Long/Short Equity ZHenssler Equity Institutional
Henssler Equity InvestorHartford Emerging Markets Equity AHartford Emerging Markets Equity CHartford Emerging Markets Equity I
Hartford Emerging Markets Equity R3Hartford Emerging Markets Equity R4Hartford Emerging Markets Equity R5Hartford Emerging Markets Equity Y
Henderson Strategic Income AHenderson Strategic Income BHenderson Strategic Income CHenderson Strategic Income I
Highland Fixed Income AHighland Fixed Income CHighland Fixed Income RHighland Fixed Income Y
Hartford Global Capital Appreciation CHennessy Cornerstone Growth InvestorHennessy Focus InstitutionalHennessy Focus Investor
Hennessy Cornerstone Value InvestorHenderson European Focus AHenderson European Focus BHenderson European Focus C
Henderson European Focus IHenderson Global Technology AHenderson Global Technology BHenderson Global Technology C
Henderson Global Technology IHartford Floating Rate High Inc AHartford Floating Rate High Inc CHartford Floating Rate High Inc I
Hartford Floating Rate High Inc R3Hartford Floating Rate High Inc R4Hartford Floating Rate High Inc R5Hartford Floating Rate High Inc Y
Hatteras Long / Short Debt AHatteras Long/Short Debt CHatteras Long / Short Debt InstitutionalHartford Floating Rate A
Hartford Floating Rate BHartford Floating Rate CHennessy Cornerstone Large Growth InvHartford Floating Rate I
Hartford Floating Rate R3Hartford Floating Rate R4Hartford Floating Rate R5Hartford Floating Rate Y
Hartford MidCap AHennessy Cornerstone Mid Cap 30 InvHartford MidCap IHartford MidCap R3
Hartford MidCap R4Hartford MidCap R5Hartford MidCap R6Henderson Intl Opportunities A
Henderson Intl Opportunities BHenderson Intl Opportunities CHenderson Intl Opportunities IHenderson Intl Opportunities R
Henderson Global Equity Income AHenderson Global Equity Income CHenderson Global Equity Income IHighland Floating Rate Opportunities A
Highland Floating Rate Opportunities CHighland Floating Rate Opportunities ZHundredfold Select Alternative InvHartford Global Advisers HLS IA
Henderson All Asset CHenderson All Asset IHarbor Global Growth InstlHarbor Global Growth Inv
Hartford Healthcare AHartford Healthcare BHartford Healthcare CHartford Healthcare I
Hartford Healthcare R3Hartford Healthcare R4Hartford Healthcare R5Hartford Healthcare Y
Hartford Core Equity BHartford Core Equity CHartford Core Equity IHartford Core Equity R3
Hartford Core Equity R4Hartford Core Equity R5Hartford Core Equity YHartford Growth Opportunities A
Hartford Growth Opportunities BHartford Growth Opportunities CHartford Growth Opportunities IHartford Growth Opportunities R3
Hartford Growth Opportunities R4Hartford Growth Opportunities R5Hartford Growth Opportunities R6Hartford Growth Opportunities Y
Henderson US Growth Opportunities AHuntington Global Select Markets AHuntington Global Select Markets InstlHancock Horizon Core Bond A
Hancock Horizon Core Bond CHancock Horizon Core Bond InstlHancock Horizon Burkenroad Small Cap AHighland Long/Short Healthcare A
Highland Long/Short Healthcare CHighland Long/Short Healthcare ZHancock Horizon Diversified Intl AHancock Horizon Diversified Intl C
Hamlin High Dividend Equity InstlHancock Horizon Diversified Intl InstlHamlin High Dividend Equity InvHancock Horizon Value A
Hancock Horizon Value CHancock Horizon Value InstlHancock Horizon Diversified Income AHancock Horizon Diversified Income C
Hancock Horizon Diversified Income InsHancock Horizon LA Tax-Free Income AHancock Horizon LA Tax-Free Income CHancock Horizon LA Tax-Free Income Instl
Hartford Municipal Opportunities AHartford Municipal Opportunities BHartford Municipal Opportunities CHartford Municipal Opportunities I
Hancock Horizon MS Tax-Free Income InstlHancock Horizon Quant Long/Short AHancock Horizon Quant Long/Short CHancock Horizon Quant Long/Short Instl
Hancock Horizon Growth AHancock Horizon Growth CHancock Horizon Growth InstlHancock Horizon US Small Cap C
Hatteras Alternative Multi-Manager InstlHartford Total Return Bond HLS IAHartford Capital Appreciation HLS IAHartford Dividend and Growth HLS IA
