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Mutual Fund starting with Letter f


Forward Multi-Strategy InstitutionalForward Balanced Allocation InstlForward Balanced Allocation CForward Multi-Strategy C
Forward Multi-Strategy InvestorForward Balanced Allocation InvestorForward Growth Allocation InstlForward Income & Growth Allocation Inv
Forward Total MarketPlus InvestorForward Growth Allocation InvestorForward Growth Allocation CForward Growth & Inc Allocation C
Forward Growth & Inc Allocation InvestorForward Multi-Strategy AForward Growth & Inc Allocation InstlForward High Yield Bond Institutional
Forward High Yield Bond InvestorForward High Yield Bond CForward Income Builder InstitutionalForward Income Builder C
Forward Income Builder InvestorForward Investment Grade Fxd-Inc InstlForward Income & Growth Allocation IForward Income & Growth Allocation C
Forward Income Builder AForward Investment Grade Fxd-Inc InvFirsthand Alternative EnergyForward Balanced Allocation A
Forward Growth Allocation AForward Growth & Inc Allocation AForward Income & Growth Allocation AForward Total MarketPlus Institutional
Federated Prudent Bear AFranklin Mutual Beacon ZFederated Capital Income AFederated Capital Income B
Federated Capital Income CFederated Capital Income FFederated Capital Income RFederated Capital Income Institutional
Footprints Discover Value AFidelity Advisor Limited Term Bond IFirst Investors Tax Exempt Opps AdvisorFirst Investors Tax Exempt Opps Instl
First Investors Tax Exempt Opps AFirst Investors Tax Exempt Opps BFederated Emerging Market Debt InstlFidelity Advisor Equity Growth A
Fidelity Advisor Equity Growth BFidelity Advisor Equity Growth CFidelity Advisor Equity Growth IFidelity Advisor Equity Income I
Franklin K2 Alternative Strategies AFairholme AllocationFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 70% IFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 70% A
Fidelity Advisor Balanced CFidelity Advisor Growth Opps BFidelity Advisor Balanced AFidelity Advisor Technology B
Franklin K2 Alternative Strategies AdvFidelity Advisor Health Care AFrost Growth Equity InvestorFidelity Advisor Freedom 2010 A
Fidelity Advisor Growth Opps CFidelity Advisor Municipal Inc 2019 IFidelity Advisor Canada AFidelity Advisor Consumer Discret T
Fidelity Advisor Health Care TFidelity Advisor Convertible Secs AFidelity Advisor Dividend Growth AFidelity Advisor Dividend Growth B
Fidelity Advisor Diversified Intl CFidelity Advisor International Discv BFidelity Advisor Diversified Intl TFrost Low Duration Bond Investor
Fidelity Advisor Technology AFrost Value Equity InvestorFidelity Advisor Equity Growth TFidelity Advisor Emerging Mkts Inc T
Fidelity Advisor Overseas TFidelity Advisor Freedom Income AFidelity Advisor Financial Services BFidelity Advisor Financial Services C
Fidelity Advisor Financial Services AFidelity Advisor Freedom 2030 AFidelity Advisor Freedom 2040 AFranklin Floating Rate Daily Access A
Fidelity Advisor Financial Services TFranklin Federal Tax-Free Income AdvFidelity Advisor Growth Opps AFidelity Advisor Growth Opps I
Fidelity Capital & IncomeFidelity Growth Strategies KFidelity Advisor Energy TFidelity Advisor Growth Opps T
Fidelity Advisor High Income Advtg BFidelity Advisor High Income Advtg IFidelity Advisor High Income Advtg AFidelity Advisor High Income Advtg C
Fidelity Advisor Municipal Income TFidelity Advisor Health Care BFidelity Advisor High Income Advtg TFidelity Advisor Municipal Income B
Fidelity Advisor International Discv AFidelity Advisor Balanced TFallen Angels IncomeFidelity Advisor Balanced I
FairholmeFidelity Advisor Balanced BFidelity Advisor Equity Value IFrost Kempner Multi-Cap Deep Val Eq Inv
Frost Mid Cap Equity InvestorFidelity Advisor Large Cap AFranklin AL Tax-Free Income CFidelity Advisor Large Cap T
Fidelity Advisor Large Cap BFidelity Advisor Large Cap IFidelity Advisor Municipal Income CFAM Equity-Income Inv
FAM Small Cap InvestorFidelity Advisor Ser Oppc InsightsFidelity Advisor Emerging Markets AFidelity Advisor Muni Inc 2017 A
Fidelity Asset Manager 85%Fidelity Advisor Municipal Income AFAM Value InvFidelity Advisor Energy A
Fidelity Advisor Energy IFidelity Advisor Energy BFrost International Equity InvestorFidelity Advisor Overseas A
Fidelity Advisor Overseas BFidelity Advisor Overseas CFidelity Advisor Series Growth OppsFidelity Advisor Overseas I
Fidelity Advisor Muni Inc 2019 AFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2042 AFidelity Event Driven OpportunitiesFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2028 A
Franklin Real Return AdvFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2034 AFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2038 AFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2040 A
Fidelity Advisor Value Strategies BFranklin K2 Alternative Strategies CFidelity Advisor Strategic Div & Inc AFidelity Advisor Short Fxd-Inc T
Fidelity Asset Manager 70%Fidelity Advisor Ltd Term Muni Inc AFidelity Asset Manager 20%Fidelity Asset Manager 50%
Fidelity Advisor Value Strategies IFidelity Advisor Value Strategies TFranklin K2 Alternative Strategies R6Federated Adjustable Rate Secs Svc
Frost Moderate Allocation InvestorFidelity Advisor Technology TFidelity Advisor Freedom 2035 AFidelity Advisor Technology I
Fidelity Advisor Event Driven Opps CFrost Total Return Bond InvestorFidelity Advisor Freedom 2025 AFidelity Advisor Utilities B
Fidelity Advisor Utilities TFranklin Adjustable US Govt Secs A1Frost Municipal Bond InvestorFranklin Adjustable US Govt Secs Adv
Fidelity Advisor Equity Value AFidelity Advisor Equity Value BFidelity Advisor Equity Value CFidelity Advisor Value A
Fidelity Advisor Municipal Inc 2017 IFallen Angels ValueFidelity Advisor Equity Value TFranklin AZ Tax-Free Income C
Franklin AZ Tax-Free Income AdvFidelity Balanced KFidelity BalancedFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 70% B
Fidelity Advisor Canada BFidelity Blue Chip ValueFranklin Total Return AdvFranklin Biotechnology Discovery A
Fidelity Advisor Emerging Mkts Inc BFidelity Advisor Total Bond BFidelity Advisor Freedom Income BFidelity Advisor Freedom 2030 B
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2040 BFranklin Balanced AdvFidelity Blue Chip Growth KFidelity Blue Chip Growth
Fidelity Spartan US Bond Idx InvestorFidelity Freedom Index 2040Fidelity Advisor International Growth BFidelity Select Biotechnology Portfolio
Fidelity Advisor Infl-Prot Bond BFidelity Advisor Total Bond ZFranklin Balanced AFidelity Series Stk Selec Lg Cp Val
Fidelity Advisor Global Equity Inc AFidelity Series Broad Market OppsFranklin Balanced CFidelity Advisor Emerging Markets B
Fidelity Select Multimedia PortfolioFidelity Investment Grade BondFBP Appreciation & Income OpportunitiesFBP Equity & Dividend Plus
Franklin LifeSmart 2015 Retire Trgt RFidelity Advisor Stock Sel All Cp IFranklin Balance Sheet Investment AdvFidelity Advisor Strategic Div & Inc B
Fidelity Advisor Short Fxd-Inc BFidelity Advisor Ltd Term Muni Inc BFranklin Balance Sheet Investment R6Fidelity Select IT Services Portfolio
Franklin Balance Sheet Investment RFidelity Advisor Biotechnology AFidelity Advisor Biotechnology BFidelity Advisor Biotechnology C
Franklin Biotechnology Discovery CFidelity Advisor Freedom 2035 BFidelity Advisor Biotechnology IFirst Investors Total Return B
Fidelity Advisor Biotechnology TFidelity Advisor Freedom 2025 BFidelity Advisor Global Equity Inc IFidelity Advisor Value B
Fidelity Advisor International Discv CFidelity Advisor Freedom Income CFidelity Advisor Small Cap Growth AFranklin CA High Yield Municipal C
Fidelity Capital Appreciation KFranklin CA High Yield Municipal AFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 30% CFranklin Intl Small Cap Growth R6
Fidelity Advisor Asset Manager 70% CFranklin CA Tax-Free Inc AdvFrost Cinque Large Cap Buy-Write Eq InvFranklin Corefolio Allocation Advisor
