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Since more than 70% of mutual funds cannot beat index consistently, it is not worthwhile to invest in an actively managed mutual fund if you don't have the conviction that your mutual fund manager can navigate the market better than a random collection of indexed stocks. Looking deeply into a fund manager's history, risk adjusted performance, portfolio holdings and transactions, Fund Mojo systematically analyzes more than 24,000+ mutual funds to help you find the top 1% of mutual fund managers.


Samples of Top Mid-Cap Blend funds

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Fund1 Year3 Year5 YearFundMojo Score
Mid-Cap Blend Category Average10.79%19.63%15.48%
American Century Legacy Multi Cap Instl13.66%21.96%18.25%0.85
Longleaf Partners Small-Cap14.35%22.65%17.39%0.82
Natixis Vaughan Nelson Value Opp Y15.10%23.84%18.30%0.8
First Eagle Fund of America Y9.28%20.40%16.81%0.79
First Investors Opportunity A13.19%22.90%18.63%0.78
Saratoga Mid Capitalization I14.78%23.66%17.68%0.78
Vanguard Strategic Equity Inv13.86%24.53%19.17%0.78
JPMorgan Intrepid Mid Cap Select12.96%22.69%17.15%0.78
Fidelity Mid Cap Enhanced Index13.17%22.74%17.94%0.78
Vanguard Mid Cap Index Adm13.95%21.41%17.17%0.77
Natixis Vaughan Nelson Value Opp A14.80%23.55%18.00%0.77
First Eagle Fund of America A9.30%20.40%16.81%0.77
American Century Legacy Multi Cap R12.87%21.12%17.39%0.77
Fund Category:
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