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Asset Allocation Model from The Intelligent Asset Allocator

A Sample Asset Allocation and Portfolio Model From The Intelligent Asset Allocator

The following model is from an asset allocation book called "The Intelligent Asset Allocator: How to Build Your Portfolio to Maximize Returns and Minimize Risk". The author William Bernstein is both a neurologist and a founder of his own money management firm.


Stock (70%)Bond (30%)
10% S&P 500
10% Small Cap
10% REIT
10% International Large
10% International Small
10% Emerging Markets
10% Precious Metals
30% U.S. Short Term Bonds

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Fund Mojo Mutual Fund Recommendation for the Intelligent Asset Allocator Model

Top Mutual Funds for the Intelligent Asset Allocator Model

Large Blend funds


Small Blend funds


Specialty-Real Estate funds


Foreign Large Blend funds


Foreign Small/Mid Value funds


Diversified Emerging Mkts funds


Specialty-Precious Metals funds


Short-Term Bond funds