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(BMGDX) Fund Ranking and Research

Ranking, Research and Recommendation of (BMGDX) Fund

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Graph of  Fund (BMGDX) ManagerFund Manager - Kenneth S. Salmon

Fund Manager Information

Fund Manager Tenure: 14.6 years
Fund Family: BMO Funds
Fund Category: Mid-Cap Growth
Fund Performance: May 30, 2016
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graph of  Fund (BMGDX) Top 10 Position TrackingTop 10 Holdings in (BMGDX) Fund

Discover what Fund (BMGDX) manager is buying

Apr 29, 2016
InterOil Corp [2.01%]
Centene Corporation Common Stoc [1.71%]
Crown Castle International Corp [1.63%]
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings [1.57%]
Sabre Corporation [1.52%]
Brunswick Corporation Common St [1.51%]
Red Hat, Inc. Common Stock [1.48%]
Dollar Tree, Inc. [1.48%]
Vantiv, Inc. Class A Common Sto [1.47%]

Feb 28, 2016
InterOil Corp [1.73%]
Crown Castle International Corp [1.71%]
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings [1.66%]
Amphenol Corporation Common Sto [1.61%]
Brunswick Corporation Common St [1.6%]
Dollar Tree, Inc. [1.57%]
Centene Corporation Common Stoc [1.56%]
Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc. [1.54%]
Vail Resorts, Inc. Common Stock [1.52%]

Jan 30, 2016
InterOil Corp [1.96%]
Dollar Tree, Inc. [1.74%]
Crown Castle International Corp [1.66%]
Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc. [1.65%]
Centene Corporation Common Stoc [1.56%]
Intercontinental Exchange Inc. [1.55%]
Red Hat, Inc. Common Stock [1.55%]
Amphenol Corporation Common Sto [1.46%]
Vail Resorts, Inc. Common Stock [1.45%]
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