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Compare funds: American Century Strat Allc: Cnsrv Instl (ACCIX) Fund, Berwyn Income (BERIX) Fund

See details behind American Century Strat Allc: Cnsrv Instl (ACCIX) Fund and Berwyn Income (BERIX) Fund

American Century Strat Allc: Cnsrv InstlBerwyn Income
Fund Mojo Score0.740.72
Fund Manager Tenure7 years10.5 years
Fund CategoryAllocation--30% to 50% EquityAllocation--30% to 50% Equity
Fund Management Fee0.80%0.64%
Additional 12b1 marketing Fee0%0%
Fund Load0% (front), 0% (back)0% (front), 0% (back)
Fund Initial Investment5,000,0001,000
Fund Turnover90.00%45.00%
Fund Year-to-Date Performance3.14%4.25%
Fund One-Year Performance0.12%0.44%
Fund Three-Year Performance4.47%4.23%
Fund Five-Year Performance5.27%5.21%
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