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Compare funds: Fidelity New Markets Income (FNMIX) Fund, GMO Emerging Country Debt III (GMCDX) Fund

See details behind Fidelity New Markets Income (FNMIX) Fund and GMO Emerging Country Debt III (GMCDX) Fund

Fidelity New Markets IncomeGMO Emerging Country Debt III
Fund Mojo Score0.780.84
Fund Manager Tenure21 years22.2 years
Fund CategoryEmerging Markets BondEmerging Markets Bond
Fund Management Fee0.84%0.54%
Additional 12b1 marketing Fee0%0%
Fund Load0% (front), 0% (back)0.75% (front), 0% (back)
Fund Initial Investment2,50010,000,000
Fund Turnover110.00%20.00%
Fund Year-to-Date Performance6.94%7.26%
Fund One-Year Performance3.18%3.73%
Fund Three-Year Performance2.62%4.03%
Fund Five-Year Performance5.51%7.75%
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