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Mutual Fund starting with Letter d


Deutsche Alternative Asset Allc ADeutsche Alternative Asset Allc CDeutsche Alternative Asset Allc RDeutsche Alternative Asset Allc S
Deutsche Alternative Asset Allc R6Deutsche Alternative Asset Allc InstlDreyfus Dynamic Total Return ADreyfus Dynamic Total Return C
Dreyfus Dynamic Total Return IDreyfus Dynamic Total Return YDiamond Hill Financial Long-Short ADeutsche US Bond Index A
Deutsche US Bond Index SDiamond Hill Financial Long-Short CDeutsche EAFE Equity Index InstitutionalDeutsche Mid Cap Growth Institutional
Deutsche Equity 500 Index SDeutsche Equity 500 Index InstitutionalDeutsche US Bond Index InstitutionalDelaware National Hi-Yld Muni Bd A
Dunham Appreciation & Income ADunham Alternative Income ADunham Alternative Strategy ADunham Dynamic Macro A
Delaware Global Value ADelaware Global Value CDelaware Global Value InstDreyfus Yield Enhancement Strategy Y
Dreyfus Yield Enhancement Strategy IDreyfus Yield Enhancement Strategy CDreyfus Yield Enhancement Strategy ADunham Corporate/Government Bond A
Dunham Small Cap Growth ADunham Emerging Markets Stock ADunham Focused Large Cap Growth ADunham Floating Rate Bond A
Dreyfus Strategic Value ADunham High-Yield Bond ADunham International Stock ADunham International Opportunity Bond A
Dreyfus Inflation Adjusted Sec YDean Mid Cap Value FundDunham Large Cap Value ADunham Monthly Distribution A
Dreyfus Large Cap Growth ADreyfus Large Cap Growth IDunham Real Estate Stock ADean Small Cap Value
Dunham Small Cap Value ADavenport CoreDelaware Tax-Free Arizona InstitutionalDoubleLine Strategic Commodity I
Dreyfus Diversified Emerging Markets ADreyfus Diversified Emerging Markets CDoubleLine Equities Growth IDoubleLine Floating Rate I
Dreyfus Strategic Beta Global Equity ADreyfus Strategic Beta Global Equity CDreyfus Strategic Beta Global Equity IDreyfus Strategic Beta Global Equity Y
DMS Baltic Index IDeutsche Global Equity BDeutsche Global Equity CDreyfus Bond Market Index Basic
Deutsche Global Equity ADeutsche Global Equity RDeutsche Global Equity SDoubleLine Long Duration Total Ret Bd I
DoubleLine Emerging Markets Fixed Inc IDoubleLine Core Fixed Income IDoubleLine Low Dur Emerg Mkts Fxd Inc IDoubleLine Low Duration Bond I
DoubleLine Total Return Bond IDreyfus/The Boston Co Sm/Md Cp Gr ADreyfus/The Boston Co Sm/Md Cp Gr CDreyfus Bond Market Index Inv
Dreyfus/The Boston Co Sm/Md Cp Gr YDreyfus Select Managers Long/Short ADreyfus Select Managers Long/Short CDreyfus Select Managers Long/Short I
Dreyfus Select Managers Long/Short YDreyfus Balanced Opportunity ADreyfus Balanced Opportunity CDreyfus Balanced Opportunity I
Dreyfus Balanced Opportunity ZDeutsche Short Duration SDoubleline Selective Credit IDreyfus CA AMT-Free Municipal Bond A
Dreyfus CA AMT-Free Municipal Bond CDunham Appreciation & Income CDunham Alternative Income CDunham Alternative Strategy C
Dunham Dynamic Macro CDreyfus CA AMT-Free Municipal Bond YDelaware Small Cap Core ADelaware Small Cap Core C
Dunham Corporate/Government Bond CDelaware Small Cap Core IDelaware Small Cap Core RDuPont Capital Emerging Markets Dbt I
Dunham Small Cap Growth CDunham Emerging Markets Stock CDunham Focused Large Cap Growth CDunham Floating Rate Bond C
Delaware Pooled Focus Smid-Cap Gr EqDreyfus Strategic Value CDunham High-Yield Bond CDFA CA Intermediate-Term Muni Bd I
Dunham International Stock CDunham International Opportunity Bond CDunham Large Cap Value CDunham Monthly Distribution C
DuPont Capital Emerging Markets IDreyfus CA AMT-Free Municipal Bond IDFA Commodity Strategy InstitutionalDreyfus New Jersey Municipal Bond C
Delaware Tax-Free CO InstitutionalDreyfus Emerging Markets CDelaware Pooled Core Plus Fixed IncomeDunham Real Estate Stock C
Davis Appreciation & Income BDavis Appreciation & Income CDunham Small Cap Value CDavis Appreciation & Income Y
Delaware Tax-Free CA InstitutionalDeutsche CROCI US ADeutsche CROCI US CDeutsche CROCI US Institutional
Deutsche CROCI US R6Deutsche CROCI US SDreyfus Emerging Markets Debt Lcl Ccy ADreyfus Emerging Markets Debt Lcl Ccy C
