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Convertibles Funds


  5 stars funds

Allianz AGIC Convertible I fundAllianz AGIC Convertible Adm fundAllianz AGIC Convertible D fund
Allianz AGIC Convertible P fundMiller Convertible I fundVanguard Convertible Securities Inv fund
Invesco Van Kampen Harbor Y fund


Convertibles Funds


  4 stars funds

Allianz AGIC Convertible A fundAllianz AGIC Convertible C fundAllianz AGIC Convertible R fund
Franklin Convertible Securities Adv fundCalamos Convertible A fundInvesco Van Kampen Harbor I fund
Invesco Convertible Secs A fundInvesco Convertible Secs B fundInvesco Convertible Secs C fund
Invesco Convertible Secs Y fundPutnam Convertible Securities Y fundMiller Convertible C fund
Calamos Convertible I fund


Convertibles Funds


  3 stars funds

PIMCO Convertible Admin fundCalamos Convertible B fundCalamos Convertible C fund
Franklin Convertible Securities A fundFranklin Convertible Securities C fundLord Abbett Convertible A fund
Lord Abbett Convertible C fundLord Abbett Convertible P fundLord Abbett Convertible I fund
MainStay Convertible A fundMainStay Convertible B fundMainStay Convertible C fund
Columbia Convertible Securities Z fundPIMCO Convertible Instl fundPutnam Convertible Securities A fund
Putnam Convertible Securities B fundPutnam Convertible Securities M fundInvesco Van Kampen Harbor A fund
Invesco Van Kampen Harbor B fundInvesco Van Kampen Harbor C fundCalamos Convertible R fund
Lord Abbett Convertible R2 fundLord Abbett Convertible F fundLord Abbett Convertible R3 fund
Putnam Convertible Securities R fundMainStay Convertible Instl fundMainStay Convertible Inv fund
Miller Convertible A fundPutnam Convertible Securities C fund


Convertibles Funds


  2 stars funds

Fidelity Advisor Convertible Secs I fundFidelity Advisor Convertible Secs C fundFidelity Advisor Convertible Secs A fund
Fidelity Advisor Convertible Secs T fundFidelity Advisor Convertible Secs B fundFidelity Convertible Securities fund
Lord Abbett Convertible B fundColumbia Convertible Securities A fundColumbia Convertible Securities B fund
Columbia Convertible Securities C fundValue Line Convertible fundVictory Investment Grade Convertible I fund
GAMCO Global Convertible Secs I fund


Convertibles Funds


  1 stars funds

GAMCO Global Convertible Secs AAA fundVictory Investment Grade Convertible A fundGAMCO Global Convertible Secs C fund
GAMCO Global Convertible Secs A fund


Convertibles Funds


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