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Bruce (BRUFX) Fund Ranking and Research

Ranking, Research and Recommendation of Bruce (BRUFX) Fund

    Last Trade: $520.18 on 4/27/2015, Change: -1.72 (-0.33%)


Graph of Bruce Fund (BRUFX) ManagerFund Manager - Robert B. Bruce

Fund Manager Information

Fund Manager Tenure: 31.6 years
Fund Family: Bruce
Fund Category: Moderate Allocation
Fund Performance: Feb 27, 2015
Fundmojo Fund Grade: A (Score: 0.75)     (What does this score mean?)
Bruce has been president of Bruce & Company since 1974. His growth-oriented investment style emphasizes capital appreciation and turnaround situations. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.  Get more insights on Robert B. Bruce


Graph of Bruce Fund (BRUFX) ProfileBruce Fund (BRUFX) Profile

Fund Profile and Description

Bruce Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation. Bruce Fund invests primarily in domestic common stocks and bonds, including convertible bonds and "zero coupon" government bonds. It may invest, without restriction, in future interest and principal of U.S. government securities, commonly known as "zero coupon" bonds. Bruce Fund invests in domestic common stocks of any capitalization where the overriding strategy is long-term capital appreciation. It may also invest in foreign securities.


Bruce (BRUFX) Fund Strength What we like about Bruce (BRUFX) Fund

Data for Bruce Fund (BRUFX) as of Feb 27, 2015

  • Bruce Fund (BRUFX) management has been with Bruce Fund for 31.6 years
  • Bruce Fund (BRUFX) has good short-term performance (1-year return 10.63% vs 7.67% Moderate Allocation category median performance)
  • Bruce Fund (BRUFX) has good mid-term performance (3-year return 13.01% vs 10.28% Moderate Allocation category median performance)
  • Bruce Fund (BRUFX) has good Long-term performance (5-year return 14.13% vs 9.98% Moderate Allocation category median performance)
  • Bruce Fund (BRUFX) ratio of up-years vs down years is greater than 2
  • Bruce Fund (BRUFX) has a Morningstar rating of 4 and above
  • Asset base in Bruce Fund (BRUFX) has been consistently increasing at a reasonable pace in the last 2 months. It shows investor confidence and market support
  • Bruce Fund (BRUFX) has an annual stock turnover rate of 11.00% vs Moderate Allocation average of 47.37%. It is good that Bruce management does not trade extensively for its return.
  • Bruce Fund (BRUFX) has a lower expense ratio than its Moderate Allocation average: 0.70% vs 0.94%
  • Bruce Fund (BRUFX) is a true no-load fund as it has no load and no 12b1 promotion, distributions, marketing expenses

Bruce Fund (BRUFX) Weakness What we are cautious about Bruce (BRUFX) Fund

Data for Bruce Fund (BRUFX) as of Feb 27, 2015

  • Bruce Fund (BRUFX) is less safe compared to its Moderate Allocation peers
  • Bruce Fund (BRUFX) is more volatile than its peers as it has a 3-year Standard Deviation of 7.86 that is higher than category average of 6.58
See Bruce Fund (BRUFX) performance details as of Feb 27, 2015


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Graph of Bruce Fund (BRUFX) Net Asset TrackingBruce (BRUFX) Fund Net Asset

Track net asset change of Bruce fund (BRUFX)

DateNet Asset
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Graph of Bruce Fund (BRUFX) Portfolio TrackingBruce (BRUFX) Fund Portfolio Allocation

Track portfolio allocation change of Bruce fund (BRUFX)

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graph of Bruce Fund (BRUFX) Top 10 Position TrackingTop 10 Holdings in Bruce (BRUFX) Fund

Discover what Bruce Fund (BRUFX) manager is buying

Dec 30, 2014
Amerco [10.99%]
Mannkind Cv 5.75% [4.41%]
U S Treas Bd Stripped Prin Pmt [3.08%]
International Business Machines [3.05%]
Airboss of America Corp [2.77%]
Phoenix Companies, Inc. (The) C [2.58%]

Sep 29, 2014
Amerco [10.3%]
Mannkind Cv 5.75% [4.74%]
Intermune Cv 2.5% [3.89%]
Flotek Industries, Inc. Common [3.48%]
International Business Machines [3.3%]
Allstate Corporation (The) Comm [2.96%]
Airboss of America Corp [2.75%]
U S Treas Bd Stripped Prin Pmt [2.73%]

Jun 29, 2014
Amerco [10.98%]
Mannkind Cv 5.75% [6.6%]
Flotek Industries, Inc. Common [4.12%]
International Business Machines [3.03%]
Airboss of America Corp [2.94%]
Intermune Cv 2.5% [2.88%]
Allstate Corporation (The) Comm [2.72%]
U S Treas Bd Stripped Prin Pmt [2.49%]
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