Fidelity Advisor Corporate Bond AFidelity Corporate BondFidelity Advisor Small Cap Growth BFidelity Advisor Corporate Bond I
Franklin Balance Sheet Investment CFidelity Advisor Corporate Bond TFidelity Advisor Convertible Secs BFrost Cinque Large Cap Buy-Write Eq Inst
Fidelity Advisor Corporate Bond CFidelity Advisor Small Cap Growth CFranklin CA Interm-Term Tx-Fr Income CFidelity Advisor Canada C
Fidelity Advisor Convertible Secs CFidelity Advisor Stock Selector Sm Cp AFidelity Advisor Stock Selector Sm Cp BFidelity Advisor Stock Selector Sm Cp C
Fidelity Advisor Stock Selector Sm Cp IFidelity Advisor Stock Selector Sm Cp TFidelity Advisor Consumer Discret CFidelity Advisor Total Bond C
Franklin Focused Core Equity AFrost Credit InvestorFidelity Advisor Freedom 2010 BFidelity Advisor Freedom 2010 C
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2030 CFidelity Advisor Freedom 2040 CFrost Credit InstitutionalFranklin Floating Rate Daily Access C
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2010 TFidelity Advisor Freedom 2005 CFranklin Growth AdvFidelity Advisor Global Commodity Stk C
Franklin Global Real Estate CFidelity Series Growth CompanyFranklin High Income CFidelity Advisor China Region C
Fidelity Municipal Income 2023Fidelity Advisor Event Driven Opps AFidelity Advisor Consumer Discret BFidelity Advisor Freedom 2010 I
Fidelity Advisor Small Cap Growth IFranklin Flex Cap Growth CFranklin Income CFranklin Federal Interm-Term T/F Inc C
FCI BondFidelity Advisor Industrials AFidelity Advisor Industrials BFidelity Advisor Industrials C
Fidelity Advisor Industrials IFidelity Advisor Industrials TFidelity Advisor California Muni Inc AFidelity Advisor California Muni Inc B
Franklin Mutual International CFidelity Advisor California Muni Inc CForward Commodity L/S Strategy InstlFidelity Advisor California Muni Inc I
Forward Commodity L/S Strategy AdvisorFidelity Advisor California Muni Inc TFidelity Advisor Consumer Discret AFidelity Advisor Consumer Discret I
Fidelity Contrafund KFidelity ContrafundFidelity Conservative Income Bond InstlFranklin CT Tax-Free Income Adv
Franklin CO Tax-Free Income CForward Commodity L/S Strategy InvFidelity Conservative Income BondFranklin CO Tax-Free Income Adv
Fidelity Advisor Intl Capital App AFidelity Advisor Intl Capital App BFidelity Advisor Intl Capital App CFidelity Small Cap Enhanced Index
Fidelity Small Cap GrowthFidelity Advisor Intl Capital App IFidelity Small Cap ValueFidelity Conservative Inc Muni Bd
Fidelity Advisor Income Repl 2042 CFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2028 CFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2034 CFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2038 C
Fidelity Advisor Income Repl 2040 CFranklin Adjustable US Govt Secs CFidelity Advisor Strategic Div & Inc CFidelity Series Commodity Strategy F
Franklin Small Cap Growth CFidelity Advisor Ltd Term Muni Inc CFranklin Intl Small Cap Growth CFederated Corporate Bond Strategy
Fidelity Advisor Strategic Real Ret CFidelity Series Commodity StrategyFidelity California Ltd Trm Tax-Free BdFranklin Convertible Securities Adv
Fidelity California Municipal IncomeFidelity Advisor Small Cap Growth TFidelity Advisor Freedom 2035 CFranklin CT Tax-Free Income C
Franklin Total Return CFidelity Advisor Freedom 2025 CFidelity Advisor Small Cap Value AFidelity Advisor Small Cap Value B
Fidelity Advisor Small Cap Value CFidelity Advisor Value CFidelity Advisor Small Cap Value IFidelity Convertible Securities
Fidelity Advisor Small Cap Value TFidelity Select Industrials PortfolioFranklin Floating Rate Daily Access AdvFidelity Advisor Freedom 2020 A
Fidelity Advisor Consumer Staples AFidelity Advisor Global Strategies AFederated Bond AFederated Bond B
Federated Bond CFidelity Advisor Freedom 2020 BFidelity Advisor Consumer Staples BFederated Bond Instl
Fidelity Advisor Global Strategies BFranklin Double Tax-Free Income AdvFidelity Capital AppreciationFidelity Advisor Freedom 2020 C
Fidelity Advisor Consumer Staples CFidelity Select Computers PortfolioFidelity Advisor Global Strategies CFidelity Advisor Capital Development B
Fidelity Advisor Capital Development CFidelity Freedom 2055Fidelity Growth StrategiesFidelity Advisor Capital Development I
Fidelity Disciplined Equity KFidelity Freedom K 2055Fidelity Disciplined EquityFederated Equity Income R
Fidelity Advisor Diversified Stock OFidelity Advisor Capital Development OFidelity Freedom Index 2055Fidelity Select Consumer Staples Port
Fidelity IndependenceFidelity Independence KFidelity Advisor Dividend Growth CFidelity Dividend Growth
Fidelity Advisor Dividend Growth IFidelity Dividend Growth KFidelity Growth CompanyFidelity Advisor Dividend Growth T
First Trust Short Duration High Inc AFirst Trust Short Duration High Inc CFirst Trust Short Duration High Inc IFidelity Advisor Limited Term Bond A
Fidelity Advisor Diversified Intl BFidelity Advisor Freedom 2020 IFidelity Advisor Consumer Staples IFidelity Diversified International K
Fidelity Diversified InternationalFidelity Freedom Index 2060Fidelity Freedom K 2060Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2060 A
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2060 IFidelity Advisor Freedom 2060 CFidelity Advisor Freedom 2060 TFidelity Freedom 2060
Fidelity Select Leisure PortfolioFidelity Advisor Communications Equip AFidelity Advisor Communications Equip BFidelity Advisor Communications Equip C
Fidelity Advisor Communications Equip IFidelity Series Intrinsic OppsFidelity Massachusetts Municipal IncomeFidelity Advisor Communications Equip T
Franklin DynaTech RFederated Managed Risk AFederated Managed Risk InstitutionalFidelity Stock Selector Small Cap
Frost Conservative Allocation InvestorFidelity Stock Selec All CpFidelity Growth DiscoveryFidelity Advisor Diversified Stock B
Fidelity Advisor Diversified Stock CFidelity Advisor Diversified Stock TFidelity Advisor Freedom 2020 TFidelity Advisor Consumer Staples T
Fidelity Advisor Diversified Stock IFidelity Advisor Diversified Stock AFranklin DynaTech R6Fidelity Advisor Global Strategies T
Fidelity Advisor Capital Development AFidelity Advisor Capital Development TFidelity Advisor Diversified Intl AFidelity Advisor Diversified Intl I
Fidelity ValueForward Dynamic Income AFidelity Advisor Global Strategies IFranklin DynaTech C
Forward Dynamic Income InvestorFidelity Global StrategiesForward Dynamic Income InstitutionalFranklin DynaTech Adv
Fidelity Advisor Emerging Asia AFirst Eagle Fund of America YFirst Eagle Fund of America IFirst Eagle Fund of America C
Fidelity Advisor Emerging Asia TFirst Eagle Global Income Builder AFirst Eagle Global Income Builder CFirst Eagle Global Income Builder I
Fidelity Advisor Emerg Mkts Discv AFidelity Series Emerging Markets DebtFidelity Emerging Markets DiscoveryFidelity Series Emerging Mkts Debt F
Fidelity Advisor Emerg Mkts Discv CFidelity Advisor Emerg Mkts Discv IFidelity Advisor Emerg Mkts Discv TFirst Eagle Fund of America A
Franklin Focused Core Equity R6Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2030 IFirst Eagle Gold IFirst Eagle Gold C
First Eagle High Yield AFirst Eagle High Yield CFirst Eagle High Yield IFidelity Advisor Equity Income A
Fidelity Advisor Equity Income BFidelity Advisor Equity Income CFranklin Equity Income AdvFidelity Equity-Income K
Fidelity Advisor Equity Income TFidelity Advisor Electronics AFidelity Advisor Electronics BFidelity Advisor Electronics C
Fidelity Advisor Electronics IFidelity Advisor Electronics TFidelity Advisor EMEA BFidelity Advisor EMEA C
Franklin Emerging Market Debt OppsFidelity EMEAFidelity Series Emerging Markets FFidelity Advisor NY Municipal Inc I
Fidelity Emerging MarketsForward Emerging Markets AdvisorFidelity Series Emerging MarketsFidelity Advisor EMEA T
Fidelity Advisor Total Bond AFidelity Advisor Total Bond IFidelity Advisor Total Bond TFidelity Equity-Income
