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Guggenheim Mid-Cap Core ETF (CZA) Exchange-traded Fund (ETF)

The investment seeks to track the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Zacks Mid-Cap Core index. The fund invests invest at least 90% of total assets in securities that comprise the index and investments that have economic characteristics that are substantially identical to the economic characteristics of the component securities that comprise the Index. It is non-diversified.
CZA ETF Inception Date: Apr 2, 2007
CZA ETF Family: Guggenheim Investments
CZA ETF Category: Mid-Cap Value
CZA ETF Net Asset: $34.37M
CZA ETF Year-to-Date Performance 10.29%
CZA ETF 1 Year Performance 5.07%
CZA ETF 3 Year Performance 28.97%


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ETFYear to DateOne YearThree Year
WisdomTree MidCap Dividend (DON)8.93%7.03%31.84%
Rydex S&P 500 Pure Value (RPV)16.49%6.02%42.01%
First Trust Multi Cap Value AlphaDEX (FAB)12.35%4.87%32.70%
PowerShares Fundamental Pure Mi (PXMV)11.72%4.28%22.89%
Vanguard Mid-Cap Value ETF (VOE)11.22%3.01%29.15%
iShares Dow Jones Select Dividend Index (DVY)5.01%11.23%25.83%
PowerShares Hi-Yield Eq Div Achievers (PEY)2.83%10.18%26.66%
SPDR S&P 400 Mid Cap Value ETF (MDYV)13.02%1.30%27.76%
iShares Russell Midcap Value Index (IWS)8.92%1.29%31.46%


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FundYTD%1 Year3 YearMojo Score
Mid-Cap Value Category Average11.600.8125.62
Victory Sycamore Established Value A9.600.3425.220.87
American Century Mid Cap Value Instl10.064.6024.820.86
JHancock Disciplined Value Mid Cap I13.294.2828.800.84
VY American Century Small-Mid Cap Val I10.542.2826.690.83
T. Rowe Price Mid-Cap Value11.450.2925.120.83
Diamond Hill Small-Mid Cap I10.780.4529.810.82
JHancock Disciplined Value Mid Cap Adv10.042.7231.120.82
VY American Century Small-Mid Cap Val S10.442.0326.370.82
AllianzGI NFJ Mid-Cap Value D10.601.1325.070.81


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