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Top Fund Manager - David Herro, Oakmark

In 1992, David Herro launched his $5.4 billion Oakmark International fund and has prevailed regardless of the market's condition. It was in 1992 that Herro joined Harris Associates in Chicago as a portfolio manager. Since he joined Oakmark, he is now CIO and a partner of international investments. With David Herro, Oakmark saw its international fund bring in an average annual return of 13.40% from 1996 to 2005.


Educated at the University of Wisconsin with a B.Sc in Business and economics and a major in economics, Herro's experience began in the 1980s when he became a member of the Wisconsin investment board. He is currently a member of the Financial Analysts Federation.


As for his strategy, Herro will shop for bargain stock from any country. He has said in the past that it is ideal to invest in overseas stocks because of the number of undervalued companies that exist. By finding these undervalued companies, one can invest small and then watch the stock grow when it is discovered that the company is undervalued and its value grows.


Because of strategies David Herro has introduced, Oakmark has found much success. He encourages investing in multiple stock markets and not just one. Just as investors are encouraged to diversify their portfolios to offset losses, the same applies when diversifying stock markets.


In order to minimize the risks of investing in these stocks, Herro doesn't rely on country or industry selection, but in the stock selection itself. This is determined by considering market factors and not conforming to trends and fads. If there is a lack of regulatory or investment infrastructure, he doesn't touch it.


These facts show why David Herro is considered a money master. Since he has been making an impact in the world of mutual funds, he has shown exceptional performance results, regulatory compliance, and style consistency.
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