Fidelity Equity Dividend IncomeFidelity Advisor Emerging Asia BFidelity Advisor Emerging Asia CFidelity Advisor Emerging Asia I
First Eagle Global CFirst Eagle Overseas CFidelity Equity Dividend Income KFidelity Advisor Glbl Capital Apprec C
Federated Adjustable Rate Secs InstlFidelity Advisor Glbl Capital Apprec IFederated Gov Ultrashort Duration InSvcFirst Eagle US Value A
First Eagle US Value CFirst Eagle US Value IFidelity Export & Multinational KFidelity Export & Multinational
Fidelity Advisor Asset Manager 85% AFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 85% BFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 85% CFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 85% I
Fidelity Advisor Asset Manager 85% TFranklin Founding Funds Allocation AdvFranklin Founding Funds Allocation CFranklin Founding Funds Allocation A
Fidelity Advisor Asset Manager 50% AFidelity Asset Manager 40%Franklin Founding Funds Allocation RFidelity Advisor Freedom 2005 A
Fidelity Advisor Asset Manager 50% BFidelity Advisor Freedom 2005 BForward Commodity Long/Short Strategy CFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 50% C
Franklin Flex Cap Growth R6Forward International Dividend AFidelity KFidelity Freedom Index 2025 W
Fidelity Freedom Index 2030 WFidelity Freedom Index 2035 WFidelity Freedom IncomeFidelity Freedom 2010
Fidelity Freedom 2020Fidelity Freedom 2030Fidelity Freedom 2040Fidelity Freedom 2045
Fidelity Freedom 2050Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2045 IFidelity Advisor Freedom 2045 CFidelity Advisor Freedom 2045 B
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2050 AFidelity Advisor Freedom 2050 IFidelity Advisor Freedom 2050 TFidelity Advisor Freedom 2045 T
Fidelity Freedom 2005Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2050 BFidelity Advisor Freedom 2050 CFidelity Advisor Freedom 2045 A
Fidelity Advisor Global Commodity Stk AFidelity Advisor Global Commodity Stk BFidelity Global Commodity StockFidelity Freedom Index 2005 W
Fidelity Advisor Global Commodity Stk IFidelity Series Growth Company FFidelity Advisor Global Commodity Stk TFidelity Freedom Index Income W
Fidelity Series Floating Rate High IncFidelity Series Floating Rate High IncFForward Small Cap Equity InstlFidelity
Forward International Dividend InstlFidelity Series International Growth FFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 50% IForward International Dividend Investor
Fidelity Series Infl-Prtct Bd Idx FForward International Real Estate InvFidelity Advisor Freedom 2005 IFidelity Freedom Index 2040 W
Fidelity Freedom K IncomeFidelity Freedom K 2010Fidelity Freedom K 2020Fidelity Freedom K 2030
Fidelity Freedom K 2040Fidelity Freedom K 2045Fidelity Freedom K 2050Fidelity Freedom K 2005
Forward Global Dividend AFidelity Freedom Index 2055 WFidelity Freedom Index 2060 WForward Global Dividend Investor
Forward Global Dividend InstitutionalFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 40% AFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 40% BFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 40% C
Fidelity Advisor Asset Manager 40% IFidelity Four-in-One IndexFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 40% TFidelity Freedom Index 2045 W
Fidelity Freedom Index 2050 WFidelity Advisor Floating Rate Hi Inc AFidelity Advisor Floating Rate Hi Inc BFidelity Advisor Floating Rate Hi Inc C
Forward Real Estate InvFidelity Floating Rate High IncomeFidelity Advisor Floating Rate Hi Inc IFederated Floating Rate Strat Inc Instl
Fidelity Advisor Floating Rate Hi Inc TForward Small Cap Equity InvestorFidelity Advisor Financial Services IForward Select Income Inv
Fidelity Spartan Total Market Index FForward Real Estate Long/Short InvFidelity Series International Sm Cap FFranklin Federal Limited-Term T/F Inc A
Forward Tactical Growth InvestorFidelity Freedom 2035Fidelity Advisor Asset Manager 50% TFidelity Advisor Freedom 2005 T
Fidelity Freedom 2025Fidelity FiftyFidelity Advisor Freedom 2015 AFidelity Advisor Freedom 2015 B
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2015 CFidelity Freedom 2015Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2015 IFidelity Series International Value F
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2015 TFidelity Freedom Index 2010 WForward EM Corporate Debt CForward EM Corporate Debt Institutional
Forward EM Corporate Debt AdvisorForward EM Corporate Debt InvestorFidelity Limited Term GovernmentFranklin Global Allocation A
Fidelity Advisor Global Equity Inc TFranklin Gold and Precious Metals AdvFranklin GA Tax-Free Income CFranklin Global Allocation Fund Advisor
Fidelity Advisor Investment Gr Bd AFidelity Advisor Investment Gr Bd BFidelity Advisor Investment Gr Bd CFidelity Global Bond
Fidelity Advisor Global Bond IFidelity Global BalancedFidelity Advisor Investment Gr Bd IFidelity Advisor Investment Gr Bd T
Fidelity Advisor Global Bond TFidelity Advisor Global Bond CFidelity Advisor Global Bond AFederated Short-Interm Ttl Ret Bd Instl
Fidelity Growth Company KFederated Short-Interm Ttl Ret Bd SvcFidelity Advisor Gold AFidelity Advisor Gold B
Fidelity Advisor Gold CFidelity Advisor Gold IFidelity Growth Discovery KFidelity Advisor Gold T
Fidelity Advisor Glbl Capital Apprec AFidelity Advisor Glbl Capital Apprec BFidelity Advisor Glbl Capital Apprec TFederated International Leaders A
Federated International Leaders BFederated International Leaders CFederated Mortgage InstlFederated International Leaders Instl
Federated International Leaders RFederated Mortgage SvcFranklin Global Government Bond AFidelity Advisor Global High Income A
Fidelity Advisor Global High Income CFidelity Advisor Global High Income IFidelity Global High IncomeFidelity Advisor Global High Income T
First Investors Growth & Income BFidelity Growth & Income KFidelity Global Equity IncomeForward Global Infrastructure Advisor
First Investors Growth & Income AFidelity Advisor Growth & Income IFirst Investors Growth & Income AdvisorFirst Investors Growth & Income Instl
Fidelity Advisor Growth & Income AFidelity Advisor Growth & Income BFidelity Advisor Growth & Income TFidelity Advisor Growth & Income C
Franklin Strategic Income R6Fidelity Advisor Global Balanced AFidelity Advisor Global Balanced BFidelity Advisor Global Balanced C
Federated Emerging Markets Eq InstlFidelity Series Growth & IncomeFidelity Advisor Global Balanced IFidelity Series Intrinsic Oppos F
Forward Global Infrastructure InvFidelity Advisor Global Balanced TFidelity GNMAFederated Government Income Secs A
Federated Government Income Secs BFederated Government Income Secs CFederated Government Income Secs FFranklin US Government Secs R6
Fidelity Government IncomeFranklin Growth Opportunities AFidelity Advisor Mega Cap Stock BFidelity Advisor Mega Cap Stock C
Fidelity Growth & Income PortfolioFranklin Global Real Estate AFederated International Leaders R6Fidelity Mega Cap Stock
Federated MDT Mid Cap Gr Strats AFederated MDT Mid Cap Gr Strats BFederated MDT Mid Cap Gr Strats CFederated MDT Mid Cap Gr Strats Instl
Federated MDT Mid Cap Gr Strats RFranklin Growth RFidelity Advisor Mega Cap Stock AFranklin Growth Allocation A
Fidelity Advisor Global Equity Inc CFranklin Growth Allocation RFranklin Growth Allocation AdvisorFederated Gov Ultrashort Duration A
Federated Gov Ultrashort Duration InstlFranklin High Income AFederated High-Income Bond BFidelity Advisor High Income B
Fidelity Advisor Health Care CFidelity Advisor Health Care IFidelity Advisor Real Estate AFidelity Advisor Real Estate B
Fidelity Advisor Real Estate CFidelity Advisor Real Estate IFidelity Advisor Real Estate TFidelity Advisor Freedom 2055 A
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2055 CFidelity Advisor Freedom 2055 IFidelity Advisor Freedom 2055 TFidelity Advisor High Income A
Federated High-Income Bond CFidelity Focused High IncomeFidelity Municipal IncomeFederated High-Income Bond A
Franklin High Income RFidelity Advisor High Income TFidelity Advisor Europe IFidelity Advisor Europe C