Dreyfus Emerging Markets Debt Lcl Ccy IDreyfus Emerging Markets Debt Lcl Ccy YDelaware Dividend Income RDoubleLine Equities Growth A
Delaware Diversified Floating Rate ADelaware Diversified Floating Rate CDelaware Diversified Floating Rate RDelaware Diversified Floating Rate Instl
Delaware Dividend Income ADelaware Dividend Income CDelaware Dividend Income InstlDDJ Opportunistic High Yield I
DDJ Opportunistic High Yield InstlDDJ Opportunistic High Yield IIDeutsche Diversified Market Netrl ADeutsche Diversified Market Netrl C
Deutsche Diversified Market Netrl InstlDeutsche Diversified Market Netrl SDreyfus Disciplined StockDelaware Value A
Delaware Value CDelaware Value InstDelaware Value RDelaware Emerging Markets Debt A
Delaware Emerging Markets Debt CDelaware Emerging Markets Debt RDelaware Extended Duration Bond ADelaware Extended Duration Bond C
Delaware Extended Duration Bond InstDelaware Extended Duration Bond RDelaware Smid Cap Growth CDeutsche Emerging Markets Frontier A
Deutsche Emerging Markets Frontier CDelaware Tax-Free MN ADelafield FundDeutsche Emerging Markets Frontier S
Deutsche Emerging Markets Frontier InstlDelaware Intl Value Equity CDelaware Core Plus Bond ADelaware Intl Value Equity A
Delaware Tax-Free PA ADoubleLine Low Dur Emerg Mkts Fxd Inc NDelaware Pooled Labor Select Intl EqDelaware Emerging Markets A
Delaware Emerging Markets CDelaware Emerging Markets InstlDelaware Emerging Markets RDFA Emerging Markets Small Cap I
Davenport Equity OpportunitiesDreyfus Global Equity Income ADreyfus Global Equity Income CDelaware Intl Value Equity Instl
Dreyfus Global Equity Income YDelaware US Growth CDelaware US Growth InstlDelaware US Growth R
Delaware Small Cap Value CDriehaus Event DrivenDelaware Small Cap Value InstlDelaware Small Cap Value A
Dreyfus Large Cap Equity CDFA Short-Duration Real Return InstlDFA Large Cap International IDFA Investment Grade I
Delaware Foundation Moderate Allc ADelaware Foundation Moderate Allc CDelaware Foundation Moderate Allc RDFA CSTG&E International Social Core Eq
DFA Emerging Markets Core Equity IDelaware Smid Cap Growth ADFA CA Short-Term Municipal Bond IDFA Continental Small Company I
DFA CSTG&E US Social Core Equity 2DFA US Large Cap Value IIDelaware Smid Cap Growth InstlDF Dent Midcap Growth
DF Dent Premier GrowthDF Dent Small Cap GrowthDFA Enhanced US Large Company IDFA Emerging Markets I
DFA US Core Equity 1 IDFA Emerging Markets Value R2DFA Short-Term Extended Quality IDFA Emerging Markets Social Core Eq
DFA Emerging Markets IIDFA Emerging Markets Value IDavis Financial CDFA Short-Term Government I
Delaware Foundation Moderate Allc IDFA US Targeted Value IDelaware Foundation Growth Allc ADFA Five-Year Global Fixed-Income I
Delaware Foundation Growth Allc CDFA Global Real Estate Securities IDFA Two-Year Global Fixed-Income IDelaware Foundation Growth Allc I
DFA Global Allocation 25/75 R2Delaware Foundation Growth Allc RDelaware Foundation Cnsrv Allc ADavis Financial B
Delaware Foundation Cnsrv Allc CDFA International Core Equity IDFA Intermediate Govt Fixed-Income IDFA One-Year Fixed-Income I
Delaware Foundation Cnsrv Allc IDFA International Value R2Delaware Foundation Cnsrv Allc RDFA International Small Company I
DFA International Real Estate Sec IDFA International Value IDFA Japanese Small Company IDreyfus Floating Rate Income A
DFA US Large Company IDoubleLine Flexible Income IDreyfus Floating Rate Income IDFA US Large Cap Value I
Dreyfus Floating Rate Income YDavidson Multi-Cap Equity ADavidson Multi-Cap Equity CDavidson Multi-Cap Equity I
DFA Municipal Bond InstitutionalDFA Tax-Managed US Marketwide Value IIDestra Focused Equity ADestra Focused Equity C
Destra Focused Equity IDreyfus Diversified Intl ADreyfus Diversified Intl CDreyfus Diversified Intl I
DFA Global Allocation 60/40 R2DFA US Core Equity 2 IDeutsche Floating Rate ADeutsche Floating Rate C
DFA Real Estate Securities IDelaware Smid Cap Growth RDeutsche Floating Rate SDeutsche Floating Rate R6
DFA Asia Pacific Small Company IDeutsche Floating Rate InstitutionalDFA US Micro Cap IDFA Selectively Hedged Global F/I I
DFA US Sustainability Core 1DFA Short Term Municipal Bond IDFA Intl Sustainability Core 1Delaware Select Growth R
