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SPDR S&P China ETF (GXC) Exchange-traded Fund (ETF)

The investment seeks to replicate as closely as possible, before fees and expenses, the total return performance of S&P China BMI index based upon the Chinese equity market. The China index is a market capitalization weighted index that defines and measures the investable universe of publicly traded companies domiciled in China. It generally invests substantially all, but at least 80%, of total assets in the securities comprising the index. The fund is non-diversified.
GXC ETF Inception Date: Mar 19, 2007
GXC ETF Family: State Street Global Advisors
GXC ETF Category: China Region
GXC ETF Net Asset: $894.42M
GXC ETF Year-to-Date Performance 9.74%
GXC ETF 1 Year Performance -13.39%
GXC ETF 3 Year Performance 16.25%


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Compare SPDR S&P China ETF (GXC) with other China Region category EFTs

ETFYear to DateOne YearThree Year
iShares MSCI Taiwan Index (EWT)14.56%-6.13%21.41%
iShares MSCI Hong Kong Index (EWH)12.77%-5.59%22.82%
Guggenheim China Small Cap (HAO)11.76%-23.73%17.56%
PowerShares Gldn Dragon Halter USX China (PGJ)10.34%-20.63%14.98%
iShares FTSE China 25 Index Fund (FXI)5.15%-16.85%10.45%
iShares FTSE China (FCHI)5.70%-15.89%11.93%
Guggenheim China Real Estate (TAO)15.71%-12.96%17.63%


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FundYTD%1 Year3 YearMojo Score
China Region Category Average10.86-14.1216.35
Matthews China Dividend Investor14.31-1.1400.83
Invesco Greater China R59.40-16.6317.790.78


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