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Guggenheim Insider Sentiment ETF (NFO) Exchange-traded Fund (ETF)

The investment seeks results that correspond to the performance, before fees and expenses, of the Sabrient Insider Sentiment index. The fund invests at least 90% of assets in common stocks, ADRs and MLPs that comprise the index. The index is comprised of approximately 100 stocks selected, based on investment and other criteria, from a broad universe of U.S.-traded stocks. The fund is non-diversified.
NFO ETF Inception Date: Sep 21, 2006
NFO ETF Family: Guggenheim Investments
NFO ETF Category: Mid-Cap Blend
NFO ETF Net Asset: $89.02M
NFO ETF Year-to-Date Performance 13.51%
NFO ETF 1 Year Performance 2.79%
NFO ETF 3 Year Performance 33.71%


Compare Guggenheim Insider Sentiment ETF (NFO) within Mid-Cap Blend category

Compare Guggenheim Insider Sentiment ETF (NFO) with other Mid-Cap Blend category EFTs

ETFYear to DateOne YearThree Year
Guggenheim Spin-Off (CSD)12.97%9.94%34.48%
iShares Morningstar Mid Core Index (JKG)13.57%6.22%30.61%
WisdomTree MidCap Earnings (EZM)13.54%5.22%34.15%
Focus Morningstar Mid Cap Index (FMM)13.15%3.66%0
PowerShares Fundamental Pure Mi (PXMC)11.55%3.50%22.76%
Guggenheim Raymond James SB-1 Equity (RYJ)15.44%3.46%32.64%
iShares Russell Midcap Index (IWR)12.86%3.16%29.07%
SPDR Dow Jones Mid Cap (EMM)13.30%2.77%29.91%
Vanguard Mid-Cap ETF (VO)13.41%2.65%28.98%


Compare Guggenheim Insider Sentiment ETF (NFO) ETF with top Mid-Cap Blend Mutual Funds

Compare Mutual Funds with ETFs

FundYTD%1 Year3 YearMojo Score
Mid-Cap Blend Category Average11.951.2425.45
JPMorgan Mid Cap Value Instl11.127.1427.020.86
VY JPMorgan Mid Cap Value I11.156.9326.690.84
JPMorgan Mid Cap Value Sel11.036.8426.710.84
VY JPMorgan Mid Cap Value S11.066.7026.390.83
Parnassus Mid-Cap12.364.9126.790.83
Transamerica Partners Instl Mid Value12.262.7124.700.83
Schroder US Small and Mid Cap Opps Inv10.992.5222.950.82
JPMorgan Mid Cap Value A10.986.6026.400.81
Transamerica Partners Mid Value12.152.3624.240.81
Government Street Mid-Cap11.292.5924.710.8
VY JPMorgan Mid Cap Value A10.936.3726.010.8
American Century Legacy Multi Cap Instl7.735.2722.570.78
VY JPMorgan Mid Cap Value S211.026.5526.160.78
Thrivent Mid Cap Stock I11.42-4.2024.750.78


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