DFA US Small Cap IDFA US Small Cap Value IDFA T.A. US Core Equity 2 IDFA Intermediate-Term Extnd Qlty I
DFA Intermediate-Term Municipal Bd IDFA US Targeted Value R2DFA Tax-Managed US Small CapDFA US Targeted Value R1
DFA TA World ex US Core Equity IDFA US Social Core Equity 2DFA United Kingdom Small Company IDFA US Large Company I
DFA US Large Cap Value IIIDFA US Vector Equity IDFA International Value IVDFA International Value III
DFA International Value Ex TobaccoDFA International Vector Equity IDFA World ex US Core Equity InstlDFA World ex US Value Port I
DGHM All-Cap Value CDreyfus Appreciation InvestorDGHM All-Cap Value InstitutionalDreyfus Global Infrastructure A
Dreyfus Global Real Estate Securities CDelaware Corporate Bond ADelaware Corporate Bond CDelaware Corporate Bond Inst
Dreyfus Global Infrastructure CDelaware Corporate Bond RDreyfus Global Dynamic Bond ADreyfus Global Dynamic Bond C
Dreyfus Global Dynamic Bond IDreyfus Global Dynamic Bond YDreyfus Global Emerging Markets ADreyfus Global Emerging Markets C
DFA Global Equity IDFA Global Equity R2Dreyfus Global Emerging Markets YDavis Global A
Davis Global BDavis Global CDavis Global YDelaware Focus Global Growth A
Delaware Focus Global Growth CDelaware Focus Global Growth InstlDelaware Focus Global Growth RDGHM All-Cap Value Investor
Dreyfus Global Emerging Markets IDisciplined Growth InvestorsDGHM V2000 SmallCap Value InstlDreyfus Global Stock A
Dreyfus Global Stock CDreyfus Global Stock IDreyfus Global Stock YDavis Opportunity C
Davis Opportunity YDreyfus Growth & IncomeDelaware Global Real Estate Opps InstlDelaware Global Real Estate Opps A
DFA Global Allocation 60/40 IDGHM V2000 SmallCap Value InvDreyfus Large Cap Growth CDFA Global Allocation 25/75 I
Davis Government Bond CDreyfus Technology Growth IDavis Government Bond YDreyfus Appreciation Y
Day Hagan Tactical Alloc Fd of ETFs ADay Hagan Tactical Alloc Fd of ETFs CDay Hagan Tactical Alloc Fd of ETFs IDestra Dividend Total Return A
Destra Dividend Total Return CDestra Dividend Total Return IDiamond Hill Long-Short CDiamond Hill Financial Long-Short I
Dreyfus/Standish Global Fixed Income ADreyfus/Standish Global Fixed Income CDelaware High-Yield Opportunities RDiamond Hill Large Cap A
Diamond Hill Large Cap CDiamond Hill Large Cap IDiamond Hill Long-Short IDiamond Hill Select I
Diamond Hill Large Cap YDiamond Hill Small-Mid Cap ADreyfus High Yield Municipal Bond ZDiamond Hill Small-Mid Cap C
Diamond Hill Small-Mid Cap IDiamond Hill Small-Mid Cap YDelaware High-Yield Opportunities ADelaware High-Yield Opportunities C
Delaware High-Yield Opportunities InDiamond Hill Mid Cap ADiamond Hill Mid Cap CDiamond Hill Mid Cap I
Diamond Hill Mid Cap YDay Hagan Tactical Dividend ADay Hagan Tactical Dividend CDay Hagan Tactical Dividend I
Diamond Hill Research Opportunities ADiamond Hill Small Cap ADiamond Hill Small Cap IDiamond Hill Small Cap C
Diamond Hill Strategic Income IDiamond Hill Small Cap YDiamond Hill Select ADiamond Hill Select C
Diamond Hill Select YDreyfus High Yield Municipal Bond ADreyfus High Yield Municipal Bond CDreyfus High Yield Municipal Bond Y
Diamond Hill Long-Short ADreyfus Inflation Adjusted Sec IDreyfus Inflation Adjusted Sec InvDiamond Hill Long-Short Y
Dreyfus International Bond ADreyfus International Bond CDreyfus International Bond IDreyfus International Bond Y
Dreyfus International Value CDreyfus International Equity ADreyfus International Equity CDomini Social Equity Instl
Dreyfus International Equity IDreyfus International Equity YDreyfus Global Infrastructure IDMS NASDAQ India Bank Index Investor
DMS NASDAQ India Midcap Index InvestorDreyfus Intl Stock IndexDavis International ADavis International B
Davis International CDFA International Large Cap GrowthDavis International YDreyfus Short-Intermediate Muni Bd I
DFA Inflation-Protected Securities IDreyfus International Value IDreyfus International Stock ADreyfus International Stock C
DFA International Small Cap GrowthDreyfus International Stock IDreyfus Small Cap Stock IndexDFA International Small Cap Value I
Dreyfus International Stock YDreyfus Intermediate Municipal BondDreyfus Intermediate Term Income IDreyfus Intermediate Term Income Y