Fidelity Advisor Europe AFidelity Advisor Europe TFidelity Advisor Europe BFidelity Advisor China Region A
Fidelity Advisor China Region BFidelity China RegionFidelity Advisor China Region IFidelity Advisor China Region T
Fidelity Advisor High Income CFidelity Advisor High Income IFidelity Advisor Stock Sel All Cp BFranklin High Income R6
Federated Municipal High Yield Adv FFederated High Yield InstitutionalFederated High Yield AFederated High Yield C
Franklin High Yield Tax-Free Inc CFederated High-Yield StrategyFederated High Yield ServiceFranklin High Yield Tax-Free Inc Adv
Fidelity Advisor International Discv IFidelity Advisor Freedom Income IFidelity Advisor International Growth AFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2032 A
Fidelity Advisor Intl Small Cap AFidelity Advisor Intl Capital App TFidelity Spartan Interm Tr Bd Idx AdvtgFidelity Advisor Limited Term Bond B
Fidelity Series Investment Grade Bond FFirst Investors Global BFidelity Spartan Interm Tr Bd Idx InvFederated International Bond Strategy
Fidelity Advisor Intl Small Cap BFrost Moderate Allocation InstlFirst Investors Tax Exempt CA AFidelity Advisor Canada I
Fidelity CanadaFrost Growth Equity InstFirst Investors Tax Exempt CA BFirst Investors Select Growth A
First Investors Select Growth AdvFirst Investors Select Growth InstlFirst Investors Tax Exempt CA AdvisorFirst Investors Tax Exempt CA Instl
Federated Government Income InstlFidelity Connecticut Municipal IncomeFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2032 CFidelity Advisor Intl Small Cap C
First Investors Tax Exempt CT AFirst Investors Tax Exempt CT BFidelity Advisor Convertible Secs IFirst Investors Tax Exempt CT Advisor
First Investors Tax Exempt CT InstlFidelity International Discovery KForward International Dividend AdvisorFederated International Dividend Strat
Fidelity Select Financial Services PortFrost Value Equity InstFidelity Advisor EMEA IFidelity International Enhanced Index
Fidelity EuropeFidelity Advisor Freedom 2040 IFirst Investors Fund For Income AFirst Investors Fund For Income B
First Investors Fund For Income AdvFirst Investors Fund For Income InstlFranklin Growth R6First Security Municipal Bond Instl
First Investors Select Growth BFidelity Advisor International Growth CFidelity International GrowthFederated US Govt 2-5 Yr Svc
Federated US Govt 2-5 YR RFidelity International DiscoveryFidelity Series International GrowthFederated US Govt 2-5 Yr Instl
First Investors Government AFirst Investors Government BFranklin India Growth AdvFederated Instl High Yield Bond Instl
Fidelity Freedom Index 2035First Investors Government AdvFirst Investors Government InstlFidelity Advisor Mid Cap II A
Fidelity Advisor Mid Cap II BFidelity Advisor Mid Cap II CFederated Intermediate Corp Bd InstlFirst Investors Investment Grade A
First Investors Investment Grade BFidelity Advisor International Growth IFirst Investors Investment Grade AdvFirst Investors Investment Grade Instl
Fidelity Advisor Mid Cap II IFirst Investors International AFirst Investors International BFirst Investors International Advisor
First Investors International InstlFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2032 IFirst Investors Global AFirst Investors Global Adv
First Investors Global InstlFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2038 IFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2040 IFrost Total Return Bond Inst
Frost Kempner Multi-Cap Deep Val Eq InstFidelity Freedom Index IncomeFrost Mid Cap Equity InstFrost Kempner Treasury and Inc Inst
Fidelity Advisor Income Repl 2020 AFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2020 CFrost Low Duration Bond InstFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2020 I
Franklin Intl Growth R6Fidelity Advisor Income Repl 2020 TFirst Investors Tax Exempt MA AFirst Investors Opportunity B
Franklin Mutual International R6First Investors Tax Exempt MA BFirst Investors Tax Exempt MA AdvisorFidelity Minnesota Municipal Income
First Investors Tax Exempt MA InstlFidelity Advisor Emerging Markets IFirst Investors Tax Exempt MN AFirst Investors Tax Exempt MN B
First Investors Tax Exempt MN AdvisorFirst Investors Tax Exempt MN InstlFederated Intermediate Municipal InstlFrost Municipal Bond Inst
Federated Intermediate Municipal YFranklin Intl Small Cap Growth AForward International Dividend CFranklin India Growth C
Franklin India Growth AFirst Investors Tax Exempt NJ AFirst Investors Tax Exempt NJ BFirst Investors Tax Exempt NJ Advisor
Forward International Real Estate AdvFirst Investors Tax Exempt NJ InstlFidelity Advisor International Bond IFidelity Inflation-Protected Bond
Fidelity Advisor International Bond CFidelity Advisor New Insights IFidelity Advisor International Bond TFidelity International Bond
Fidelity Series International ValueFidelity Advisor International Bond AFranklin Insured Tax-Free Income AdvFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2026 A
First Investors Intl Opps Bd AFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2026 CFirst Investors Intl Opps Bd AdvFirst Investors Intl Opps Bd Instl
Fidelity Freedom Index 2045First Investors Tax Exempt OH AFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2026 IFirst Investors Tax Exempt OH B
First Investors Tax Exempt OH AdvisorFirst Investors Tax Exempt OH InstlFidelity Series 1000 Value IndexFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2026 T
Fidelity Advisor Infl-Prot Bond AFidelity Spartan Infl-Prot Bond Index IFidelity Advisor Infl-Prot Bond CFidelity Spartan Infl-Prot Bd Idx FdAdI
Fidelity Freedom Index 2050Fidelity Advisor Infl-Prot Bond IFidelity Advisor Infl-Prot Bond TFidelity Advisor Intl Real Estate A
Fidelity Advisor Intl Real Estate BFidelity Advisor Intl Real Estate CFirst Investors Real Estate AFidelity International Real Estate
Fidelity Advisor Income Repl 2042 IFirst Investors Real Estate AdvisorFirst Investors Real Estate InstlFidelity Advisor Intl Real Estate I
Fidelity Income Replacement 2016Fidelity Income Replacement 2018Fidelity Income Replacement 2020Fidelity Income Replacement 2022
Fidelity Income Replacement 2024Fidelity Income Replacement 2026Fidelity Income Replacement 2028Fidelity Income Replacement 2030
Fidelity Income Replacement 2032Fidelity Income Replacement 2034Fidelity Advisor Intl Real Estate TFidelity Income Replacement 2036
Fidelity Income Replacement 2038Fidelity Income Replacement 2040Franklin Adjustable US Govt Secs AFirst Investors Special Situations B
Franklin Convertible Securities AFranklin Intl Small Cap Growth RFranklin Equity Income AFidelity Advisor Ltd Trm Muni Inc I
Fidelity International Small CapFederated Max-Cap Index InstlFranklin Income RFirst Investors Special Situations A
First Investors Special Situations AdvFirst Investors Special Situations InstlFirst Investors Tax Exempt Inc AFirst Investors Tax Exempt Inc B
First Investors Tax Exempt Inc AdvisorFirst Investors Tax Exempt Inc InstlFidelity Advisor International Growth TFidelity Advisor Freedom 2035 I
Fidelity Advisor Mid Cap II TFrost International Equity InstFirst Investors Total Return AFederated Government Income Service
Fidelity Advisor Income Repl 2042 TFirst Investors Total Return AdvFirst Investors Total Return InstlFidelity Advisor Freedom 2025 I
Franklin Federal Interm-Term T/F Inc AdvFirst Investors Equity Income BFidelity Telecom and UtilitiesFirst Investors Opportunity A
First Investors Equity Income AFirst Investors Equity Income AdvisorFirst Investors Equity Income InstlFirst Investors Tax Exempt VA A
First Investors Tax Exempt VA BFirst Investors Tax Exempt VA AdvisorFirst Investors Tax Exempt VA InstlFidelity International Capital Apprec
Fidelity International ValueFidelity Advisor International Value AFidelity Advisor International Value BFidelity Advisor International Value C
Fidelity Advisor International Value TFidelity Advisor International Value IFirst Investors Opportunity AdvFirst Investors Opportunity Instl
