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Fund Manager - Mutual fund manager Jens Peers currently manages 6 Mutual funds

Fund Mojo intelligence on mutual fund manager Jens Peers

Jens has been involved in the Environmental Strategies team since the strategies were launched in late 2000 and has led the Team since July 2003. As Head of Portfolio Management, Jens has ultimate responsibility for the performance of all of Kleinwort Benson Investors Environmental Strategies and the growth and development of the 6 portfolio managers on the Environmental Strategies Team. He is highly qualified to orchestrate, develop, challenge and continuously improve the investment process. Jens commitment to the role certifies that his leadership within the firm is key to ensuring that Kleinwort Benson Investors is positioning itself as a market leader in the Environmental arena. Given his experience across the spectrum of environmental strategies and his role as leader of the Team, Jens is ideally qualified to manage our multi-themed Global Environmental Solutions Strategy alongside Andros Florides. Prior to 2000, Jens spent three years working with KBC Bank as an account manager. Jens graduated from the University of Antwerp (former Ufsia), in 1996 with a Masters in Applied Economics. He has also completed the CEFA (Certified European Financial Analyst) and is a CFA Charter Holder (Chartered Financial Analyst).

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