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Utilities Funds


  5 stars funds

Franklin Utilities Adv fundMFS Utilities I fundMFS Utilities R2 fund
ING MFS Utilities I fundING MFS Utilities S fundMFS Utilities R3 fund
MFS Utilities R4 fundGabelli Utilities I fund


Utilities Funds


  4 stars funds

ING MFS Utilities Adv fundAmerican Century Utilities Inv fundWells Fargo Advantage Utility&Telecom I fund
FBR Gas Utility Index Investor fundFranklin Utilities A fundFranklin Utilities B fund
Franklin Utilities C fundFranklin Utilities R fundGabelli Utilities AAA fund
Wells Fargo Advantage Util&Telecom Adm fundMFS Utilities A fundMFS Utilities B fund
MFS Utilities C fundBlackRock Utilities & Telecom Instl fundGabelli Utilities A fund
Gabelli Utilities B fundGabelli Utilities C fundJHT Utilities Trust Ser I fund
MFS Utilities R1 fund


Utilities Funds


  3 stars funds

Wells Fargo Advantage Utility&Telecom A fundWells Fargo Advantage Utility&Telecom B fundWells Fargo Advantage Utility&Telecom C fund
Fidelity Advisor Utilities A fundFidelity Advisor Utilities B fundFidelity Advisor Utilities C fund
Fidelity Advisor Utilities I fundFidelity Advisor Utilities T fundFidelity Telecom and Utilities fund
Flex-funds Total Return Utilities fundInvesco Utilities B fundInvesco Utilities Investor fund
Prudential Jennison Utility Z fundBlackRock Utilities & Telecom Inv A fundBlackRock Utilities & Telecom Inv B1 fund
BlackRock Utilities & Telecom Inv C1 fundRydex Utilities C fundVanguard Utilities Index Adm fund
Invesco Utilities Institutional fundRydex Utilities A fundInvesco Van Kampen Utility Y fund
Invesco Utilities Y fund


Utilities Funds


  2 stars funds

Fidelity Select Utilities Portfolio fundInvesco Utilities A fundInvesco Utilities C fund
Prudential Jennison Utility A fundPrudential Jennison Utility B fundPrudential Jennison Utility C fund
Putnam Global Utilities A fundPutnam Global Utilities B fundPutnam Global Utilities M fund
Rydex Utilities Adv fundRydex Utilities Inv fundInvesco Van Kampen Utility A fund
Invesco Van Kampen Utility B fundInvesco Van Kampen Utility C fundBlackRock Utilities & Telecom Inv B fund
BlackRock Utilities & Telecom Inv C fundPrudential Jennison Utility R fundPutnam Global Utilities R fund
Reaves Select Research Inv fundReaves Select Research Instl fund


Utilities Funds


  1 stars funds

ProFunds Utilities UltraSector Inv fundProFunds Utilities UltraSector Svc fund


Utilities Funds


Funds not rated by Morningstar

JHancock2 Global Infrastructure I fundJHancock2 Global Infrastructure A fund