Fidelity Freedom Index 2015 WFidelity Freedom Index 2020 WFidelity Advisor Intl Small Cap IFidelity Income Replacement 2042
Fidelity Series Small Cap DiscoveryFidelity Series Small Cap Discovery FFidelity Freedom Index 2005Fidelity Advisor Japan B
Fidelity Advisor Japan CFidelity Advisor Event Driven Opps TFidelity Advisor Japan IFidelity Japan
Fidelity Advisor Japan TFidelity Limited Term Bond FundFidelity Japan Smaller CompaniesFranklin Growth Opportunities C
Franklin Growth Opportunities RFederated Kaufmann Small Cap AFranklin Total Return AFederated Kaufmann Small Cap B
Franklin Flex Cap Growth AdvFranklin Flex Cap Growth AFranklin CA Interm-Term Tx-Fr Income AFederated Kaufmann Small Cap C
Franklin DynaTech AFidelity Emerging Markets KFranklin Growth AFidelity Freedom Index 2010
Franklin Income AFranklin Federal Interm-Term T/F Inc AFederated Kaufmann Small Cap RFranklin LA Tax-Free Income A
Fidelity Mid-Cap Stock KFranklin NY Intermediate T/F Income CFranklin NY Intermediate T/F Income AFranklin Gold and Precious Metals A
Franklin Strategic Income AdvFranklin Intl Small Cap Growth AdvFranklin Strategic Income RFranklin CA Tax-Free Income A
Fidelity Freedom K 2035Franklin Federal Tax-Free Income AFidelity Freedom K 2025Franklin US Government Secs A
Franklin Utilities AFidelity Freedom K 2015Fidelity Advisor Latin America CFranklin LifeSmart 2040 Retire Trgt A
Franklin LA Tax-Free Income CFidelity Latin AmericaFidelity Spartan L/T Tr Bd Idx Fid AdvtFidelity Spartan L/T Tr Bd Idx Inv
Franklin Large Cap Equity AFidelity Advisor Leveraged Co Stk BFidelity Advisor Large Cap CFidelity Large Cap Core Enhanced Index
Franklin Large Cap Equity AdvFidelity Leveraged Company Stock KFranklin Large Cap Value RFidelity Large Cap Stock
Franklin Large Cap Value CFranklin Low Duration Total Return AFranklin Low Duration Total Return CFirst Investors Ltd Dur Hi Qual Bd A
First Investors Ltd Dur Hi Qual Bd AdvFirst Investors Ltd Dur Hi Qual Bd InstlFranklin Low Duration Total Return AdvFranklin LifeSmart 2030 Retire Trgt R6
Fidelity Advisor Latin America AFidelity Advisor Latin America BFidelity Advisor Latin America CFidelity Advisor Latin America I
Fidelity Advisor Latin America TFidelity Large Cap Growth Enhanced IdxFranklin Global Listed Infras AFidelity Freedom Index 2015
Fidelity Advisor Ser Equity-IncomeFranklin LifeSmart 2015 Retire Trgt R6Franklin LifeSmart 2040 Retire Trgt CFidelity Low-Priced Stock K
Fidelity Low-Priced StockFranklin LifeSmart 2015 Retire Trgt AdvFranklin LifeSmart 2040 Retire Trgt R6Franklin LifeSmart 2025 Retire Trgt Adv
Franklin LifeSmart 2035 Retire Trgt RFranklin LifeSmart 2035 Retire Trgt AdvFranklin LifeSmart 2045 Retire Trgt CFranklin LifeSmart 2045 Retire Trgt R
Franklin LifeSmart 2045 Retire Trgt AdvFranklin LifeSmart 2020 Retire Trgt AFranklin LifeSmart 2020 Retire Trgt AdvFranklin LifeSmart 2020 Retire Trgt C
Franklin Low Duration Total Return R6Franklin LifeSmart 2030 Retire Trgt AFranklin LifeSmart 2030 Retire Trgt CFranklin LifeSmart 2020 Retire Trgt R
Franklin LifeSmart 2030 Retire Trgt RFranklin LifeSmart 2030 Retire Trgt AdvFidelity Advisor Leveraged Co Stk AFranklin LifeSmart 2055 Retire Trgt R
Fidelity Advisor Leveraged Co Stk CForward Credit Analysis Long/Short CFranklin LifeSmart 2040 Retire Trgt RFranklin LifeSmart 2040 Retire Trgt Adv
Forward Credit Analysis Long/Short InstlFranklin LifeSmart 2050 Retire Trgt AFranklin LifeSmart 2050 Retire Trgt CForward Credit Analysis Long/Short A
Forward Credit Analysis Long/Short AdvFranklin LifeSmart 2050 Retire Trgt RFranklin LifeSmart 2050 Retire Trgt AdvFranklin Pelagos Commodities Strat A
Forward Credit Analysis Long/Short InvFidelity Advisor Leveraged Co Stk TFranklin Pelagos Commodities Strat CFranklin Pelagos Commodities Strat R
Franklin LifeSmart 2055 Retire Trgt R6Fidelity Advisor Latin America AFidelity Advisor Latin America BFranklin LifeSmart 2055 Retire Trgt A
Franklin LifeSmart 2055 Retire Trgt AdvFidelity Intermediate Municipal IncomeFranklin LifeSmart 2055 Retire Trgt CFidelity Advisor Stock Selec Lg Cp ValA
Fidelity Advisor Stock Selec Lg Cp ValBFidelity Advisor Stock Selec Lg Cp ValCFidelity Advisor Stock Selec Lg Cp ValIFidelity Advisor Stock Selec Lg Cp ValT
Franklin Large Cap Value AFidelity Leveraged Company StockFidelity Large Cap Value Enhanced IndexFidelity Advisor Leveraged Co StkI
Federated Absolute Return AFidelity MagellanFranklin MA Tax-Free Income CFidelity Advisor Series Growth & Income
Fidelity Advisor Stock Sel All Cp AFederated Absolute Return BFederated Mortgage StrategyFranklin Mutual Beacon R6
Fidelity Advisor Stock Selec Mid Cp TFidelity Advisor Stock Selec Mid Cp BFidelity Advisor Stock Selec Mid Cp IFidelity Advisor Stock Selec Mid Cp A
Fidelity Advisor Stock Selec Mid Cp CFidelity Municipal Income 2019Fidelity Advisor Emerging Markets CFederated Mid-Cap Index Instl
Fidelity Mid-Cap StockFranklin MicroCap Value R6Federated Mid-Cap Index SvcFranklin MD Tax-Free Income C
Franklin Mutual Global Discovery R6Franklin MD Tax-Free Income AFranklin MD Tax-Free Income AdvFidelity Advisor EMEA A
Fidelity Mid Cap Enhanced IndexFranklin Mutual European R6Fidelity Advisor Materials AFidelity Advisor Materials B
Fidelity Advisor Materials CFidelity Advisor Materials IFidelity Advisor Series Equity GrFidelity Advisor Materials T
Fidelity Advisor Mortgage Securities AFrontier MFG Global Equity InstlFranklin Small-Mid Cap Growth R6Frontier MFG Core Infrastructure Instl
Fidelity Magellan KFrontier MFG Global Plus InstitutionalFidelity Michigan Municipal IncomeFranklin Mutual International A
Fidelity Municipal Income 2017FMI Large CapFederated Absolute Return InstitutionalFMI International
Fidelity New MillenniumFMI Common StockFranklin MN Tax-Free Inc AFranklin MA Tax-Free Income A
Franklin Mutual International ZFidelity Advisor Emerging Mkts Inc AFidelity Advisor Emerging Mkts Inc CFidelity Advisor Emerging Mkts Inc I
Franklin LifeSmart 2045 Retire Trgt R6Fidelity Advisor Ser Stk Sel Lg Cp ValFederated Muni and Stock Advantage BFederated Municipal High Yield Adv C
Fidelity Conservative Inc Muni Bd InstlFranklin MN Tax-Free Inc CFranklin MN Tax-Free Income AdvFederated Municipal High Yield Adv A
Federated Municipal High Yield Adv BFranklin MO Tax-Free Income CFidelity Advisor Mid Cap Value AFidelity Advisor Mid Cap Value B
Fidelity Advisor Mid Cap Value CFidelity Advisor Municipal Income IFidelity Advisor Mid Cap Value IFidelity Advisor Mid Cap Value T
Franklin Mutual Quest R6Federated Absolute Return CFidelity Advisor Event Driven Opps IFidelity Advisor Mortgage Securities T
Fidelity Advisor Mortgage Securities BFidelity Advisor Mortgage Securities IFidelity Mortgage SecuritiesFranklin Mutual Shares R6
FMC SelectFederated MDT Stock InstlFMC Strategic ValueFederated Shrt-Interm Dur Muni A
Franklin MI Tax-Free Inc AdvFranklin Moderate Allocation AFranklin LifeSmart 2035 Retire Trgt R6First Investors Tax Exempt NC A
First Investors Tax Exempt NC BFirst Investors Tax Exempt NC AdvisorFirst Investors Tax Exempt NC InstlFranklin Moderate Allocation Advisor
Federated Muni and Stock Advantage AFederated Muni and Stock Advantage CFederated Muni and Stock Advantage FFederated Muni and Stock Advantage Instl
Federated Municipal Ultrashort InstlFederated Municipal Ultrashort AFranklin Mid Cap Value AFranklin Mid Cap Value C
Federated Managed Volatility StratFederated Max-Cap Index RFederated Max-Cap Index SvcFederated Municipal High Yield Adv Instl
Fidelity Select Natural Resources PortFrost Natural Resources InvestorFidelity Advisor Limited Term Bond CFranklin Income R6
Franklin NC Tax-Free Income CFidelity Nasdaq Composite IndexFranklin Natural Resources CFranklin NC Tax-Free Income Adv
Franklin Intl Growth AFranklin Intl Growth AdvFidelity Advisor New Insights AFidelity Advisor New Insights B
Fidelity Advisor New Insights CFranklin NJ Tax-Free Income CFidelity Advisor New Insights TFidelity New Jersey Municipal Income
