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Fund Manager - Mutual fund manager Ronald Sorenson currently manages 2 Mutual funds

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Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager Ronald J. Sorenson joined W. H. Reaves & Co. in 1991. Mr. Sorenson was elected Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in September, 2005 after previously holding the position of Chief Investment Officer. He is also responsible for portfolio management and development of private client accounts. Before joining W. H. Reaves, Mr. Sorenson was a co-owner and Portfolio Manager of an investment advisory firm, PVF Inc. He was also Director of the BMC Fund Inc., a closely held mutual fund. He has more than 24 years experience in the investment industry and has served as Chairman of the Board for American Life Insurance Company of New York. For nine years Mr. Sorenson lived in London, England where he was engaged, on behalf of private investors, in managing investments in the United States in both listed securities and private equity. Before moving to London, Mr. Sorenson practiced public accounting with Arthur Young & Co. where he gained experience with companies in a variety of industries, including energy and technology. Mr. Sorenson received an undergraduate degree from Stanford University and an MBA degree from Columbia University, where he concentrated in Accounting and Finance. He is a Certified Public Accountant.

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