Dividend Plus Income InvDelaware Intl Value Equity RDFA International Value IIDana Large Cap Equity A
Dana Large Cap Equity NDana Large Cap Equity InstitutionalDoubleLine Strategic Commodity NDreyfus Natural Resources C
Dreyfus Natural Resources IDoubleLine Emerging Markets Fixed Inc NDoubleLine Core Fixed Income NDoubleLine Floating Rate N
Delaware Healthcare ADelaware Healthcare CDelaware Healthcare IDreyfus High Yld I
DoubleLine Flexible Income NDoubleLine Long Duration Total Ret Bd NDelaware Mid Cap Value ADelaware Mid Cap Value C
Delaware Mid Cap Value IDelaware Mid Cap Value RDelaware Global Real Estate Opps CDelaware Global Real Estate Opps R
Dreyfus Large Cap Equity ADreyfus Large Cap Equity IDelaware Healthcare RDreyfus Research Long/Short Equity A
Dreyfus Research Long/Short Equity CDoubleLine Low Duration Bond NDreyfus Research Long/Short Equity IDoubleLine Total Return Bond N
Delaware Limited-Term Diversified Inc RDreyfus Core Equity ADreyfus Research Long/Short Equity YDreyfus Short-Intermediate Muni Bd A
Dreyfus Municipal Bond Opportunity CDreyfus AMT-Free Municipal Bond IDreyfus Municipal Bond Opportunity ZDriehaus Micro Cap Growth
Dreyfus Opportunistic Midcap Value ADreyfus Opportunistic Midcap Value YDreyfus Emerging Markets Debt US Dlr ADreyfus Select Managers Small Cap Val C
Dreyfus Emerging Markets Debt US Dlr IDreyfus Emerging Markets Debt US Dlr YDreyfus MLP ADreyfus MLP C
Dreyfus MLP IDreyfus MLP YDelaware MN High-Yield Muni Bd InstlDelaware Tax-Free MN Intermediate Instl
DoubleLine Multi-Asset Growth ADoubleLine Multi-Asset Growth IDreyfus Emerging Markets Debt US Dlr CDelaware Tax-Free MN Institutional
Delaware Tax-Free MN CDeutsche MLP & Energy Infras ADeutsche MLP & Energy Infras CDeutsche MLP & Energy Infras Instl
Deutsche MLP & Energy Infras SDFA Municipal Real Return InstitutionalDelaware Tax-Free USA ADreyfus AMT-Free Municipal Bond A
Dreyfus AMT-Free Municipal Bond CDelaware Tax-Free USA Intermediate ADreyfus AMT-Free Municipal Bond YDreyfus Select Managers Small Cap Val A
Dreyfus Select Managers Small Cap Val IDreyfus Select Managers Small Cap Val YDreyfus Short-Intermediate Muni Bd YDunham Appreciation & Income N
Dunham Alternative Income NDunham Alternative Strategy NDunham Dynamic Macro NDunham Corporate/Government Bond N
Dunham Small Cap Growth NDunham Emerging Markets Stock NDunham Focused Large Cap Growth NDunham Floating Rate Bond N
Dunham High-Yield Bond NDunham International Stock NDunham International Opportunity Bond NDreyfus New Jersey Municipal Bond Y
Dreyfus Natural Resources ADreyfus Active MidCap CDreyfus Active MidCap ADreyfus Active MidCap I
Dunham Large Cap Value NDunham Monthly Distribution NDreyfus New Jersey Municipal Bond IDunham Real Estate Stock N
Dunham Small Cap Value NDeutsche International Value ADeutsche International Value CDeutsche International Value Instl
Deutsche International Value SDavis NY Venture YDreyfus NY AMT-Free Municipal Bond IDFA NY Municipal Bond Institutional
Dreyfus NY AMT-Free Municipal Bond YDodge & Cox BalancedDodge & Cox International StockDodge & Cox Stock
Dodge & Cox IncomeDodge & Cox Global BondDodge & Cox Global StockDreyfus Strategic Beta Emerg Mkts Eq A
Dreyfus Strategic Beta Emerg Mkts Eq CDreyfus Strategic Beta Emerg Mkts Eq IDreyfus Strategic Beta Emerg Mkts Eq YDomini International Social Equity A
Domini International Social Equity InvDomini International Social Eq InstlDreyfus Opportunistic US Stock ADreyfus Opportunistic US Stock C
Dreyfus Opportunistic US Stock IDreyfus Opportunistic US Stock YDreyfus Strategic Beta US Equity ADreyfus Strategic Beta US Equity C
Dreyfus Strategic Beta US Equity IDreyfus Strategic Beta US Equity YDelaware Pooled Select 20Delaware Diversified Income C
Delaware Pooled Large-Cap Value EquityDelaware Diversified Income ADreyfus Core Equity CDelaware Pooled Em Markets II
Delaware Pooled Emerging MarketsDreyfus Pennsylvania ZDreyfus Core Equity IDavlin Philanthropic
Delaware Diversified Income InstlDelaware Pooled High-Yield BondDestra Preferred and Income Securities ADestra Preferred and Income Securities C