Franklin NJ Tax-Free Income AdvFrank Value CFrank Value InstlFidelity Series Equity-Income
Fidelity Advisor NY Municipal Inc AFidelity New Markets IncomeFidelity NordicFranklin Natural Resources Adv
Fidelity Advisor Energy CFrost Natural Resources InstitutionalForward International Small Co AdvisorFrontier Netols Small Cap Value Instl
Frontier Netols Small Cap Value YFranklin NY Tax-Free Income AdvFidelity Advisor NY Municipal Inc BFidelity Advisor NY Municipal Inc C
First Investors Tax Exempt NY AFirst Investors Tax Exempt NY BFirst Investors Tax Exempt NY AdvisorFranklin NY Tax-Free Income C
First Investors Tax Exempt NY InstlFidelity Advisor NY Municipal Inc TFranklin NY Tax-Free Income AFranklin NY Interm-Term T/F Income Adv
Fidelity Municipal Income 2021Fairholme Focused IncomeFidelity OTC KFidelity OTC Portfolio
Franklin OR Tax-Free Income AdvFidelity Ohio Municipal IncomeFidelity Series 100 IndexFidelity Series 100 Index F
Franklin OH Tax-Free Inc CFidelity Advisor Muni Inc 2021 AFidelity Advisor Mortgage Securities CFidelity Advisor Municipal Inc 2021 I
Fidelity Advisor Intl Sm Cap Opps AFidelity Advisor Intl Sm Cap Opps BFidelity Advisor Intl Sm Cap Opps CFidelity Advisor Intl Sm Cap Opps I
Franklin Growth Opportunities R6Fidelity Advisor Intl Sm Cap Opps TFranklin OR Tax-Free Income CFidelity Overseas
Fidelity Overseas KFirst Trust/Confluence Small Cap Val AFirst Trust/Confluence Small Cap Val CFirst Trust/Confluence Small Cap Val I
Franklin Templeton Perspective Allc AFederated PA Municipal Income BFPA CrescentFidelity Spartan EMkts Idx Advtg Instl
Fidelity Pacific BasinFranklin Templeton Perspective Allc CFort Pitt Capital Total ReturnFirst Trust Preferred Sec & Inc A
First Trust Preferred Sec & Inc CFirst Trust Preferred Sec & Inc FFirst Trust Preferred Sec & Inc IFranklin Pelagos Commodities Strat R6
Fidelity Spartan EMkts Idx InvFirst Trust Preferred Sec & Inc R3Franklin PA Tax-Free Income AdvFederated Prudent DollarBear C
Federated Prudent DollarBear InstlFidelity Select Pharmaceuticals PortFidelity Freedom Index 2020FPA International Value
Fidelity Advisor Japan AFidelity Spartan EMkts Idx AdvtgFidelity Spartan EMkts Idx InstlFPA New Income
Fortunatus Protactical New Opportunity AFranklin Payout 2017 AdvisorFranklin Payout 2018 AdvisorFranklin Payout 2019 R6
Franklin Payout 2019 AdvisorFranklin Payout 2020 R6Franklin Payout 2020 AdvisorFortunatus Protactical New Opportunity I
Franklin Payout 2021 AdvisorFranklin Payout 2017 R6Franklin Payout 2018 R6Franklin Payout 2021 R6
FPA PerennialFPA CapitalFPA ParamountForward Real Estate Inst
Franklin Double Tax-Free Income CFranklin Double Tax-Free Income AFrontier Phocas Small Cap Value InstlFidelity Puritan K
Fidelity PuritanFidelity Pennsylvania Municipal IncomeFidelity Freedom Index 2025Franklin Growth Opportunities Adv
Franklin AL Tax-Free Income AFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2022 AFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2028 IFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2034 I
Franklin All Cap Value AFranklin Biotechnology Discovery R6Franklin Balance Sheet Investment AFranklin CA Insured Tax-Free Inc C
Franklin Flex Cap Growth RFranklin CA Insured Tax-Free Inc AFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2022 CFranklin CO Tax-Free Income A
Franklin Small Cap Value R6Franklin CA Tax-Free Income CFranklin CA Interm-Term Tx-Fr Inc AdvFranklin Rising Dividends Adv
Franklin Rising Dividends AFranklin Rising Dividends RFranklin Rising Dividends CFidelity Series Real Estate Equity
Franklin Real Estate Securities AFidelity Series Real Estate Equity FFranklin Equity Income RFranklin LifeSmart 2025 Retire Trgt R
Franklin Total Return R6Fidelity Real Estate Investment PortFranklin Equity Income CFirst Investors Floating Rate A
First Investors Floating Rate AdvisorFranklin FL Tax-Free Income CFranklin FL Tax-Free Income AFirst Investors Floating Rate Instl
Franklin Federal Tax-Free Income CFidelity Series Stk Selec Lg Cp Val FFranklin Gold and Precious Metals CFranklin Growth C
Franklin High Yield Tax-Free Inc AFranklin Income AdvFederated Floating Rate Strat Inc CFidelity Real Estate Income
Fidelity Advisor Income Repl 2022 IFidelity Advisor Real Estate Income AFidelity Advisor Real Estate Income CFidelity Advisor Real Estate Income T
Fidelity Advisor Real Estate Income IFranklin Rising Dividends R6Franklin Insured Tax-Free Income CFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2016 A
Fidelity Advisor Income Repl 2016 CFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2016 IFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2016 TFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2018 A
Fidelity Advisor Income Repl 2018 CFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2018 IFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2018 TFranklin KY Tax-Free Income A
Franklin Real Estate Securities AdvFranklin LifeSmart 2050 Retire Trgt R6Franklin Large Cap Value R6Fidelity Series Equity-Income F
Forward Real Estate Long/Short AdvisorFranklin MicroCap Value AFranklin Mutual International RFranklin MO Tax-Free Income A
Franklin MI Tax-Free Inc CFranklin MO Tax-Free Income AdvFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2024 AFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2024 C
Fidelity Advisor Income Repl 2024 IFranklin NJ Tax-Free Income AFrank Value InvForward Frontier Strategy Instl
Franklin Natural Resources AFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2024 TForward Frontier Strategy AdvisorForward Frontier Strategy Investor
Franklin OR Tax-Free Income AFranklin Convertible Securities CFranklin OH Tax-Free Inc AdvFranklin PA Tax-Free Income A
Franklin PA Tax-Free Income CFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2030 AFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2030 CFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2030 I
Fidelity Advisor Income Repl 2030 TFranklin Real Return AFranklin Real Return CFranklin Real Return R6
Franklin Real Estate Securities CFederated Floating Rate Strat Inc AFranklin Small-Mid Cap Growth AFranklin Small-Mid Cap Growth C
Franklin Strategic Income AFranklin LifeSmart 2035 Retire Trgt AFranklin LifeSmart 2015 Retire Trgt CFranklin TN Municipal Bond A
Fidelity Advisor Income Repl 2022 TFranklin LifeSmart 2020 Retire Trgt R6Franklin Utilities AdvFranklin US Government Secs C
Franklin Utilities RFranklin Utilities CFranklin VA Tax-Free Income AFranklin Small Cap Value C
Franklin Small Cap Value AFranklin VA Tax-Free Income AdvFidelity Spartan Real Estate Idx InvFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 60% A
Fidelity Advisor Asset Manager 60% BFidelity Series All-Sector EquityFidelity Select Gold PortfolioFidelity Short Duration High Income
Fidelity Select Air Transportation PortFidelity Asset Manager 60%First Security Municipal Bond AFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 60% T
Fidelity Select Automotive PortFidelity Arizona Municipal IncomeFidelity Spartan S/T Tr Bd Idx Fid AdvtFederated Global Allocation B
Federated Global Allocation CFidelity Series Blue Chip GrowthFidelity Series Blue Chip Growth FFidelity Advisor Short Dur Hi Inc A
Fidelity Spartan S/T Tr Bd Idx InvFederated Global Allocation RFidelity Advisor Strategic Real Ret BFidelity Advisor Small Cap B
Fidelity Advisor Small Cap AFidelity Advisor Small Cap CFidelity Select Industrial Equip PortFidelity Select Chemicals Portfolio
Fidelity Advisor Small Cap IFidelity Spartan Mid Cap Idx AdvtgFidelity Spartan Mid Cap Idx InvestorForward Small Cap Equity Advisor
Fidelity Advisor Asset Manager 60% CFidelity International Small Cap OppFidelity Select Consumer Discret PortFidelity Small Cap Discovery
Fidelity Select Software & Comp PortFidelity Advisor Small Cap TFidelity Select Defense & Aero PortFidelity Select Comms Equip Port
