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Glenmede Long/Short (GTAPX) Fund Ranking and Research

Ranking, Research and Recommendation of Glenmede Long/Short (GTAPX) Fund

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Graph of Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) ManagerFund Manager - Vladimir R. de Vassal

Fund Manager Information

Fund Manager Tenure: 13.4 years
Fund Family: Glenmede
Fund Category: Long-Short Equity
Fund Performance: May 30, 2016
Fundmojo Fund Grade: A (Score: 0.77)     (What does this score mean?)
Vladimir de Vassal, CFA, is director of quantitative research for Glenmede Investment Management LP. He provides proprietary research and analytical support to domestic and international institutional funds, private equity, The Pew Charitable Trusts and high net worthclients of the parent company, The Glenmede Trust Company, N.A. (GTC). Mr. de Vassal and his team manage several quantitatively based equity portfolios, including three mutual funds and long/short strategies. Additional responsibilities include strategic and tactical asset allocation, market leading indicators, earnings momentum and stock valuation tools. Mr. de Vassal joined GTC in 1998 after serving as vice president and director of quantitative analysis at CoreStates Investment Advisors and as vice president of interest rate risk reporting/analysis, at CoreStates Financial Corp.  Get more insights on Vladimir R. de Vassal


Graph of Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) ProfileGlenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) Profile

Fund Profile and Description

Glenmede Long/Short Fund seeks absolute return consistent with reasonable risk to principal. Glenmede Long/Short Fund invests at least 80% of the value of net assets (including borrowings for investment purposes) in equity securities of U.S. public companies. It may invest in ADRs listed on the NYSE. Under normal circumstances, it will generally have an operating target of 60-140 long positions ranging from 75% to 100% of net assets and 40-120 short positions in its portfolio, ranging from 50% to 95% of net assets. Glenmede Long/Short Fund may also invest in IPOs and other registered investment companies, including ETFs.


Glenmede Long/Short (GTAPX) Fund Strength What we like about Glenmede Long/Short (GTAPX) Fund

Data for Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) as of May 30, 2016

  • Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) management has been with Glenmede Long/Short Fund for 13.4 years
  • Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) has good short-term performance (1-year return 1.26% vs -3.77% Long-Short Equity category median performance)
  • Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) has good mid-term performance (3-year return 4.19% vs 2.72% Long-Short Equity category median performance)
  • Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) has good Long-term performance (5-year return 4.99% vs 2.87% Long-Short Equity category median performance)
  • Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) ratio of up-years vs down years is greater than 2
  • Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) has a Morningstar rating of 4 and above
  • Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) has an annual stock turnover rate of 119.00% vs Long-Short Equity average of 218.72%. It is good that Glenmede Long/Short management does not trade extensively for its return.
  • Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) is less volatile than its peers as it has a 3-year Standard Deviation of 4.93, lower than category average of 8.81
  • Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) has a lower expense ratio than its Long-Short Equity average: 1.16% vs 1.90%
  • Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) is a true no-load fund as it has no load and no 12b1 promotion, distributions, marketing expenses

Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) Weakness What we are cautious about Glenmede Long/Short (GTAPX) Fund

Data for Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) as of May 30, 2016

See Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) performance details as of May 30, 2016


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FundYear to Date1 Year3 year5 year
Glenmede Long/Short1.
Boston Partners Long/Short Equity Instl (BPLSX)11.4912.095.377.58Compare
Burnham Financial Long/Short A (BURFX)-4.536.8212.4710.68Compare
Diamond Hill Long-Short A (DIAMX)2.27-1.425.517.22Compare

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Graph of Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) Net Asset TrackingGlenmede Long/Short (GTAPX) Fund Net Asset

Track net asset change of Glenmede Long/Short fund (GTAPX)

DateNet Asset
More historic net asset information on Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX)


Graph of Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) Portfolio TrackingGlenmede Long/Short (GTAPX) Fund Portfolio Allocation

Track portfolio allocation change of Glenmede Long/Short fund (GTAPX)

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graph of Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) Top 10 Position TrackingTop 10 Holdings in Glenmede Long/Short (GTAPX) Fund

Discover what Glenmede Long/Short Fund (GTAPX) manager is buying

Jan 30, 2016
Stryker Corporation Common Stoc [1.11%]
J.B. Hunt Transport Services, I [1.11%]
AGCO Corporation Common Stock [1.09%]
EMCOR Group, Inc. Common Stock [1.06%]
Omnicell, Inc. [1.06%]
Schweitzer-Mauduit Internationa [1.06%]
Equinix, Inc. [1.05%]
Forward Air Corporation [1.05%]
Janus Capital Group, Inc. Cmn S [1.04%]
Safety Insurance Group, Inc. [1.04%]

Oct 30, 2015
Franklin Electric Co., Inc. [1.14%]
Southwest Airlines Company Comm [1.14%]
E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Com [1.11%]
E.W. Scripps Company (The) Comm [1.1%]
Equinix, Inc. [1.08%]
Navigant Consulting, Inc. Commo [1.08%]
Scripps Networks Interactive, I [1.07%]
Foot Locker, Inc. [1.06%]
American Tower Corporation (REI [1.06%]
Cisco Systems, Inc. [1.05%]

Jul 30, 2015
Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. [1.34%]
Foot Locker, Inc. [1.18%]
Valero Energy Corporation Commo [1.1%]
Under Armour, Inc. Class A Comm [1.09%]
SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. [1.07%]
Amdocs Limited [1.06%]
Express, Inc. Common Stock [1.05%]
TJX Companies, Inc. (The) Commo [1.04%]
Navigant Consulting, Inc. Commo [1.04%]
Consolidated Edison, Inc. Commo [1.03%]
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