Delaware Pooled International EquityDupree Intermediate Govt BondDestra Preferred and Income Securities IDelaware Pooled Large-Cap Growth Equity
Dreyfus High Yld ADreyfus Connecticut YDreyfus Connecticut ZDelaware REIT C
Delaware REIT ADelaware Diversified Income RDreyfus Worldwide Growth YDelaware REIT R
Delaware REIT InstlDreyfus Structured Midcap ADreyfus Structured Midcap CDreyfus Structured Midcap I
Dreyfus Structured MidCap YDreyfus Tax-Managed Growth CDelaware Tax-Free PA CDreyfus Tax-Managed Growth I
Dreyfus US Equity ADreyfus US Equity CDreyfus US Equity IDreyfus US Equity Y
Dreyfus Worldwide Growth IDreyfus Global Equity Income IDreyfus Equity Income ADreyfus Equity Income C
Dreyfus Equity Income IDreyfus Equity Income YDreyfus CA AMT-Free Municipal Bond ZDearborn Partners Rising Dividend A
Dearborn Partners Rising Dividend CDearborn Partners Rising Dividend IDavis Real Estate BDavis Real Estate C
Driehaus Emerging Markets GrowthDFA World Core Equity InstitutionalDreyfus Research Growth ZDriehaus Emerging Markets Small Cap Gr
Dreyfus Fund IncorporatedDavis Real Estate YDreyfus Emerging Markets ADriehaus Frontier Emerging Markets
Dreyfus US Treasury Long-TermDreyfus US Treasury Intermediate TermDreyfus GNMA ZDreyfus Strategic Value I
Dreyfus Strategic Value YDriehaus International Small Cap GrowthDreman Contrarian Small Cap Value InstlDreyfus Intermediate Term Income A
Dreyfus Global Real Estate Securities ADreyfus Global Real Estate Securities IDreyfus Global Real Estate Securities YDreyfus AMT-Free Municipal Bond Z
Dreyfus Alternative Diversifier Strats ADreyfus Alternative Diversifier Strats CDreyfus Alternative Diversifier Strats IDreyfus New Jersey Municipal Bond A
Dreyfus NY Tax-Exempt BondDiamond Hill Research Opportunities CDiamond Hill Research Opportunities IDiamond Hill Research Opportunities Y
Dreyfus Emerging Markets IDreyfus Global Real Return ADreyfus Global Real Return CDreyfus Global Real Return I
Dreyfus Global Real Return YDreman Contrarian Small Cap Value ADriehaus Select CreditDreman Contrarian Small Cap Value Retail
Dreyfus Municipal BondDreyfus Third Century IDreyfus Third Century ZDFA LTIP Institutional
Dreyfus Alternative Diversifier Strats YDreyfus Research Growth YDomini Social Bond InvDomini Social Bond Institutional
DFA US Small Cap Growth InstlDFA International Social Cor Eq InstlDavenport Small Cap FocusDreyfus Opportunistic Small Cap
Dreyfus Tax Sensitive Total Return Bd ADreyfus Tax Sensitive Total Return Bd CDreyfus Short Duration Bond DDreyfus/Standish Global Fixed Income Y
Dreyfus Small Cap Equity ADreyfus Small Cap Equity CDoubleLine Shiller Enhanced CAPE IDomini Social Equity Inv
DoubleLine Shiller Enhanced CAPE NDomini Social Equity ADreyfus Small Cap Equity IDomini Social Equity R
Dreyfus Select Managers Small Cap Gr ADreyfus Select Managers Small Cap Gr CDreyfus Select Managers Small Cap Gr IDreyfus Select Managers Small Cap Gr Y
DFA Selectively Hedged Glbl Eq IDreyfus Short Term Income PDiamond Hill Strategic Income ADreyfus Short-Intermediate Muni Bd D
Diamond Hill Strategic Income CDreyfus Short Duration Bond IDreyfus Short Duration Bond ZDiamond Hill Strategic Income Y
Deutsche Strategic Equity Lg/Shrt ADeutsche Strategic Equity Lg/Shrt CDeutsche Strategic Equity Lg/Shrt InstlDeutsche Strategic Equity Lg/Shrt S
DSM Global Growth InstitutionalDSM Large Cap Growth InstlDSM Global Growth & Income InstlDeutsche CROCI Sector Opps A
Deutsche CROCI Sector Opps CDeutsche CROCI Sector Opps InstlDeutsche CROCI Sector Opps SDreyfus Basic S&P 500 Stock Index
Dreyfus Opportunistic Fixed Income ADreyfus Opportunistic Fixed Income CDreyfus Short Term Income DDreyfus Opportunistic Fixed Income I
Dreyfus Opportunistic Fixed Income YDreyfus Short Duration Bond YDreyfus Third Century ADreyfus Third Century C
Dreyfus Connecticut IDFA Targeted Credit InstitutionalDreyfus Intermediate Term Income CDreyfus Total Emerging Markets I
Delaware Tax-Free USA InstlDreyfus Technology Growth CDreyfus Technology Growth ADelaware Limited-Term Diversified Inc C
Delaware Tax-Free Idaho InstitutionalDelaware Limited-Term Diversified Inc IDreyfus Total Emerging Markets ADreyfus Total Emerging Markets C
