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Top Fund Manager - John Deysher, Pinnacle

John Deysher, manager of the Pinnacle Value Fund, believes he can use undersized companies to achieve oversized gains. He does this by using the contrarian approach. This means searching for bargains and hanging on tight to the winners. He also broadly allocates the fund by investing in preferred stocks, convertible securities, and common stocks.


Deysher has gained a lot of experience throughout the years. Before working for Pinnacle, he had over 12 years as a senior research analyst and portfolio manager for Royce & Associates.


With John Deysher, Pinnacle has a goal of giving investors a 2 to 3% yield while waiting on the appreciation of securities. Common stock investments don't happen unless it is thought that the stock will double or triple over the next few years. The main focus of the Pinnacle Value fund is the micro- and small cap investments. This is because these funds tend to trade under the radar. Deysher calls them "orphaned stocks" because no one pays much attention to them.


The performance of the Pinnacle Value Fund, as of April 2010, has had good mid-term performance with a 3-year return of 2.94%, which is .022% more than the Small Value category average. The long-term performance, which is over a 5-year period, is 8.15% versus the Small Value category average of 5.39%.


The stock turnover is also low with a percentage of 63.12%, which is better than the Small Value category average of 81.25%. This means Deysher is not trading extensively within this fund, which is good. The allocation is rather broad with cash, stocks, bonds, and other investments making up the fund. Stocks make up the larger portion of the fund. This is a fund that is not as volatile as some of its peers.


As of April 2010, the net assets were $65.56 million. This is up from $61.29 million in February of 2010.


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