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Tocqueville Fund (TOCQX)

Fund performance review and position details on Tocqueville Fund (TOCQX)

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Tocqueville Fund (TOCQX) HighlightTocqueville Fund (TOCQX) Fund Summary

Tocqueville Fund (TOCQX) statistics as of May 30, 2016

Category: Large Blend
Fund Family: Tocqueville
Net Asset: $287.10M
Yield: 1.05%
Year-to-Date Return: 0.95%
Morningstar rating: 3


Tocqueville Fund (TOCQX) CostTocqueville Fund (TOCQX) Cost

Tocqueville Fund (TOCQX) various investment related cost

Initial Investment: 1,000
Total Expense Ratio (Large Blend average): 1.25% (1.02%)
Max Front End Sales Load: 0%
Max Back End Sales Load: 0%
Annual Holdings Turnover: 15.00%


Tocqueville Fund (TOCQX) PerformanceTocqueville Fund (TOCQX) Performance

Most current Tocqueville Fund (TOCQX) Performance

1-month Performance (Large Blend category median performance): 0.83% (1.66%)
3-month Performance (Large Blend category median performance): 8.10% (8.92%)
1 Year Performance (Large Blend category median performance): -1.33% (-1.15%)
3 Year Performance (Large Blend category median performance): 8.98% (9.43%)
5 Year Performance (Large Blend category median performance): 8.83% (10.15%)
Number of Years of positive return: 21 years
Number of Years of negative return: 7 years
3 year Alpha (Large Blend category average): -2.39 (-1.74)
3 year Beta (Large Blend category average): 1.06 (1)
3 year Sharpe Ratio: 0.74
3 year Treynor: 8.43

Tocqueville Fund (TOCQX) topholdingTop Stock Holdings in Tocqueville Fund (TOCQX)

See stock holding change map for more historic information

StockWeightingPrice change (15 mins delay)
General Electric Company Common4.4%0.00%
NextEra Energy, Inc. Common Sto4.09%0.00%
Microsoft Corporation3.82%0.00%
Johnson & Johnson Common Stock3.74%0.00%
Exxon Mobil Corporation Common 3.61%0.00%
Delta Air Lines, Inc. Common St3.37%0.00%
Automatic Data Processing, Inc.3.1%0.00%, Inc.2.98%0.00%
Procter & Gamble Company (The) 2.85%0.00%
Merck & Company, Inc. Common St2.74%0.00%
*Note: The price change will reset to 0 after the midnight


Tocqueville Fund (TOCQX) Portfolio AllocationTocqueville Fund (TOCQX) Fund Portfolio Allocation

Tocqueville Fund (TOCQX) Fund Portfolio Allocation data as of 03/2016



Tocqueville Fund (TOCQX) CompareCompare with other Large Blend category mutual funds

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