Hartford Disciplined Equity HLS IAHartford Healthcare HLS IAHartford Global Growth HLS IAHartford International Opp HLS IA
Hartford Small Company HLS IAHartford Value HLS IAHartford High Yield HLS IAHartford Capital Appreciation HLS IB
Hartford Stock HLS IBHansberger International Core AdvHennessy Cornerstone Growth InstHancock Horizon Intl Sm Cp Instl
Harbor Convertible Securities InvestorHennessy Cornerstone Value InstHarbor Emerging Markets Equity InvestorHarbor International Growth Inv
Harbor International InvestorHartford International Value AHartford International Value CHennessy Large Cap Financial Instl
Hennessy Cornerstone Large Growth InstlHartford International Value IHartford International Value R3Hartford International Value R4
Hartford International Value R5Harbor Large Cap Value InvHartford International Value YHancock Horizon MS Tax-Free Income A
Hartford MidCap HLS IAHennessy Cornerstone Mid Cap 30 InstlHarbor Mid Cap Growth InvHarbor Mid Cap Value Investor
HSBC World Selection Income Strat AHSBC World Selection Income Strat BHSBC World Selection Income Strat CHeartland International Value
Hartford International Opportunities BHartford International Opportunities CHartford Inflation Plus AHartford Inflation Plus B
Hartford Inflation Plus CHartford Inflation Plus IHartford Inflation Plus R3Hartford Inflation Plus R4
Hartford Inflation Plus R5Hartford Inflation Plus YHancock Horizon Intl Sm Cp AHartford SmallCap Growth HLS IA
Hennessy Small Cap Financial InstlHarbor Small Cap Growth InvHomestead International ValueHarbor Small Cap Growth Opps Inv
Harbor Small Cap Value InvestorHennessy Japan InstitutionalHennessy Japan InvestorHennessy Japan Small Cap Investor
Hennessy Japan Small Cap InstitutionalHartford Global All-Asset AHartford Global All-Asset CHartford Global All-Asset I
Hartford Global All-Asset R3Hartford Global All-Asset R4Hartford Global All-Asset R5Hartford Global All-Asset Y
Hartford Emerging Markets Local Debt AHartford Emerging Markets Local Debt CHartford Emerging Markets Local Debt IHartford Emerging Markets Local Debt R3
Hartford Emerging Markets Local Debt R4Hartford Emerging Markets Local Debt R5Hartford Emerging Markets Local Debt YHartford Global Equity Income A
Hartford Global Equity Income BHartford Global Equity Income CHarding Loevner Instl Emerg Mkts IIHartford Global Equity Income I
Harding Loevner Emerging Markets AdvisorHartford Global Equity Income R3Hartford Global Equity Income R4Hartford Global Equity Income R5
Hartford Global Equity Income YHarding Loevner Frontier Emerg Mkts InstHennessy Large Cap Financial InvestorHarding Loevner Instl Emerg Mkts I
Harding Loevner Global Equity AdvisorHarding Loevner International Eq InstlHarding Loevner International Eq InvHarding Loevner Frontier Emerg Mkts Inv
Harding Loevner Intl Small Company InstlHarding Loevner Intl Small Company InvHarding Loevner Global Equity InstHenderson International L/S Eq A
Henderson International L/S Eq CHenderson International L/S Eq IHartford Long/Short Global Equity AHartford Long/Short Global Equity C
Hartford Long/Short Global Equity IHartford Long/Short Global Equity YHatteras Long / Short Equity AHatteras Long / Short Equity Instl
Hennessy Large Value InvestorHennessy Large Value InstitutionalHartford Small/Mid Cap Equity HLS IAHartford Small/Mid Cap Equity HLS IB
Hartford MidCap CHartford MidCap YHighMark Fundamental Equity Retail AHatteras Managed Futures Strat Instl
Hancock Horizon Microcap AHancock Horizon Microcap CHancock Horizon Microcap InstitutionalHartford Municipal Short Duration A
Hartford Municipal Short Duration CHartford Municipal Short Duration IHartford Municipal Income AHartford Municipal Income C
Hartford Municipal Income IHatteras Market Neutral InstitutionalHartford MidCap Value AHartford MidCap Value B
Hartford MidCap Value CHartford MidCap Value HLS IAHartford MidCap Value IHartford MidCap Value R3
Hartford MidCap Value R4Hartford MidCap Value R5Hartford MidCap Value YHomestead Growth
