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ETF NameYTD (%)One Year (%)Three Year (%)
WisdomTree SmallCap Dividend (DES)8.712.359.27
SPDR S&P 600 Small Cap Value ET (SLYV)8.030.489.10
First Trust Small Cap Value Alp (FYT)000
iShares Morningstar Small Value Index (JKL)000
PowerShares Zacks Micro Cap (PZI)000
First Trust Mid Cap Value Alpha (FNK)9.46-7.415.08
Rydex S&P Midcap 400 Pure Value (RFV)7.99-6.396.57
PowerShares Fundamental Pure Sm (PXSV)5.61-4.767.12
Vanguard Russell 2000 Value Index ETF (VTWV)5.23-3.525.77
Rydex S&P SmallCap 600 Pure Value (RZV)4.18-10.404.47
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FundYTD%1 Year3 YearMojo Score
Small Value Category Average4.70-3.446.26
Undiscovered Mgrs Behavioral Value Inst7.054.9311.090.88
Nuveen Small Cap Value I6.484.2311.170.85
Wells Fargo Advantage Spec SmCp Val Adm8.802.1210.920.85
Undiscovered Mgrs Behavioral Value A6.874.5010.650.84
Wells Fargo Advantage Spec SmCp Val A8.731.9310.670.83
Fidelity Small Cap Value6.873.629.290.82
Nuveen Small Cap Value A6.373.9510.880.82
Fidelity Advisor Small Cap Value I6.933.649.300.82
Wells Fargo Advantage Spec SmCp Val I8.882.3411.110.8
Perkins Small Cap Value L7.561.689.120.8
Ivy Small Cap Value Y8.983.267.760.8
Undiscovered Mgrs Behavioral Value C6.663.9710.100.8
Perkins Small Cap Value D7.491.538.980.8
VALIC Company I Small Cap Special Val9.031.4910.650.79
Victory Sycamore Small Company Opp R5.392.769.200.79


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