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Top Mutual Fund Manager - Richie Freeman

With 34 years of investment experience under his belt, Richie Freeman was once the co-manager for the All Cap Growth, Aggressive Growth, and Multi Cap Growth strategies at Smith Barney and now leads the team at Legg Mason. Since 1966, Richie Freeman has had an insatiable fascination with the stock market. At the mere age of 13 Richie would watch the ticker in a local brokerage firm after school. Freeman later attended Brooklyn College where he received his BS in Accounting and New York University where he received his MBA in finance.


In 1983, Richie Freeman became the co-manager of an aggressive growth mutual fund managed under Shearson American Express. He then later joined Clearbridge in 1991 and became the portfolio manager of Multi Cap Growth Portfolios.


Freeman has held a variety of notable positions such as vice president at Chemical bank for trusts and investments and a position at Drexel Burnham Lambert as vice president of research.


What Richie Freeman is most recognized for is the $8 billion Smith Barney Aggressive Growth Fund that he began managing in 1983 and continued to manage for approximately 20 years.


Richie Freeman's success lies in the way that he doesn't look at mutual fund management as a job, but looks at it as a passion. Being that he was watching stock tickers at the age of 13, he would probably take on the task even if he were not paid for it.


To reflect upon his success, from 1993 to 2003 Freeman managed to get 15.04% return to his investors. That was nearly 4% higher than the S&P 500's overall return. That's also almost 6% better than the Morningstar average in the same fund category.


The philosophy that Freeman has lived by is one that was ingrained into him by his father, "One day you will work hard for your money, so make your money work for you." It is this philosophy that has driven his passion to ensure the hard earned money invested by his investors works hard for them. Basically, he makes that money work hard through thorough research and good common sense.


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