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Top 25 Mutual Funds with, Inc. (AMZN) in its top 10 holdings

Mutual Funds impacted by, Inc. (AMZN), Inc. (AMZN): Last Trade $539.80 on 10/9/2015, Change: +6.64 (1.25%)  
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Fund NameSymbolPercentage
Thrivent Large Cap Growth A FundAAAGX5.05%
Alger Large Cap Growth I-2 FundAAGOX1.76%
American Funds American Balanced A FundABALX1.95%
Alger Capital Appreciation A FundACAAX2.03%
Alger Capital Appreciation B FundACAPX2.03%
Alger Capital Appreciation Instl R FundACARX2.03%
Alger Capital Appreciation Z FundACAZX2.03%
American Century Select C FundACSLX2.34%
American Funds Fundamental Invs B FundAFIBX3.25%
American Funds Fundamental Invs C FundAFICX3.25%
American Funds Fundamental Invs F1 FundAFIFX3.25%
Alger Green C FundAGFCX2.32%
Alger Green I FundAGIFX2.32%
American Funds Growth Fund of Amer B FundAGRBX5.1%
American Funds Growth Fund of Amer A FundAGTHX5.1%
AllianzGI Income & Growth P FundAIGPX0.85%
AllianzGI Income & Growth R FundAIGRX0.85%
Alger Capital Appreciation Instl I FundALARX2.03%
Alger Capital Appreciation C FundALCCX2.03%
Alger Capital Appreciation Ptfl I-2 FundALVOX2.04%
American Funds American Balanced F2 FundAMBFX1.95%
American Funds AMCAP F2 FundAMCFX1.55%
American Funds AMCAP A FundAMCPX1.55%
AQR Large Cap Momentum Style I FundAMOMX2.26%
AQR Large Cap Momentum Style N FundAMONX2.26%
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