Hartford International Growth AHartford International Growth BHartford International Growth CHartford International Growth I
Hartford International Growth R3Hartford International Growth R4Hartford International Growth R5Hartford International Growth Y
Heartland Mid Cap Value InstitutionalHighland Opportunistic Credit AHighland Opportunistic Credit CHighland Opportunistic Credit Z
Hartford International Small Company AHartford International Small Company BHartford International Small Company CHartford International Small Company I
Hartford International Small Company R3Hartford International Small Company R4Hartford International Small Company R5Heartland Select Value Inst
Hartford International Small Company YHeartland Value InstHeartland Value Plus InstHolland Balanced
HSBC Opportunity BHSBC Opportunity CHomestead Short-Term BondHomestead Short-Term Government
HSBC Growth AHSBC Growth BHSBC Growth CHSBC Growth I
Homestead ValueHighland Premier Growth Equity AHighland Premier Growth Equity CHighland Premier Growth Equity R
Highland Premier Growth Equity YHartford Quality Bond AHartford Quality Bond CHartford Quality Bond I
Hartford Quality Bond R3Hartford Quality Bond R4Hartford Quality Bond R5Hartford Quality Bond Y
Hartford Equity Income AHartford Equity Income BHartford Equity Income CHartford Equity Income I
Hartford Equity Income R3Hartford Equity Income R4Hartford Equity Income R5Hartford Equity Income R6
Hartford Equity Income YHartford Growth Allocation AHartford Growth Allocation BHartford Growth Allocation C
Hartford Growth Allocation IHartford Growth Allocation R3Hartford Growth Allocation R4Hartford Growth Allocation R5
Harbor Bond AdministrativeHarbor Capital Appreciation AdminHarbor Convertible Securities AdminHarbor Emerging Markets Equity Admin
Harbor Global Growth AdminHarbor International Growth AdminHarbor International AdministrativeHartford Global Real Asset A
Hartford Global Real Asset CHartford Global Real Asset IHartford Global Real Asset R3Hartford Global Real Asset R4
Hartford Global Real Asset R5Harbor Large Cap Value AdminHartford Global Real Asset YHSBC RMB Fixed Income A
Heartland Mid Cap Value InvestorHarbor Mid Cap Growth AdminHSBC RMB Fixed Income IHSBC RMB Fixed Income S
Harbor Mid Cap Value AdminHarbor Real Return AdminHuntington Real Strategies AHarbor Small Cap Growth Admin
Hood River Small Cap Growth InstlHarbor Small Cap Growth Opps AdminHood River Small-Cap Growth InvestorHuntington Real Strategies Instl
Heartland Select ValueHeartland ValueHarbor Unconstrained Bond AdminHeartland Value Plus
HSBC World Selection Moderate Strat AHSBC World Selection Balanced Strat BHSBC World Selection Moderate Strat BHartford Small Company B
HSBC World Selection Moderate Strat CHomestead Small Company StockHartford Small Company YHartford Short Duration A
Hartford Short Duration BHartford Short Duration CHartford Short Duration IHartford Short Duration R3
Hartford Short Duration R4Hartford Short Duration R5Hussman Strategic Dividend ValueHartford Short Duration Y
Hartford Small Cap Core IHSBC Frontier Markets AHSBC Frontier Markets IHennessy Small Cap Financial Investor
Hussman Strategic GrowthHussman Strategic InternationalHartford SmallCap Growth AHartford SmallCap Growth B
Hartford SmallCap Growth CHartford SmallCap Growth IHartford SmallCap Growth R3Hartford SmallCap Growth R4
Hartford SmallCap Growth R5Hartford SmallCap Growth R6Hartford SmallCap Growth YHartford Small Cap Core A
Hartford Small Cap Core BHartford Small Company CHartford Small Cap Core R3Hartford Small Cap Core R4
Hartford Small Cap Core R5Hartford Small Cap Core YHartford Strategic Income AHartford Strategic Income B
Hartford Strategic Income CHartford Strategic Income IHartford Strategic Income R3Hartford Strategic Income R4
Hartford Strategic Income R5Hartford Strategic Income R6Hartford Strategic Income YHSBC Opportunity A
Henderson International Select Eq AHenderson International Select Eq CHenderson International Select Eq IHartford Stock HLS IA
Homestead Stock IndexHussman Strategic Total ReturnHuntington Situs AHuntington Situs C
