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Top 25 Mutual Funds with General Electric Company Common (GE) in its top 10 holdings

Mutual Funds impacted by General Electric Company Common (GE)

    General Electric Company Common (GE): Last Trade $24.81 on 3/31/2015, Change: N/A (0%)  
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Fund NameSymbolPercentage
Wasatch Large Cap Value Investor FundFMIEX4.22%
American Century Value C FundACLCX3.16%
American Funds Inc Fund of Amer R6 FundRIDGX2.09%
American Funds Fundamental Investors R6 FundRFNGX1.64%
Bright Rock Quality Large Cap Instl FundBQLCX4.8%
Bright Rock Quality Large Cap Investor FundBQLIX4.8%
Fidelity Spartan Total Market Index F FundFFSMX1.06%
Goldman Sachs US Equity Instl FundGINGX3.84%
Goldman Sachs US Equity IR FundGIRGX3.84%
Goldman Sachs US Equity R FundGRGVX3.84%
Golub Group Equity FundGGEFX3.86%
Goldman Sachs US Equity A FundGAGVX3.84%
Goldman Sachs US Equity C FundGCGVX3.84%
Hodges Equity Income Retl FundHDPEX3.74%
ING Invesco VanKampen Comstock Port I FundIVKIX2.54%
ING Russell Large Cap Index Port S2 FundIRLUX1.64%
ING Invesco VanKampen Eq & Inc Port S2 FundIVIPX1.94%
ING Russell Large Cap Value Idx Port S FundIRVSX3.2%
ING Russell Large Cap Value Idx Port I FundIRVIX3.2%
ING Russell Large Cap Value Idx Port Adv FundIRVAX3.2%
LWAS/DFA US High Book To Market FundDFBMX3.24%
AMF Large Cap Equity AMF FundIICAX4.19%
Columbia Diversified Equity Income A FundINDZX2.74%
Columbia Diversified Equity Income B FundIDEBX2.74%
Columbia Diversified Equity Income C FundADECX2.74%
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