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Asset Allocation Model from All About Asset Allocation

A Sample Asset Allocation and Portfolio Model From "All About Asset Allocation" Book

All About Asset Allocation is written by Richard Ferri, CFA, who is also the president of his own investment advisory service. Here is an sample allocation based on a 70% stock/30% bond asset allocation model.


Stock (70%)Bond (30%)
25% Total US
10% US Small Value
5% US Micro Cap
10% REIT
5% Pacific Market
5% European Market
5% International Small Cap
5% Emerging Markets
10% Intermediate-Term Bonds
10% High Yield Bonds
5% US Inflation-Protected Securities, or TIPs
5% Emerging Market Bonds


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Fund Mojo Mutual Fund Recommendation for All About Asset Allocation Model

Top Mutual Funds for the suggested asset allocation model

Large Blend funds


Mid-Cap Blend funds


Small Value funds


Specialty-Real Estate funds


Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stk funds


Europe Stock funds


Foreign Small/Mid Value funds


Diversified Emerging Mkts funds


Intermediate Government funds


High Yield Bond funds


Inflation-Protected Bond funds


Emerging Markets Bond funds