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Top Fund Fund Manager - Ralph Shive, Wasatch

Ralph Shive is the lead portfolio manager for the Wasatch 1st Source Income Equity Fund. He was originally employed by 1st Source, but moved over to Wasatch when both Wasatch and the 1st Source Corporation joined forces. Previous to this merger, Shive worked for 1st Source for 20 years and was the Chief Investment Officer and the Vice President. During this time, he was responsible for developing the investment strategy of the firm. Before this prominent position, he managed a private family portfolio in Texas.


Since graduating from Southern Methodist University, Shive has been working in the field of investments since 1975. Since then, he has repeatedly been recognized as one of the top portfolio managers in the U.S. His near top among mutual fund managers had been maintained between the years 1996 and 2008.


With Ralph Shive, Wasatch has been able to sustain its main fund. Shive started becoming concerned with the economy and positioned the Wasatch-1st Source large-cap fund to survive a recession. Hey stayed with the financial sector, while he moved away from mortgage-related companies just in time because it was soon after that the housing market crashed.


But although Shive was able to secure a large portion of the fund in cash, it still wasn't enough because the second half of 2008 resulted in a large economic dive. He followed his gut and implemented other precautions to ensure the fund kept its streak of outperforming the equity-income category average. Even when the fund saw a 27.5% decline, his fund beats the category average by 3%.


Even now as the economy recovers, Shive continues to take a defensive stance and uses his "eclectic value" investment strategy, which means buying into companies with appealing valuations and strong finances. Since 2008, the assets have grown from $3 billion to $5.4 billion.


Currently, Shive has the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences, seminars, and educational events.


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