DFA Tax-Managed US EqDreyfus Tax-Managed Growth ADFA Tax-Managed International ValueDFA Tax-Managed US Marketwide Value
DFA Tax-Managed US Targeted ValueDreyfus Total Emerging Markets YDelaware Tax-Free New York InstitutionalDelaware Tax-Free PA Institutional
Delaware Limited-Term Diversified Inc ADupree AL Tax-Free IncomeDelaware US Growth ADelaware Core Plus Bond C
Delaware Core Plus Bond IDelaware Core Plus Bond RDelaware Tax-Free USA Intermediate CDupree MS Tax-Free Income
Deutsche European Equity ADeutsche European Equity CDeutsche European Equity InstitutionalDeutsche European Equity S
Delaware Tax-Free USA CDelaware Tax-Free USA Intermediate InstlDFA US Large Cap Growth InstlDFA US Large Cap Equity Institutional
Dupree Taxable Municipal BondDelaware Tax-Free Arizona CDelaware Tax-Free CO CDelaware Select Growth A
Delaware Select Growth CDelaware Tax-Free NY CDelaware Tax-Free CA CDavis Financial Y
Delaware National Hi-Yld Muni Bd CDelaware National Hi-Yld Muni Bd InstlDelaware Tax-Free ID CDavenport Value & Income
Dreyfus International Value ADreyfus Opportunistic Midcap Value CDreyfus Opportunistic Midcap Value IDelaware Small Cap Value R
Delaware MN High-Yield Muni Bd ADelaware MN High-Yield Muni Bd CDelaware Tax-Free MN Intermediate CDelaware Tax-Free CA A
DFA World ex US Government Fxd Inc IDreyfus Research Growth ADreyfus Research Growth CDreyfus Research Growth I
DFA World ex US Targeted Val InstlDirexion Indexed CVT StrategyDelaware Tax-Free MN Intermediate ADirexion Indexed Cmdty Strategy Instl
Direxion Mthly Natural Resources Bull 2XDirexion Indexed Cmdty Strategy ADirexion Mthly Emerg Mkts Bull 2XDirexion Mthly China Bull 2X Inv
Direxion Mthly 7-10 Yr Treasury Bull 2XDirexion Mthly 7-10 Yr Treasury Bear 2XDirexion Idxd Mgd Futures Strat ADirexion Idxd Mgd Futures Strat C
Direxion Idxd Mgd Futures Strat InstlDirexion Mthly NASDAQ-100 Bull 2X InvDirexion Mthly Small Cap Bull 2XDirexion Mthly Small Cap Bear 2X
Direxion Indexed Cmdty Strategy CDirexion Mthly S&P 500 Bull 2X InvDirexion Mthly S&P 500 Bear 2X InvDirexion Mthly Latin America Bull 2X Inv
Dreyfus International Small Cap ADreyfus High Yield Municipal Bond IDreyfus International Small Cap CDreyfus Global Infrastructure Y
Dreyfus International Small Cap IDreyfus Emerging Markets YDreyfus International Small Cap YDreyfus New Jersey Municipal Bond Z
Deutsche Communications InstitutionalDreyfus Mid-Cap Growth CDreyfus Mid-Cap Growth ADreyfus Mid-Cap Growth F
Dreyfus Mid-Cap Growth IDeutsche Communications BDeutsche Communications CDelaware Tax-Free NY A
Discretionary Managed Futures StratDeutsche GNMA CDeutsche GNMA ADeutsche GNMA Institutional
Dreyfus GNMA ADreyfus GNMA CDeutsche GNMA RDeutsche GNMA R6
Direxion Hilton Tactical Income ADirexion Hilton Tactical Income CDirexion Hilton Tactical Income InstlDeutsche California Tax-Free Income A
Deutsche California Tax-Free Income BDeutsche California Tax-Free Income CDeutsche Large Cap Value ADeutsche Large Cap Value B
Deutsche Large Cap Value CDeutsche Large Cap Value InstitutionalDeutsche Large Cap Value RDeutsche Large Cap Value S
Deutsche CROCI Equity Dividend ADeutsche CROCI Equity Dividend BDeutsche CROCI Equity Dividend CDeutsche CROCI Equity Dividend Instl
Deutsche CROCI Equity Dividend RDeutsche CROCI Equity Dividend SDeutsche CROCI Equity Dividend R6Deutsche Small Cap Value A
Deutsche Small Cap Value BDeutsche Small Cap Value CDeutsche Small Cap Value InstitutionalDeutsche Small Cap Value S
Deutsche Small Cap Value R6Deutsche Global Small Cap ADeutsche Global Small Cap BDeutsche Global Small Cap C
Deutsche Global Small Cap InstitutionalDeutsche Global Small Cap R6Deutsche High Income ADeutsche High Income B
Deutsche High Income CDeutsche High Income InstitutionalDeutsche High Income R6Deutsche High Income R
Deutsche High Income SDeutsche New York Tax-Free Income ADeutsche New York Tax-Free Income BDeutsche New York Tax-Free Income C
Deutsche Unconstrained Income ADeutsche Unconstrained Income BDeutsche Unconstrained Income CDeutsche Unconstrained Income Instl
Deutsche Unconstrained Income SDeutsche Unconstrained Income R6Deutsche Science and Technology ADeutsche Science and Technology B
