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ETF NameYTD (%)One Year (%)Three Year (%)
iShares S&P Global Utilities (JXI)8.543.467.30
PowerShares S&P SmallCap Utilities (PSCU)10.3721.7114.35
PowerShares Dynamic Utilities (PUI)15.5719.3113.40
Rydex S&P Equal Weight Utilities (RYU)14.9515.2613.63
Vanguard Utilities ETF (VPU)14.8514.8313.14
First Trust Utilities AlphaDEX (FXU)000
iShares Dow Jones US Utilities (IDU)000
SPDR S&P International Utilities Sector (IPU)000
WisdomTree International Utilities (DBU)4.07-12.62-0.81
** Click on the column heading to sort. ETF Performance as of May 31, 2016


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FundYTD%1 Year3 YearMojo Score
Utilities Category Average13.154.079.41
Franklin Utilities Adv15.2811.1211.690.82
Prudential Jennison Utility Z13.63-2.1610.920.74
ICON Utilities S18.8016.9811.860.74
American Century Utilities Inv14.6911.4410.690.74
Fidelity Telecom and Utilities13.794.0710.730.72
Prudential Jennison Utility R13.34-2.6710.360.72
Fidelity Advisor Utilities I13.914.4110.640.71


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