Huntington Situs InstlHarbor Small Cap Value AdminHighland Small-Cap Equity AHighland Small-Cap Equity C
Highland Small-Cap Equity RHighland Small-Cap Equity YHighland Total Return AHighland Total Return C
Highland Total Return RHighland Total Return YHennessy Technology InvestorHartford Unconstrained Bond A
Hartford Unconstrained Bond BHartford Unconstrained Bond CHartford Unconstrained Bond IHartford Unconstrained Bond R3
Hartford Unconstrained Bond R4Hartford Unconstrained Bond R5Hartford Unconstrained Bond YHartford Municipal Real Return A
Hartford Municipal Real Return BHartford Municipal Real Return CHartford Municipal Real Return IHartford Municipal Real Return Y
HSBC Total Return AHSBC Total Return IHSBC Total Return SHartford Small Cap Core C
Highland Tax-Exempt AHighland Tax-Exempt CHighland Tax-Exempt YHartford Ultrashort Bond HLS IA
Hartford Ultrashort Bond HLS IBHuber Capital Diversified Lg Cp Val InstHuber Capital Diversified Lg Cp Val InvHawaiian Tax-Free A
Hawaiian Tax-Free CHuber Capital Equity Income InstlHuber Capital Equity Income InvestorHawaiian Tax-Free Y
Henderson Unconstrained Bond AHenderson Unconstrained Bond CHenderson Unconstrained Bond IHuber Capital Small Cap Value Instl
Huber Capital Small Cap Value InvHartford Value Opportunities AHartford Value Opportunities BHartford Value Opportunities C
Hartford Value Opportunities IHartford Value Opportunities R3Hartford Value Opportunities R4Hartford Value Opportunities R5
Hartford Value Opportunities YHotchkis & Wiley Value Opps AHotchkis & Wiley Value Opps CHotchkis & Wiley Value Opps Instl
Hotchkis & Wiley Diversified Value AHotchkis & Wiley Diversified Value CHotchkis & Wiley Diversified Value IHartford World Bond A
Hartford World Bond CHartford World Bond IHartford World Bond R3Hartford World Bond R4
Hartford World Bond R5Hartford World Bond R6Hartford World Bond YHotchkis & Wiley Global Value A
Hotchkis & Wiley Global Value IHotchkis & Wiley High Yield AHotchkis & Wiley High Yield CHotchkis & Wiley High Yield I
Hotchkis & Wiley Capital Income AHotchkis & Wiley Capital Income IHotchkis & Wiley Large Cap Value AHotchkis & Wiley Large Cap Value C
Hotchkis & Wiley Large Cap Value IHotchkis & Wiley Large Cap Value RHotchkis & Wiley Mid-Cap Value AHotchkis & Wiley Mid-Cap Value C
Hotchkis & Wiley Mid-Cap Value IHotchkis & Wiley Mid-Cap Value RHotchkis & Wiley Small Cap Value AHotchkis & Wiley Small Cap Value C
Hotchkis & Wiley Small Cap Value IHotchkis & Wiley Sm Cp Divers Val AHotchkis & Wiley Sm Cp Divers Val IHarvest Funds Intermediate Bond A
Harvest Funds Intermediate Bond InstlHancock Horizon Burkenroad Small Cap DHarbor High-Yield Bond InstlHarbor High-Yield Bond Inv
Harbor High-Yield Bond AdminHenderson High Yield Opportunities AHenderson High Yield Opportunities CHenderson High Yield Opportunities I
Hartford Balanced BHartford Balanced YHartford Capital Appreciation BHartford Dividend and Growth A
Hartford International Opportunities AHartford International Opportunities IHartford International Opportunities R3Hartford International Opportunities R4
Hartford International Opportunities R5Hartford International Opportunities R6Hartford Small Company AHartford Small Company I
Hartford Small Company R3Hartford Small Company R4Hartford Small Company R5Hartford Small Company R6
Hartford Total Return Bond AHartford Total Return Bond BHartford Total Return Bond IHartford Total Return Bond R3
Hartford Total Return Bond R5Hartford Total Return Bond R4Hartford Total Return Bond R6Hartford Dividend and Growth B
Hartford Capital Appreciation AHartford Capital Appreciation IHartford Capital Appreciation R3Hartford Capital Appreciation R4
Hartford Capital Appreciation R5Hartford Capital Appreciation R6Hartford Balanced AHartford Balanced I
Hartford Balanced R3Hartford Balanced R4Hartford Balanced R5Horizon Spin-off & Corp Restructuring A
Horizon Spin-off & Corp Restructuring CHorizon Spin-off & Corp Restructuring IHSBC Opportunity IHundredfold Select Equity Svc
Hundredfold Select Alternative SvcHawaii Municipal Inv