Deutsche Science and Technology CDeutsche Science and Technology InstlDeutsche Science and Technology SDeutsche Global Income Builder A
Deutsche Global Income Builder BDeutsche Global Income Builder CDeutsche Global Income Builder InstlDeutsche Global Income Builder S
Deutsche Global Income Builder R6Deutsche Strategic Government Secs ADeutsche Strategic Government Secs BDeutsche Strategic Government Secs C
Deutsche Strategic Government Secs InstlDeutsche Strategic Government Secs SDupree KY Tax-Free Short-to-MediumDupree KY Tax-Free Income
Driehaus Active IncomeDWS Disciplined Long/Short Growth ADWS Disciplined Long/Short Growth CDividend Plus Income Instl
Deutsche Core Fixed Income InstitutionalDeutsche Global High Income InstlDeutsche Global Equity InstitutionalDeutsche Ultra-Short Duration Instl
Deutsche Short-Term Municipal Bond InstlDeutsche Mid Cap Value InstitutionalDeutsche Mid Cap Value RDeutsche Mid Cap Value S
Deutsche Mid Cap Value R6Deutsche Mid Cap Value ADeutsche Mid Cap Value BDeutsche Mid Cap Value C
Dreyfus/Newton International Equity ADreyfus/Newton International Equity CDreyfus/Newton International Equity YDeutsche Strategic High Yld Tx-Fr A
Deutsche Strategic High Yld Tx-Fr BDeutsche Strategic High Yld Tx-Fr CDeutsche Strategic High Yld Tx-Fr InstlDupree NC Tax-Free Income
Dupree NC Tax-Free Short-to-MediumDavis NY Venture BDavis NY Venture CDavis NY Venture R
Davis NY Venture ADreyfus Massachusetts CDirexion Dynamic High Yield Bond InvDreyfus S&P 500 Index
Dreyfus MidCap IndexDreyfus Worldwide Growth CDreyfus Worldwide Growth ADeutsche LifeCompass 2030 B
Deutsche LifeCompass 2030 CDeutsche LifeCompass 2030 ADreyfus Massachusetts ZDreyfus Connecticut C
Dreyfus NY AMT-Free Municipal Bond CDreyfus Pennsylvania CDeutsche Short Duration ADeutsche Short Duration Institutional
Deutsche Short Duration BDeutsche Short Duration CDeutsche LifeCompass 2030 SDeutsche Short Duration R6
Dreyfus Connecticut ADreyfus Massachusetts ADreyfus NY AMT-Free Municipal Bond ADreyfus Municipal Bond Opportunity A
Dreyfus High Yld CDreyfus Pennsylvania ADeutsche Real Estate Secs Inc InstlDeutsche Real Estate Secs Inc S
Deutsche Real Estate Securities Inc R6Davis Government Bond ADavis Opportunity ADavis Appreciation & Income A
Davis Opportunity BDavis Financial ADavis Real Estate ADeutsche Global Real Estate Secs A
Deutsche Global Real Estate Secs CDeutsche Global Real Estate Secs InstlDeutsche Global Real Estate Secs SDeutsche Real Estate Securities A
Deutsche Real Estate Securities BDeutsche Real Estate Securities CDeutsche Real Estate Securities SDeutsche Real Estate Securities Instl
Deutsche Real Estate Securities RDeutsche Real Estate Securities R6Dreyfus Diversified Emerging Markets IDreyfus Diversified Emerging Markets Y
Dreyfus Conservative AllocationDeutsche Core Equity SDeutsche Enh Emerg Mkts Fxd Inc SDeutsche Gold & Precious Metals S
Deutsche World Dividend SDeutsche Capital Growth SDeutsche Health and Wellness SDeutsche CROCI International S
Deutsche Massachusetts Tax-Free SDeutsche Managed Municipal Bond SDeutsche Intermediate Tax/Amt Free SDeutsche Global Growth S
Deutsche LifeCompass Retirement SDeutsche S&P 500 Index SDeutsche Large Cap Focus Growth SDeutsche Core Plus Income S
Deutsche California Tax-Free Income SDeutsche Capital Growth ADeutsche Capital Growth BDeutsche Capital Growth C
Dreyfus/Standish Global Fixed Income IDeutsche Capital Growth RDeutsche Capital Growth InstitutionalDeutsche Capital Growth R6
Dreyfus Tax Sensitive Total Return Bd IDreyfus/The Boston Co Sm/Md Cp Gr IDeutsche Ultra-Short Duration ADeutsche Ultra-Short Duration B
Deutsche Ultra-Short Duration CDeutsche Ultra-Short Duration R6Deutsche Ultra-Short Duration SDreyfus Tax Sensitive Total Return Bd Y
Deutsche Emerging Markets Equity ADeutsche Emerging Markets Equity BDeutsche Emerging Markets Equity CDeutsche Emerging Markets Equity Instl
Deutsche Select Alternative Allc ADeutsche Select Alternative Allc CDeutsche Select Alternative Allc InstlDeutsche Select Alternative Allc R
Deutsche Select Alternative Allc SDeutsche Select Alternative Allc R6Deutsche Emerging Markets Equity SDeutsche World Dividend A
