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Fund Mojo provides investors and financial advisors with in-depth mutual fund research and analysis, and a community and gateway to connect investors with peers and financial experts to help each other with investments and financial planning needs.

Discover Best Mutual Fund and Fund Managers

Best Fund and Fund Managers

Since more than 70% of mutual funds cannot beat index consistently, it is not worthwhile to invest in an actively managed mutual fund if you don't have the conviction that your mutual fund manager can navigate the market better than a random collection of indexed stocks. Looking deeply into a fund manager's history, risk adjusted performance, portfolio holdings and transactions, Fund Mojo systematically analyzes more than 24,000+ mutual funds to help you find the top 1% of mutual fund managers.


Samples of Top Conservative Allocation funds

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Fund1 Year3 Year5 YearFundMojo Score
Conservative Allocation Category Average5.57%7.27%7.55%
Vanguard Tax-Managed Balanced Adm11.11%11.71%10.62%0.85
Goldman Sachs Income Builder Instl7.72%12.20%11.91%0.85
Franklin Income Adv8.79%11.54%11.29%0.83
Hartford Balanced Income Y9.55%11.79%11.87%0.83
Columbia Thermostat A5.51%9.22%11.30%0.83
MFS Diversified Income R410.09%10.46%11.10%0.82
Hartford Balanced Income R59.44%11.54%11.66%0.81
Wells Fargo Advantage Divers Inc Bldr I9.85%10.61%10.55%0.81
Columbia Thermostat C4.71%8.41%10.46%0.81
Hartford Balanced Income A9.19%11.25%11.39%0.81
MFS Diversified Income R39.82%10.19%10.83%0.81
Hartford Balanced Income I9.47%11.52%11.65%0.81
Vanguard Wellesley Income Admiral8.60%9.47%10.02%0.8
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Top 10 community fund portfolios

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1 Year3 Year5 Year
solutionsby19.84%The Wolf25.23%The Wolf21.63%