Fidelity Advisor Short Dur Hi Inc CFidelity Strategic Dividend & IncomeFidelity Select Materials PortfolioFidelity Emerging Asia
Fidelity Advisor Short Dur Hi Inc TFidelity Select Electronics PortfolioFidelity Spartan Extended Mkt Index InvFidelity Select Energy Portfolio
Franklin Real Estate Securities R6Fidelity Select Energy Service PortFidelity Spartan Extnd Mkt Idx AdvtgFidelity Advisor Short Fxd-Inc A
Fidelity Advisor Short Fxd-Inc CFidelity Series All-Sector Equity FFidelity Advisor Short Dur Hi Inc IFranklin Small-Mid Cap Growth Adv
Franklin Strategic Income CFidelity Spartan Glb ex USIdxAdvtgFidelity Series Global ex US IndexFidelity Spartan Glb ex USIdxAdvtgInst
Federated US Govt 1-3 Yr SvcFranklin Small Cap Growth AFidelity Spartan Glb ex USIdxInstlFederated US Govt 1-3 Yr Y
Fidelity Spartan Glb ex USIdxInvFederated US Govt 1-3 Yr InstlFidelity Short-Term BondFidelity Select Medical Delivery Port
Fidelity Series High Income FFederated Shrt-Interm Dur Muni InstlFidelity Series High IncomeFidelity Select Construction & Hsg Port
Federated Shrt-Interm Dur Muni SvcFidelity Advisor Strategic Income TFidelity Strategic IncomeFidelity Advisor Strategic Div & Inc I
First Investors Strategic Income AFidelity Series Investment Grade BondFirst Investors Strategic Income AdvFidelity Spartan International Idx Inv
Forward Select Income AdvisorFidelity Advisor Strategic Income BFidelity Series 1000 Value Index FFidelity Series Infl-Prtct Bd Idx
Fidelity Spartan Infl-Prot Bd Index InvFidelity Advisor Strategic Real Ret IFederated Short-Term Income SvcFidelity Spartan US Bond Idx Advtg
Fidelity Spartan Intl Idx AdvtgFidelity Spartan Infl-Prot Bd Idx FidAdFidelity Advisor Stock Sel All Cp TFidelity Spartan Ttl Mkt Idx Advtg I
Franklin K2 Alternative Strategies RFidelity SAI Intl Mini Volatil IdxFidelity Spartan Ttl Mkt Idx InstlFidelity Select Brokerage & Invmt Mgmt
Fidelity Small Cap StockForward Select EM Dividend CFidelity Select Envir and Alt Engy PortForward Select EM Dividend Institutional
Forward Select EM Dividend AdvisorFranklin Pelagos Commodities Strat AdvForward Select EM Dividend InvestorFidelity Value Strategies
Fidelity Stock Selec Lg Cp ValFidelity Spartan Extnd MktIdxAdvtgInstFidelity Spartan Mid Cap Idx AdvtgInstlFidelity Select Medical Equip & Systems
Franklin Strategic Mortgage A1Franklin Small Cap Growth R6Franklin Small-Mid Cap Growth RFidelity Mid Cap Value
Fidelity Select Natural Gas PortfolioFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 60% IFidelity Advisor Value Strategies AForward Select Opportunity C
Fidelity Advisor Muni Inc 2023 AFidelity Series Small Cap Opps FForward Select Opportunity AFidelity Series Small Cap Opps
Forward Select Opportunity InvestorForward Select Opportunity InstitutionalFidelity Select Insurance PortFidelity Select Health Care Portfolio
Fidelity Spartan Intl Idx InstlFidelity Spartan Intl Idx Advtg InstlFidelity Select Technology PortfolioFidelity Advisor Strategic Real Ret A
Fidelity Select Banking PortfolioFidelity Advisor Strategic Income CFidelity Series Real Estate IncomeFidelity Select Transportation
Fidelity Advisor Strategic Income IFidelity Spartan Real Estate Idx InstlFidelity Select Retailing PortfolioFidelity Strategic Real Return
Fidelity Advisor Strategic Real Ret TFidelity Spartan Real Estate Idx AdvtgFidelity Series Real Estate Income FFranklin Small Cap Growth Adv
Fidelity Advisor Series Small CapFidelity Advisor Stock Sel All Cp KFidelity Advisor Stock Selector Mid CpFidelity Spartan Sm Cp Idx Advtg Instl
Fidelity Spartan Sm Cp Idx InvFranklin Small Cap Growth RFidelity Spartan Sm Cp Idx InstlFidelity Spartan Sm Cp Idx Advtg
Fidelity Advisor Strategic Income AFederated Global Allocation AFidelity Select Telecommunications PortFidelity Limited Term Municipal Income
Fidelity Intermediate Government IncomeFederated Short-Term Income InstlFederated MDT Stock SvcFidelity Spartan Total Market Idx Inv
Fidelity Spartan Mid Cap Idx InstlFederated MDT Stock AFidelity Series International Sm CapFidelity Spartan Total Mkt Idx Advtg
Federated Short-Term Income YFidelity Select Utilities PortfolioFidelity SAI US Minimum Volatility IdxFoundry Small Cap Value I
Fidelity Select Consumer Finance PortFidelity Advisor Municipal Inc 2023 IFidelity Advisor Short Fxd-Inc IFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 30% A
Fidelity Tax-Free BondFidelity Advisor International Discv TFidelity Advisor Total Intl Equity AFidelity Advisor Freedom Income T
Forward Tactical Growth AFidelity Asset Manager 30%Fidelity Advisor Asset Manager 70% TFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 20% A
Franklin AZ Tax-Free Income AFederated International Bond BFidelity Advisor Total Intl Equity BFidelity Total Bond
Fidelity Advisor Asset Manager 30% BFidelity Advisor Limited Term Bond TFidelity Series Growth & Income FFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 20% B
Franklin Conservative Allocation CFidelity Advisor Total Intl Equity CFranklin Conservative Allocation AFranklin Corefolio Allocation C
Fidelity Advisor Canada TFranklin Corefolio Allocation AFranklin Conservative Allocation RFidelity Advisor Convertible Secs T
Fidelity Advisor Asset Manager 20% CFranklin Conservative Allocation AdvisorFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 20% TFranklin Biotechnology Discovery Adv
Forward Tactical Enhanced AFidelity Advisor Total Emerg Mkts AForward Tactical Enhanced InvFidelity Advisor Total Emerg Mkts C
Forward Tactical Enhanced CFidelity Advisor Total Emerg Mkts TFidelity Advisor Total Intl Equity IFidelity Advisor Total Emerg Mkts I
Fidelity Total Emerg MktsForward Tactical Enhanced AdvisorForward Tactical Enhanced InstlForward Commodity L/S Strategy Z
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2030 TFidelity Advisor Freedom 2040 TFranklin Insured Tax-Free Income AFidelity New York Municipal Income
Franklin Federal Lmtd-Term T/F Inc AdvFranklin GA Tax-Free Income AForward Tactical Growth AdvisorForward Tactical Growth C
Fidelity Advisor Mega Cap Stock TFederated Total Return Govt Bd SvcFranklin Growth Allocation CForward Tactical Growth Inst
Fidelity Advisor Technology CFidelity Intermediate BondFederated Short-Term Income AFederated International Bond C
Fidelity Total International EquityFederated International Bond AFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 30% IFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2032 T
Fidelity Advisor Intl Small Cap TFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 20% IFranklin LifeSmart 2025 Retire Trgt R6Franklin Multi Asset Real Return Class A
First Investors Tax Exempt MI AFirst Investors Tax Exempt MI BFidelity Advisor Emerging Markets TFirst Investors Tax Exempt MI Advisor
First Investors Tax Exempt MI InstlFranklin Moderate Allocation RFranklin Moderate Allocation CFirst Investors Tax Exempt OR B
Franklin OH Tax-Free Inc AFirst Investors Tax Exempt OR AFirst Investors Tax Exempt OR AdvisorFirst Investors Tax Exempt OR Instl
First Investors Tax Exempt PA AFirst Investors Tax Exempt PA BFirst Investors Tax Exempt PA AdvisorFirst Investors Tax Exempt PA Instl
Fidelity Focused StockFranklin LifeSmart 2015 Retire Trgt AFederated Total Return Bond InstlFranklin LifeSmart 2035 Retire Trgt C
Federated Total Return Bond SvcFederated Total Return Govt Bd InstlFidelity Advisor Mega Cap Stock IFederated Total Return Bond R
Federated Total Return Bond R6Fidelity TrendFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2028 TFranklin Total Return R
Fidelity Advisor Income Repl 2034 TFranklin LifeSmart 2025 Retire Trgt AFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2038 TFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2040 T
Fidelity Advisor Strategic Div & Inc TFrontier Timpani Small Cap Growth InstFidelity Advisor Ltd Term Muni Inc TFrontier Timpani Small Cap Growth Y
Franklin LifeSmart 2045 Retire Trgt AFranklin LifeSmart 2025 Retire Trgt CFidelity Advisor Total Intl Equity TFidelity Advisor Freedom 2035 T