Deutsche World Dividend BDeutsche World Dividend CDeutsche World Dividend InstitutionalDeutsche World Dividend R6
Deutsche Core Fixed Income ADeutsche Core Fixed Income BDeutsche Core Fixed Income CDeutsche Core Fixed Income R
Deutsche Core Fixed Income SDreyfus Growth AllocationDeutsche Gold & Precious Metals ADeutsche Gold & Precious Metals B
Deutsche Gold & Precious Metals CDeutsche Gold & Precious Metals InstlDeutsche Large Cap Focus Growth ADeutsche Large Cap Focus Growth B
Deutsche Large Cap Focus Growth CDeutsche Large Cap Focus Growth InstlDeutsche Global High Income ADeutsche Global High Income B
Deutsche Global High Income CDeutsche Global High Income SDeutsche GNMA SDeutsche Global Growth A
Deutsche Global Growth BDeutsche Global Growth CDeutsche Global Growth InstitutionalDeutsche Global Growth R
Deutsche Global Small Cap SDeutsche Strategic High Yld Tx-Fr SDeutsche Enhanced Commodity Strat BDeutsche Enhanced Commodity Strat C
Deutsche Enhanced Commodity Strat InstlDeutsche Enhanced Commodity Strat ADeutsche Enhanced Commodity Strat SDeutsche Latin America Equity S
Deutsche Latin America Equity ADeutsche Latin America Equity BDeutsche Latin America Equity CDeutsche Latin America Equity Instl
Deutsche Mid Cap Growth ADeutsche Mid Cap Growth BDeutsche Mid Cap Growth CDeutsche Mid Cap Growth S
Dreyfus Moderate AllocationDeutsche Managed Municipal Bond ADeutsche Managed Municipal Bond BDeutsche Managed Municipal Bond C
Deutsche Managed Municipal Bond InstlDreyfus/Newton International Equity IDeutsche New York Tax-Free Income SDeutsche LifeCompass 2015 S
Deutsche LifeCompass 2015 ADeutsche LifeCompass 2015 BDeutsche LifeCompass 2015 CDeutsche LifeCompass 2020 S
Deutsche Massachusetts Tax-Free ADeutsche Massachusetts Tax-Free BDeutsche Massachusetts Tax-Free CDeutsche Short-Term Municipal Bond A
Deutsche Short-Term Municipal Bond BDeutsche Short-Term Municipal Bond CDeutsche Short-Term Municipal Bond SDeutsche Small Cap Growth A
Deutsche Small Cap Growth BDeutsche Small Cap Growth CDeutsche Small Cap Growth RDeutsche Small Cap Growth Institutional
Deutsche Small Cap Growth SDeutsche Small Cap Growth R6Dreyfus/The Boston Co Small Cap Gr IDeutsche Small Cap Core S
Deutsche Enhanced Global Bond SDreyfus/The Boston Co Small Cap Gr YDreyfus/The Boston Company Sm Cp Val IDeutsche LifeCompass Retirement A
Deutsche LifeCompass Retirement BDeutsche LifeCompass Retirement CDeutsche Health and Wellness ADeutsche Health and Wellness B
Deutsche Health and Wellness CDeutsche Health and Wellness InstlDeutsche CROCI International ADeutsche CROCI International B
Deutsche CROCI International CDeutsche CROCI International InstlDeutsche CROCI International R6Deutsche LifeCompass 2020 A
Deutsche LifeCompass 2020 BDeutsche LifeCompass 2020 CDeutsche Core Equity ADeutsche Core Equity B
Deutsche Core Equity CDeutsche Core Equity InstitutionalDeutsche Core Equity RDeutsche Core Equity R6
Deutsche S&P 500 Index ADeutsche S&P 500 Index BDeutsche S&P 500 Index CDeutsche Small Cap Core A
Deutsche Small Cap Core BDeutsche Small Cap Core CDeutsche Enh Emerg Mkts Fxd Inc ADeutsche Enh Emerg Mkts Fxd Inc B
Deutsche Enh Emerg Mkts Fxd Inc CDeutsche Enh Emerg Mkts Fxd Inc InstlDeutsche Enhanced Global Bond ADeutsche Enhanced Global Bond B
Deutsche Enhanced Global Bond CDeutsche Core Plus Income ADeutsche Core Plus Income BDeutsche Core Plus Income C
Deutsche Core Plus Income InstitutionalDeutsche Intermediate Tax/Amt Free ADeutsche Intermediate Tax/Amt Free BDeutsche Intermediate Tax/Amt Free C
Deutsche Intermediate Tax/Amt Free InstlDeutsche LifeCompass 2040 ADeutsche LifeCompass 2040 CDeutsche LifeCompass 2040 S
Dreyfus Balanced Opportunity JDeutsche Global Inflation ADeutsche Global Inflation CDeutsche Global Inflation Institutional
Deutsche Global Inflation SDeutsche Global Inflation BDeutsche Communications ADupree TN Tax-Free Income
Deutsche Global Infrastructure CDeutsche Global Infrastructure InstlDeutsche Global Infrastructure ADeutsche Global Infrastructure S
Deutsche Global Infrastructure R6Dupree TN Tax-Free Short-to-MediumDelaware Select Growth InstlDelaware Tax-Free Arizona A
Delaware Tax-Free CO ADelaware Tax-Free ID ADavis Government Bond B