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Top Fund Manager - Ken Heebner

Ken Heebner has been touted as the "Mad Genius of Mutual Funds." He has an astounding record of making winning bets on various investments.


Currently employed by CGM funds, Heebner is living proof that in order to succeed an investor has to have the guts to go against the majority. In other words, his opinions are independent from what others think. Where many investors are all about beating indexes, Ken Heebner simply follows his instincts.


Following his instincts is how he paved the road to success. He makes large bets on certain sectors and companies and then quickly pulls out when conditions change. Yes, there have been times when he has been wrong and has underperformed compared to the market. It is when he is right that the gains are incredible. Being that Ken Heebner is one of the all-time greats in managing mutual funds, he has had more successes than failures.


Today, Ken Heebner currently manages the better part of four CGM mutual funds. The total amount that he manages is $6.6 billion. Times when the S&P 500 index has averaged an approximate 12% return, Heebner has managed a return of 17%. He has certainly had some ups and downs in the past 30 years, but he is getting better with age.


Since 2000, Heebner has been on a roll. He has made very profitable decisions, such as short-selling telecom and tech stocks. Between 2001 and 2004, he had a series of homebuilder stocks bring in an incredible profit.


But even as Ken Heebner wins, he never falls in love with those that take him to the top. He can easily let them go as they begin to show signs of loss. He then moves on to another endeavor. For instance, in 2005 he made a bet on copper. Now the value of copper has risen exponentially.


Basically, Ken Heebner does the research and makes courageous choices based on his convictions. He listens to no one but himself.


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