Franklin MI Tax-Free Inc AFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 30% TFidelity Advisor Freedom 2025 TFidelity Advisor Telecommunications A
Fidelity Advisor Telecommunications BFidelity Advisor Telecommunications CFidelity Advisor Telecommunications IFidelity Advisor Telecommunications T
Fidelity Advisor Value TFidelity Spartan US Bond Idx FFranklin Utilities R6Fidelity Advisor Utilities A
Fidelity Advisor Utilities CFidelity Advisor Utilities IFederated Ultrashort Bond AFederated Ultrashort Bond Svc
Federated Ultrashort Bond InstlFundX UpgraderFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2036 AFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2036 C
Fidelity Advisor Income Repl 2036 IFidelity Advisor Income Repl 2036 TFranklin US Government Secs AdvFederated Fund for US Govt Secs B
Federated Fund for US Govt Secs CFidelity Spartan 500 Index InvFederated Fund for US Govt Secs AFranklin US Government Secs R
Fidelity Spartan 500 Index AdvtgFranklin Small Cap Value AdvFranklin VA Tax-Free Income CForester Value N
Franklin CA High Yield Municipal AdvFidelity Advisor Value Strategies CFidelity Value DiscoveryFidelity Value Discovery K
Franklin Small Cap Value RFranklin Global Real Estate AdvFranklin High Income AdvFidelity Advisor Government Income A
Fidelity Advisor Government Income BFidelity Advisor Government Income CFidelity Advisor Value IFidelity Advisor Government Income I
Forester Value IFidelity Advisor Government Income TFidelity Advisor Value Leaders AFidelity Advisor Value Leaders B
Fidelity Advisor Value Leaders CFidelity Advisor Value Leaders IFidelity Value KFidelity Advisor Value Leaders T
Federated Managed Volatility AFederated Managed Volatility CFederated Managed Volatility InstlForester Value R
Franklin MicroCap Value AdvFidelity Advisor Value Strategies KFidelity Series Opportunistic InsightsFidelity Advisor Worldwide A
Fidelity Advisor Worldwide BFidelity Advisor Worldwide CFirst Western Fixed IncomeFidelity Advisor Worldwide I
Franklin World Perspectives AFranklin World Perspectives AdvFidelity Select Wireless PortfolioFirst Western Short Duration Bond
Fidelity Advisor Worldwide TFidelity Series Opportunistic InsightsFFidelity WorldwideFidelity Spartan 500 Index Advtg Instl
Franklin CT Tax-Free Income AFX Strategy AFX Strategy IFidelity Freedom Index 2030
Fidelity Spartan US Bond Idx AdvtgInstlFranklin NC Tax-Free Income AFidelity Spartan 500 Index InstlFidelity Spartan US Bond Idx Instl
Fidelity Advisor Series Short-Term CrdtFidelity Series Short-Term CreditFidelity Series Short-Term Credit FFidelity Advisor Balanced Z
Fidelity Advisor Diversified Intl ZFidelity Advisor Diversified Stock ZFidelity Advisor Dividend Growth ZFidelity Advisor Emerging Markets Z
Fidelity Advisor Equity Growth ZFidelity Advisor Equity Income ZFidelity Advisor Growth Opps ZFidelity Advisor International Discv Z
Fidelity Advisor International Growth ZFidelity Advisor Leveraged Co Stk ZFidelity Advisor Mega Cap Stock ZFidelity Advisor Mid Cap II Z
Fidelity Advisor New Insights ZFidelity Advisor Small Cap ZFidelity Advisor Stock Sel All Cp ZFranklin CA Insured Tax-Free Inc Adv
Fidelity Advisor Int Muni Inc AFidelity Advisor Int Muni Inc BFidelity Advisor Int Muni Inc CFidelity Advisor Int Muni Inc I
Fidelity Advisor Int Muni Inc TFundX Aggressive UpgraderFederated InterContinental BFederated InterContinental C
Federated InterContinental InstlFederated InterContinental RFederated InterContinental R6Federated Emerging Market Debt A
Federated Emerging Market Debt BFederated Emerging Market Debt CFundX Flexible IncomeFederated Intermediate Corp Bd Svc
Forester DiscoveryFederated International Small-Mid Co AFederated International Small-Mid Co BFederated International Small-Mid Co C
Federated International Sm Mid Co InstlFederated Bond FFederated Intl Strategic Val Div AFederated Intl Strategic Val Div C
Federated Intl Strategic Val Div InstlFederated Kaufmann AFederated Kaufmann BFederated Kaufmann C
Federated Kaufmann RForward Global Infrastructure AForward Global Infrastructure BForward Global Infrastructure C
Forward Global Infrastructure InstlForward Select Income AForward Select Income BForward Select Income C
Forward Select Income InstitutionalForward International Real Estate AForward International Real Estate CForward International Real Estate Instl
Federated Kaufmann Large Cap AFederated Kaufmann Large Cap CFederated Kaufmann Large Cap InstlFederated Kaufmann Large Cap R
Federated Kaufmann Large Cap R6Forward Real Estate AForward Real Estate CForward Real Estate Long/Short A
Forward Real Estate Long/Short BForward Real Estate Long/Short CForward Real Estate Long/Short InstlFederated Equity Income B
Federated Equity Income CFederated Equity Income AFederated Equity Income InstitutionalFederated Equity Income F
Federated Municipal Securities FFederated Municipal Securities BFederated Municipal Securities CFederated Municipal Securities A
Fortress Long/Short Credit AdvFortress Long/Short Credit IFortress Long/Short Credit RFDP Ser Marsico Growth FDP Instl
FDP Ser Franklin Temp Ttl Ret FDP InstlFDP Ser MFS Research Intl FDP IFDP Ser Marsico Growth FDP Inv CFDP Ser Franklin Temp Ttl Ret FDP Inv C
FDP Ser MFS Research Intl FDP Inv CFDP Ser Marsico Growth FDP Inv AFDP Ser Franklin Temp Ttl Ret FDP Inv AFDP Ser MFS Research Intl FDP Inv A
Franklin Mutual Global Discovery ZFranklin Mutual European ZFederated MI Intermediate Municipal AFranklin Mutual Quest Z
Franklin Mutual Shares ZFederated Max-Cap Index CFederated NY Municipal Income BFederated NY Municipal Income A
Federated OH Municipal Income AFederated OH Municipal Income FFederated PA Municipal Income AFederated Prudent Bear C
Federated Prudent Bear InstlForward Emerging Markets InvForward International Small Co InvFederated Prudent DollarBear A
Forward Emerging Markets InstlForward International Small Co InstlFederated MDT All Cap Core AFederated MDT Balanced A
Federated MDT Large Cap Growth AFederated MDT Small Cap Core AFederated MDT Small Cap Growth AFederated MDT Large Cap Growth B
Federated MDT Small Cap Growth BFederated MDT All Cap Core CFederated MDT Balanced CFederated MDT Large Cap Growth C
Federated MDT Small Cap Core CFederated MDT Small Cap Growth CFederated MDT All Cap Core InstlFederated MDT Balanced Instl
Federated MDT Large Cap Growth InstlFederated MDT Small Cap Core InstlFederated MDT Small Cap Growth InstlFederated MDT All Cap Core R
Federated MDT Balanced RFundX Conservative UpgraderFederated InterContinental AFederated Real Return Bond A
Federated Real Return Bond CFederated Real Return Bond IFederated Global Allocation InstlFirst Eagle Global A
First Eagle Gold AFirst Eagle Global IFirst Eagle Overseas IFirst Eagle Overseas A
Federated Strategic Income BFederated Strategic Income CFidelity Maryland Municipal IncomeFidelity High Income
Federated Short-Interm Ttl Ret Bd RFederated Strategic Income FFederated Strategic Income AFederated Strategic Income Instl
Federated Strategic Value Dividend AFederated Strategic Value Dividend CFederated Strategic Value Dividend InstlFundX Tactical Upgrader
Franklin Mutual Beacon AFranklin Mutual Global Discovery AFranklin Mutual Global Discovery RFranklin Mutual Global Discovery C
Franklin Mutual Financial Services ZFirsthand Technology OpportunitiesFranklin Mutual Beacon CFranklin Mutual European A
Franklin Mutual Quest CFranklin Mutual Shares CFranklin Mutual Quest AFranklin Mutual Shares A
Franklin Mutual Shares RFranklin Mutual European CFranklin Mutual Financial Services AFederated Total Return Bond A
Federated Total Return Bond BFederated Total Return Bond CFranklin Mutual Financial Services CFundX Flexible Total Return
Federated Clover Value AFederated Clover Value BFederated Clover Value CFederated Clover Value Instl
Federated Clover Value RFederated Clover Small Value AFederated Clover Small Value CFederated Clover Small Value Instl
Federated Clover Small Value R