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Sep 29, 2015

Aug 30, 2015
Us 5yr Note (Cbt) Dec15 Xcbt 20151231 [6.62%]
Sprint 7.875% [2.2%]
Vrx Escrow 144A 6.125% [1.88%]
Tenet Healthcare 6.75% [1.35%]
Amer Axle & Mfg 6.625% [1.33%]
Hca 4.75% [1.32%]
Clear Channel Ww Hldgs 6.5% [1.32%]
Crown Castle Operating Co Incremental Tlb 2 Tranche [1.28%]
Kindred Escrow Corp Ii 144A 8.75% [1.17%]
Sabine Pass Liquefaction 5.625% [1.16%]

Jul 30, 2015
Us 5yr Note (Cbt) Sep15 Xcbt 20150930 [5.97%]
Sprint 7.875% [2.19%]
Vrx Escrow 144A 6.125% [1.96%]
Amer Axle & Mfg 6.625% [1.47%]
Goodyear Tire & Rubr 6.5% [1.24%]
Thc Escrow Corporation Ii 144A 6.75% [1.23%]
Clear Channel Ww Hldgs 6.5% [1.21%]
Hca 4.75% [1.2%]
Ardagh Packaging 144A 6.75% [1.2%]
Quebecor Media 5.75% [1.2%]
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