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Financial Funds


  5 stars funds

Prudential Financial Svcs Z fundFBR Small Cap Financial R fund


Financial Funds


  4 stars funds

Burnham Financial Industries I fundBurnham Financial Industries C fundBurnham Financial Services A fund
Burnham Financial Services B fundDavis Financial Y fundFBR Large Cap Financial Investor fund
FBR Small Cap Financial Investor fundPrudential Financial Svcs A fundPrudential Financial Svcs B fund
Prudential Financial Svcs C fundRoyce Financial Services Svc fundLegg Mason Inv Counsel Fincl Svcs A fund
Legg Mason Inv Counsel Fincl Svcs B fundLegg Mason Inv Counsel Fincl Svcs C fundAlpine Financial Services Institutional fund
Diamond Hill Financial Long-Short I fundJHVIT Financial Services Trust Ser I fundKinetics Market Opportunities Adv A fund
Kinetics Market Opportunities No Load fundKinetics Market Opportunities Adv C fundKinetics Market Opportunities Inst fund


Financial Funds


  3 stars funds

Burnham Financial Industries A fundDavis Financial A fundDavis Financial B fund
Davis Financial C fundDiamond Hill Financial Long-Short A fundDiamond Hill Financial Long-Short C fund
Forward Banking and Finance A fundForward Banking and Finance C fundFidelity Select Brokerage & Invmt Mgmt fund
Fidelity Select Financial Services fundFidelity Select Insurance fundAberdeen Global Financial Services A fund
Aberdeen Global Financial Services B fundAberdeen Global Financial Services C fundAberdeen Global Financial Services I/S fund
JHancock Financial Industries A fundJHancock Financial Industries B fundJHancock Financial Industries C fund
JHancock Financial Industries I fundJHancock Regional Bank A fundJHancock Regional Bank B fund
JHancock Regional Bank C fundBlackRock Global Financial Svcs Inv A fundBlackRock Global Financial Svcs Inv B fund
BlackRock Global Financial Svcs Inv C fundBlackRock Global Financial Svcs Instl fundMutual Financial Services A fund
Mutual Financial Services B fundMutual Financial Services C fundMutual Financial Services Z fund
Schwab Financial Services fundT. Rowe Price Financial Services fundVanguard Financials Index Adm fund
Burnham Financial Services C fundAberdeen Global Financial Services Inst fundAberdeen Global Financial Services R fund
Legg Mason Inv Counsel Fincl Svcs I fund


Financial Funds


  2 stars funds

Fidelity Advisor Financial Services A fundFidelity Advisor Financial Services B fundFidelity Advisor Financial Services C fund
Fidelity Advisor Financial Services I fundFidelity Advisor Financial Services T fundFidelity Select Banking fund
ICON Financial fundBlackRock Global Financial Svcs R fundRydex Banking Adv fund
Rydex Banking C fundRydex Banking Inv fundRydex Financial Services Adv fund
Rydex Financial Services C fundRydex Financial Services Inv fundSaratoga Financial Service A fund
Saratoga Financial Service B fundSaratoga Financial Service C fundSenbanc fund
Rydex Financial Services A fundSaratoga Financial Services I fundFBR Small Cap Financial I fund
Putnam Global Financial A fundPutnam Global Financial B fundPutnam Global Financial C fund
Putnam Global Financial M fundPutnam Global Financial R fundPutnam Global Financial Y fund


Financial Funds


  1 stars funds

Fidelity Select Consumer Finance fundInvesco Financial Services A fundInvesco Financial Services B fund
Invesco Financial Services C fundInvesco Financial Services Investor fundProFunds Banks UltraSector Inv fund
ProFunds Banks UltraSector Svc fundProFunds UltraSector Financials Inv fundProFunds UltraSector Financials Svc fund
Vista Listed Private Equity Plus A fundVista Listed Private Equity Plus C fundRydex Banking A fund
Invesco Financial Services Y fund


Financial Funds


Funds not rated by Morningstar

AVS Listed Private Equity II fund