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China Region Mutual Fund Directory

China Region Funds: Sort by morningstar on all of China Region funds

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  4 stars funds

Columbia Greater China ZFidelity China RegionMatthews ChinaTempleton China World A
Templeton China World CAberdeen China Opportunities AAberdeen China Opportunities BAberdeen China Opportunities C
Aberdeen China Opportunities InstAberdeen China Opportunities I/SAberdeen China Opportunities RING Greater China C
ING Greater China ITempleton China World BTempleton China World AdvFidelity Advisor China Region I
ING Greater China OClough China IClough China CClough China A


  3 stars funds

AllianceBern Great China '97 AdvColumbia Greater China AColumbia Greater China BColumbia Greater China C
Dreyfus Greater China ADreyfus Greater China BDreyfus Greater China CDreyfus Greater China I
Guinness Atkinson China & Hong KongInvesco China AInvesco China BInvesco China C
Invesco China IING Greater China AING Greater China BJPMorgan China Region A
JPMorgan China Region CJPMorgan China Region SelectInvesco China YFidelity Advisor China Region C
Fidelity Advisor China Region AFidelity Advisor China Region BFidelity Advisor China Region TJHancock Greater China Opp NAV
Eaton Vance Greater China Growth I


  2 stars funds

AllianceBern Great China '97 AAllianceBern Great China '97 BAllianceBern Great China '97 CEaton Vance Greater China Growth A
Eaton Vance Greater China Growth BEaton Vance Greater China Growth CU.S. Global Investors China RegionOberweis China Opportunities
JHancock Greater China Opp AJHancock Greater China Opp BJHancock Greater China Opp CJHancock Greater China Opp I
GMO Taiwan III


  1 stars funds

Buffalo China


Funds not rated by Morningstar

Matthews China DividendProFunds UltraChina InvProFunds UltraChina ServiceProFunds UltraShort China Inv
ProFunds UltraShort China ServiceDirexion Mthly China Bull 2X InvNomura Partners Greater China ANomura Partners Greater China C
Nomura Partners Greater China IEuro Pacific Halter China AING Hang Seng Index IING Hang Seng Index Adv
ING Hang Seng Index SAllianz RCM China Equity DAllianz RCM China Equity AAllianz RCM China Equity Institutional
Allianz RCM China Equity PAllianz RCM China Equity C


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